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Yes that is probably what I hear so not connected with the screen turning on at all but with the device getting ready to play
It is everytime the screen turns on and then goes away again when the screen is turned of again. It is not loud enough to be heard through music, only when no music is playing
It's not really a problem as it is only when the screen is turned on and it never is when listening to music
I get very noticeable hiss with my JH13 when the screen is turned on even at it's lowest. In an interview with one of the head designers at Sony he was asked about output impedance and his answer was that it is an irrellevant concept that has no meaning for the ZX2
About 100 hours under the belt now and this is a keeper and end game. It might not be greatly better than DX90 with SR71-B but it is a one box solution that last 30-40 hours on a charge and just oozes quality
It worked that way on all iDevices afaik
As it does on a lot of other devices
II get perfect gapless on all my flac be it cd rips or hires
Just got a message from Linum saying that they have no intention in forseeable future to introduce a 3.5 mm trrs terminated cable for ZX2. The only balanced cable they plan to sell is the existing 2.5 mm trrs for AK daps
There is a setting you have to select on the ZX2 to get usb access ro the sd card
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