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It's a bug. If you set brightness to 0 it does not turn off. Set it to 1 and it's fine
I have the Anker 2200 and Anker 4400 plus the stock Pisen. The best are supposed to be specific versions of original Samsung S3 batteries but there are so many fake ones around. Search this or the other DX90 thread, there ar many posts about the various batteries
I'm willing to belive that it could be possible but with the ones I have I don't hear any difference
The 2200 will fit but the 4400 requires that you go without the back cover and use the silicone skin to hold it in place
So no changes to gapless after all ?
Well technically ER4 also has detachable cables, just don't swap too often as it will get loose
I doubt it, they focus on playing the music and nothing else
Not really no. Use it mostly with DX90
I love my special build Tzar350, made me finally leave ER4 after 10-15 years.
That sounds like Noble might be going the way of the Heir Tzar line that to me is an ER4 on steroides
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