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It might do OK with those 2 phones. My EU unit does fine with Ultrasone Signature Pro and could make even HE-500 enjoyable enough though not ideal
I've never been closer with headphones to what a good speaker rig can produce than with the HE-6
Fortunately it is the plug on the cable that is the problem so have ordered a new set of plugs that a friend will solder on. The JH13 themselves are fine and I'm amazed sinced I've had them over 6 years and used them nearly every day.And yes still trrs, stock player and sound enhancement app disabled. The qJays with just trs sound very, very good though, I'm almost not missing the JH13.
Enjoying my ZX2 with qJays V2 since the cable for my JH13 has developed a loose connection in the plug to the left earpiece
You roughly halve the watts when you double the ohms
From pictures posted earlier in this thread it seems that the latest version of the Spitify app can store at least to the on board 128GB (earlier versions could not)
I have never heard kettle drums so realistic before (except live) as with HE-6
Yes I have read it all but I will use them as is for some time to get a propper feel for them. So far I'm not finding the treble excessive but then I've always loved the ER4-S
Have just joined the HE-6 brigade (got the Danish resellers demo pair at a very good price when he closed down) after having loved and owned the HE-500 since they first came out. They came with a set of Alphadog pads which are very nice (used j$money on the HE-500). The tonallity of the HE-6 is clearer and brighter than the HE-500 and no doubt technically better however the HE-6 is clearly much less forgiving of tecnically poor recordings and there is something to the...
It's true for Spotify, don't know about Tidal. Apple Music don't support 4.2 at all. I'm not worried about any of this as I got my ZX2 exclusively for playing my flac files
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