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I don't think you can save that. As far as I'm aware it resides inside the Android filesystem which is not accessible via usb
It's not gonna be right for everybody but it does everything I need in a dap
I didn't think wav had meta data at all
And you are likely to be missing a fair number of cover art and iTunes tags are frequently in a state that will trip the DX90 over
I'd rather say "sound different" than "sound better". There can be specific circumstances under wich to use an amp like for very difficalut to drive phones or wanting to go balanced or wanting a different flavour of sound but in general there is no "need" for an amp, the build in amp is a very capable amp in most cases
First time I charged my Mugen battery it took probably 12 hours before the Charging message changed to Charged. Since then it has only taken a few hours
iPod Classic never had the ho on the bottom and iPhone only since 5. Touch I can't remember
iPhone5 onwards also have the ho at the bottom which I actually prefer
I cant see any amp in that pricerange bettering the build in amp. The only real reason I'm using my SR71-B with the DX90 is because I allready had it and my phones are balanced, I would probably never haf gone out and bought an amp for the DX90
Each sd card has it's own database/cache directory for the files on the card as does the internal memory and then there is some kind of master directory on the internal memory as well
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