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Great. Have not heard back from Sennheiser about my HE1 slot
Yes my EU unit drives both my JH13, qJays V2 and Ultrasone Signature Pro very well.
The volume cap can not be turned off so probably is not the same as AVLS. The cap makes no sense anyway as the rule is applied to a unit WITH it's included phones and there is nothing included with the ZX2
The EU version has the large letters CE on the back
None as far as I'm aware
I'm sure they will still love you but will you still love them .....
Could you let us know what MSB slot has been allocated to volunteers so as to not double book for Sennheiser ?
Good for you. I'd like to try the exotic even if I can't afford it. I also buy 1 cl samples of multi thousand £ whiskies now and then just to try it even though I'll never buy a bottle
Looks like you have an EU unit so probably don't work
As far as I understand this can only be installed on a Japan unit
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