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It's indeed great that 2.2.0 sounds so good. The worrying part is that it does so from no consious reason from iBasso
If you are on Windows google guiformat
Gapless is still not fully fixed in 2.2.0. The gap between the first two tracks played after power on still persists.
In what way ?
Since the volume controle happens in the dac I don't see how that would ever have been possible
I've had my DX90 since the initial release and have essentially had no problems other than with gapless playback. Gapless does not work between the first 2 tracks played after power on. I play only well tagged flac files. I play via the directory structure and have one album per directory. I play one album at a time from start to finish. For my simple use the DX90 ui is perfect. I have one wish and that is that it would display track numbers and then it would have been...
Only thing I know of is an old PlayStation with some special software
I expect you can use the coax out from DX90
EAC does not in itself convert to flac, it relies on an external command line flac encoder
That totally depends on the headphones, recording and gain setting
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