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As far as I know DX90 dont do multi channel with any firmware
Parcels get scanned before getting on the plane (at least sometimes). I rma'ed a dac to iBasso and Danish post returned it after a loading scan in the airport refusing to ship it so that dac just hot binned as it didn't have a removeable battery
Yes the change of font is clearly visible
Gapless works fine for me as well
The DX90 with SR-71B and the latest lurker fw is getting scarily close to my big home rig. So lucky to have something this good for the at least 3 nights I spend away from home every week
I've got that Mugen. The 10% longer time claim is probably about right compared to stock (which equates to at most 30 minutes longer). I dont hear any difference between it and stock
I use the IsoTek burn-in cd on repeat
I encountered the fade in/out a few times just after upgrading to 2.0.5 but have not had it since. Every time was on 320kb aac or 16/44 flac, never on hires
That has happened to me a few times. Had to take the battery out and put it back in before it would boot
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