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Yes I use a 4400 mah Anker oversized battery withouth the backplate and in the supplied silicone case. Works fine
Ah, that I didn't know
Just remember that rockbox downsamples everything to 16/44
It should do, it drives my 350 ohm Tzar350 just fine
I believe that there are differences but to me they are minute
It shouldn't really be possible to get a bad img file since it is inside a zip file and if the zip file is damaged it shouldn't be possible to extract the img file at all
The L2 contains all 3 things. The message about the usb cable is to ensure that the DX90 does not run out of power during the update so if it didn't you're OK. The warming up effect I don't know about, have not read the description.
I have never seen a dap with a search function. To do search you need a keyboard to type in your search request and with the small resolution of the DX90 screen i cant see how to do that.Then there is the added complication of gui to handle a search result. Would it be a list of tracks, a list of albums, a list of artists and so on. And what would you then do from this list ?Also I can see absolutely no need for a search but that's just me
Are you sure you are using the release version of the driver and not the beta version ?
If you use an external amp the gain setting doesn't matter as it only affects the head out not the line out
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