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I've never gotten more than about 5 hours from the stock battery or any other standard S3 battery. I get about 10 hours from my 4400mah Anker battery
Highly unlikely since it is two completely different pieces of software
The stuck progress bar after screen turn off I've had on all fw versions on both DX50 and DX90. Going into options or any other navigation away from the play screen and then back to the play screen restores the propper function
Yes it has always been like that also with DX50. I keep mine at 1 and then it is totalky of
You get about 5-6 hours with the stock battery and nothing attached to the usb port
And why is displaying time a core function of a dap ?At any rate as far as I know there is no clock circuitry in the DX90 so I think the answer is no.
It works on win8.1 but it is not simple to get it to work and there are problems with audio sync if used with video. There are complete instructions somewhere in either this or the other DX90 thread.
For me the fw is stable but my use is very simple. Squeaky clean tagged flac files, each album in a seperate directory and I play one album at a time end to end in original sequence.
My guess is that there is never going to be a dac driver with good movie timing
Same for me. On previous versions I preferred high gain
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