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Not much point in reporting errors on the original stock firmware
Because all this dac business is a bit of an after thought and not properly taken into the original design of the DX90 as a dap. In my opinion iBasso should have left it as a dedicated dap and never mentioned dac
The bigger cover is only available in China so hard to get hold of. You can go without the cover and use the included silicone skin to hold a bigger battery in place
Just curious but how do you determine lag with music only ?
Or remove and replace the battery. I've had to do that once or twice
I don't see how this would help since the lag is with videos and games not with music
I would love to get one of those as well but they are only avaIlable in China so very difficault to get
About 5 hours normal use
No. You use the burn in cable in place of a headphone
I use the Comply Tsx100 http://www.complyfoam.com/products/tsx-100/
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