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It does not and iBasso have stated that they don't intend to support it
In Denmark there has been an authorized iBasso reseller for near 5 years now but due to mark up, taxes and having to comply with Danish warranty rules their prices are more than twice of buying directly from iBasso
Just be aware that the cable on the Westones use a different plug to attach to the ear pieces than the one used by many of the other suppliers (a coax looking one as opposed to the two pin one)
Or connect it to a wall charger rather than a computer
No. The DX90 draws to much power and it requires a driver
Does indeed but the amount of improvement varies from phone to phone and for most phones I wouldn't bother with an amp, I only use it because I allready had it and all my phones were balanced
I use the IsoTek burn-in cd but anything will do. iBasso say that volume doesn't matter when using the burn-in cable
Yep. Hook it to a wall outlet on random repeat and let it run a couple of hundred hours :-)
All my phones are balanced as are both my amps and my home source. The difference is there with all my phones, most with HE-500 and least with JH13 but still worth it for me
You get up to about 50% longer runtime on the DX50. The DX50 is great and DX90 is better but only you can decide if it is enough better to justify the higher price, for me it is
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