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Surely 500 is either scam or second hand
With care and patience
Very unlikely
Yes we need the international version
I expect the current allocation that was available for 4th November sold during the morning and they then have to wait fir the next lot
Most comments I've read say on par with or better than the older iPhones. I haven't personally tried it.
Is the 3,5 trrs on the new players also fully balanced ?I thought it was seperate ground only like on ZX2 and that only the 4,4 was fully balanced.
Zout means output impedance from the headphone jack. Generally the lower the better, especially for multi driver balanced armature iems. The new dongle has near zero output impedance
Trrs in the 3,5 plug will give you pseudo balanced (seperate ground) like on the ZX2. For fully balanced you need to go to the 4,4
Yes. The only time in over a year my ZX2 has been rebooted was when it was fed a fat32 card which crashed the machine and rebooted it
New Posts  All Forums: