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I bought the ZX2 exclusively to play my flac library, use it in flight mode and have no apps installed on it using just the stock player. No problems with lag or anything and gapless works flawlessly and gets 20-25 hours playback per charge. Powers my JH13, qJays and Sig Pro beautifully. Could not be happier for my use scenario
Lots of info and oppinion about that in this thread. I've personally stuck with the stock player and disabled the sound enhancements app.
I get about 20-25 hours flac play back in flight mode. You will get a fair bit less with streaming so depend on how you plan to use it.I have owned HD25 but never tried it with ZX2 but my guess is that it should have plenty power to drive them.
DX90 is very good and near unbeatable on price/performance but the ZX2 to me is clearly better. Using ZX2 wireless is in my opinon a total waste as you dont use the dac nor amp of the ZX2 so what you are hearing is whatever dac and amp is in the headphone
Yes 200GB works fine
I doubt they will sell that and when I communicated with them about it the reply was that they had no plans to come out with one in any foreseable future
Linum don't do a 3,5 mm trrs cable
You will always have to pay a premium for the latest tech
Yes and ????
It's not just about volume. You can have volume enough but still not drive the phone properly. My EU ZX2 could give me plenty of volume for the HE-500 but it was driven nowhere near its potential
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