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The headphone needs to be cabled and terminated for trrs which means 4 wires all the way from plug to drivers (2 wires for each driver). After that you can then have a pigtail thst takes it down to trs for normal single ended use.
No. I was just commenting that there are full size headphones that run fine from ZX2
It runs my Signature Pro just fine and whitiger uses TH900 to apparent good effect
UK is a full member of EU for at least another 2 years and probably longer
Well if you come from outside UK you will get more pounds for your money but prices might also go up.
I had a friend reterminate my iem cable from Kobicon to trrs and then make various pigtails for other terminations. My other phones are also Kobicon with a selection of pigtails.
Jays is a Swedish company. These are together with an iPhone6 my on the go righttps://www.jaysheadphones.com/q-jays
QJay V2 dual balanced
Volume does not get higher but all you describe are the effects of going trrs
Pick either and get an adapter to the other
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