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You are missing the lurker fw
I'm sure it will work just fine, I just don't think that it in general will be better than the build in amp, but it's all down to synergy and/or personal preference
I doubt the E12 is a better amp than what's in the DX90 but I suppose it might pair better with that particular phone
The QC15 is probably not a good phone to use to compare anything since it is active noise cancelling and therefor does all sorts of things to the sound. Amps are about a lot more than volume, most devices can play most phones loud enough to go deaf. I think the question about eq was if you use eq on other devices than the DX90.
Line out
20-30 seconds to show all music on a 128GB card doesn't seem long to me, it must be many thousand tracks (depending on file format). Personally I don't understand why anybody would ever use All music I also get about 5 hours. I would like longer but that is what it will do. I doubt yours is fake but don't know how to check that.
You would be connecting to the coax in (SPDIF) from the coax out on the top of the DX90
These amps (also my SR71-B) include a splitter/inverter circuit that creates a balanced signal from a single ended input signal. Not quite the same as a propper balanced input but still better than single ended output
In Denmark you don't get charged second time round as long as you can prove that you have paid the first time round and that you have sent it back for repair
It does not and iBasso have stated that they don't intend to support it
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