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Mine was picked up by DHL in Hong Kong 30 minutes ago :-)
My guess is that it is somewhere in internal Android storage and not availble
I expect that they've been packing them and electronically been notifying the shippers during the weekend and they wil then get picked up during today Monday. Denmark shuts down for 6 days fir Easter Wednesday afternoon so I don 't expect mine to arrive until some time next week
My 2 biggest spends to date were ATH-L3000 headphones (which I no longer own) and my RudiStor amp that I have had for 7 years now
DX90 is shorter than the iPhone, same width but more than twice as thick
Just received my DHL tracking number :-)
As posted earlier
It's the slim fit silicone skin case so no slots for cards
That I dont know, I dont play using directory mode but through the database based on tags in the files.
In directory mode it supports any directory structure you can come up with but it will only play songs in one directory at a time
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