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Looks right
Yep, that's the one
There is lots of info in this thread about the trrs option including official Sony slides. It is in my terms not fully balanced. It has seperate ground for left and right so is L+, R+, L0, R0 whereas true balanced with an inverter is L+, R+, L-, R- for double voltage swing. However the improovements over trs are real and gives much the same results as true balanced does
As long as they are not on the exhibitor list in the first post then no. If they come the list will be updated to show it. Unless they are represented indirectly by another exhibitor.
Yes but that does not mean that there are 4 wires up to the cup and drivers, only from the mic and/or remote. But this is all guess work as I don't know
Interesting. From the Oppo promo photoes it looks like the PM3 is single sided entry with a male trs plug wich only gives 3 wires, but I suppose that internally in the cup it might actually be a female trrs with 4 wires.
Somewhere in this thread there is a diagram that compares the wiring scheme of ZX2, HiFiMan and a number of other balanced connections
You certainly can get a balanced cable for the A1 but I'm not so sure with the PM3, looks like the balanced cables that Oppo sell are only for PM1 and PM2. For PM3 you might need to open them up and hardwire a new cable directly to the drivers like what I've had done with my Signature Pro
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