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Well unless they actually do send me a Z I will almost certainly return it unopened and demand a full refund as I'm perfectly happy with my ZX2
Just for the heck of it I have now ordered it and this is my order confirmation. Let's see what happens now
The problem seems to be the way they have put it into the system. On the German site it has been put in as 2 different products each with only one option and correct prices and descriptions. On the UK site they have been entered as one product with one description and 2 options with different prices. I would love to get a Z for the A price but I don't believe they would ever ship that and I don't really want the A as my ZX2 is perfectly fine
I must admit I'm very tempted to place an order and then see what happens
In Denmark we have the concept "in good faith" which means that you as a buyer must have no reason to believe that there is a mistake in the advertising in order for the seller to honour the offer.
OK. It does not turn up searching for Sony NW-WMZ1 or Sony Walkman, and the Black is also labeled Z with 256GB but with the lower price
I don't know who gets what when, but none of the new players are on amazon.uk yet
Don't go there. That discussion will get the thread locked
I think generally the term fanboy has a negative connotation meaning somebody who unquestioningly swallow anything a manufacturer puts out
Yep. I got one of them last week and passd my 6 on to my son
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