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Only the 2 HiFiMan HE cables and the adapters left now
I have been for about a month between a DX50 and SR71-B. It replaced a qusp made silver-copper cable. The change was subtle and nowhere as big as with the headphone cable but to me still worth it.
I expect so but have not tried. I know there has been issues with the scan process when non music files are present
Exactly the same can be said with the SR71-B for me
Yes You need a splitter cable. DX50 dont do wifi
DX90 plus my special stealth Tsar350 WOW High gain and 220 on the volume and 1812 overture froom Telatc in hires.
It's arrived :-)
Since my DX90 is arriving today I'm selling my 3½ months old DX50. Cosmetic state is probably 9/10 and it is fully functional with fw 1.2.8.   I include a number of extras   2 different mini-mini cables MeeNova microSD Card reader to plug into the OTG plug on the DX50 an OTG doual cable to allow you to use a powered external usb drive and power the DX50 at the same time a DimeCard Card holder for 4 microSD and 2 full size SD cards   Price is $200 including...
I also have a TRS 1/8" adapter that can also be included for $25. Both are V2 wire
No the other thread is specifically for impressions while this thread is a free for all
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