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I dont know who made that particular cable, but APureSound makes an excelent cable for the ER4 on ebay you can buy small adapters so you can use any after market cable terminated in the standard two prongs used by many custom makers with the ER4
There is a gap about a nails thicknes. It is impossible to close the cover completely
I like it but I almost like my special made Tzar350 better
Yes both are on hi gain. I would call the JH13 averege on sensitivity, you can get much more sensitive iem's
My JH13 are normally 160-170 while my Tzar350 gets up to around 220 but it all depends on the recording as well
My Anker 4400 mah lasts near 12 hours with hires and hi gain
It's perfectly ok. Any gain can damage anything if you turn up the volume to high for a given phone. I use high gain for all my phones as I prefer the sound with high gain and the I just reduce volume to compensate
If it claims to provide that much power in the size of the stock battery it is almost certainly fake
I use the Anker 4400 mah battery without the back cover with the silicone skin solely for longer playtime. I have other batteries but am unable to tell any sound difference (which does not mean that there is no difference, just that I can't hear any)
It is very firm first time and when you replace it, it will not close completely but leaves a tiny gap. It's much easier to remove second time though
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