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Totally depends on what you want (iem, closed, open) and there is so much choice out there. ZX2 does not really drive HE-500 all that well although it is useable. JH13 and Sig Pro work very well with ZX2
I have no idea what is going on for you. I also have wifi and sound enhancements turned of and get 20-25 hours playback on flac files. As for volume my JH13 needs about 10-15%, Signature Pro 15-20% and HE-500 planars about 40% to get decent volume from an EU unit
Too busy enjoying my ZX2
To me the speed is not that important (read speed obviously need to be high enough to feed the dac) as I tend to fill a card once and then only very occasionally replace parts of the contents
The whole point for me with a top end dap is to not have to stack but have a single dedicated device. For me the ZX2 ticks all those boxes with over 20 hours battery life. This is for serious listening mostly at my destination. On the go my iPhone6 with the new qJays is more than good enough
Check Whitigers post 3 posts back
On line signals balanced eliminate noise introduced by long runs of cable. The sending unit inverts the signal and the receiving unit sums the signals and any difference between the signals is noise that gets eliminated.On headphone signals by eliminating the common ground you get rid of any potential cross talk between left and right channel happening via the common ground and this tends to translate into a cleaner signal with darker background and better instrument...
Balanced drive of headphones and balanced line signals between pieces of equipment is not the same thing
I had the SR71-B for several years and it clearly sounded better from the balanced output than the single ended. Likewise with my RudiStor home amp. Also my Sony ZX2 dap sounds better with trrs than trs (though this isn't properly balanced, just seperate ground).
I don't se anybody implying that you have bought the wrong thing, just one saying what he thinks is a great phone that the ZX2 drives well. In my experience ZX2 drives Ultrasone Signature Pro very well. PM3 generally get very good reviews as well.
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