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It's a Russian techie who does a hardware mod. Search through this thread for details
Probably by selecting and holding the item (on the icon on the left), this will open a drop down menu with various options depending on what you did it on
As far as I can detect gapless works exactly the same on 2.1.8 as it did on previous versions, that is it does not work between the first 2 tracks played after power on but after that it works fine. This with flac files. Scan time seems the same on my files with embedded album art but it now properly handles the tags in a few problem files that it didn't handle before. Sound seems punchier and more dynamic. Will get the lurker version for the better font.
I notice no difference in scan time between 2.1.5 and 2.1.8 on a 128GB card with about 6.000 cd rip flac files with embedded art of varying sizes. However it now correctly organizes some files that it didn't before. All files are squeky clean with the minimum tags. Will listen tonight
It should do but it really sucks battery
.dsf is the dsd fileformat that DX90 supports
Check the Rockbox for DX90 thread for links to dual boot versions of lurker. Only you can decide what sounds best to you
With an external amp you would normally use LO and max volume on DX90
Probably not. iBasso have never said it would but rather said they didn't plan to nor had the expertise to make it do
It can be a pain to get it to work but there are full step by step instructions in this or the other DX90 thread
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