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Well Brooko (moderator) specifically asked for no more discussion involving pricing of theese daps and warned that people who continued that subject would be banned from the thread so he don't find the subject relevant and has the power to enforce his opinion
I love Sonys own flip top case. Just wish it was cheaper and available outside Japan
No such thing to my knowledge
ZX2 is Android (an old version), the new ones are not
The essential part is that you need a cable with 4 wires all the way to the plug from the drivers (2 from each driver).
That depends on what phones you want to try it on and how they are cabeled
I'll never use it portable but the same way I'm using ZX2 and before that dap or pcdp plus amp combos which is packed in luggage and then used at the hotel for my +100 nights each year and as bed side rig at home
Weighs about a pound
Exactly. Every review is presumeably how the individul reviewer heard it and as such the truth for him. Might be a completely different experience for other people
It is seperate ground so you get the main benefit of a true balanced by eliminating and chance of cross over noise. To me it's a noticeable difference with trrs having less background noise and a clearer and tighter sound
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