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Are you sure the covers are embedded in the files ? If you come from iTunes often the cover art is not in the music files but in iTunes metadata database
Heavy metal I dont listen to much but what I have I'm not sure I could tell 320kb and flac apart
What music are you playing and what are you using to drive the HD650. You should be able to spot differences between flac and 320kb
I think the autoscan when ejecting from the pc only scans the internal memory
Not gonna happen. Gapless is an essential feature for me and since I mostly play hires and it never has happened with hires it's not a problem for me
It has happened af few times for me but when I then replay the track or album it does not happen again and it has never happened twice on any given track. When it happened it was either on 320kb aac or 16/44 flac cd rips but never on hires flac. Allways have gapless enabled and allways play by album in sequential order
Yes on all my 7 cards
I normally average about 5 hours per charge
Only after inserting a card
Links in the main DX90 thread
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