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It is dropped by 6dB to prevent possible clipping at max eq of 6dB. If you can read it is not very difficault to see if eq is on or off
The filter setting affect how the DX90 dac work so since you are bypassing the DX90 dac it has no effect on the coax signal since that is taken before the dac
Making the various functional changes and fixes are intentional but the resulting changes to the sound are unintentional byproducts
Depends on how you connect the receiver. If by line-out to line-in you use the DX90s dac. If by coax you use the receivers dac
Should not be needed but you are way off topic here, better to start a thread in the computer audio section as this has nothing to do with DX90
I call mine cover.jpg but as far as I have read the name does not matter.
It also depends a lot on album art. The fastest is to have no embedded art in the files and just have one 107x107 jpeg in each folder. I just got a 128GB card filled it with ripped cd's with higher resolution embedded art and it took 15-20 minutes to do the scan
Have you done a factory reset after changing fw ?
Not directly. You will need to edit them manually to get the paths right for the DX90 file system
Just give it a try yourself to see if you like it, it's a simple process to swap between fw's
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