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You can not get true balanced from the ZX2 unless you feed it to a balanced dac. You can get pseudo balanced if you feed the headphone out to your amp
Me too. Has had it on order at Amazon for over a month now
They sell the HE-560 headband and cups. The project is somewhat difficault as I remember from descriptions
You can order them directly from HiFiMan. There is a thread somewhere with a guide to transplanting and there was a lot of talk in the HE-500 thread some time ago
Amazon UK status has now changed to Unavailable, We don't know if or when this product will be available
ZX2 is Android
Well Brooko (moderator) specifically asked for no more discussion involving pricing of theese daps and warned that people who continued that subject would be banned from the thread so he don't find the subject relevant and has the power to enforce his opinion
I love Sonys own flip top case. Just wish it was cheaper and available outside Japan
No such thing to my knowledge
ZX2 is Android (an old version), the new ones are not
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