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Yes they do great recordings. My favorite is this one
Try using them upside down an run the cable back over the ear
Absolutely yes
That has nothing to do with price. What will short the amp is if you try to use a single ended phone via an adapter to the balanced output
Thank you 😀Have Z1R coming next week
Any phone that use a detachable cable you can have a balanced cable made for. If your stock cable has 4 wires all the way to the plug you can reterminate it.
Remember you can only use an adapter if your phones are already balanced and terminated in 3.5mm trrs or other balanced termination. A cable terminated in 3.5mm trs can't use an adapter
Shipping will be according to where it is shipped to and taxes will be dealt with on the receiving side so the UK vat is just deducted. When Amazon ships to other EU countries they also deduct UK var but then adds whatever vat applies in the country they ship to. So when I order they take away 20% and then adds 25% as that is the Danish vat
A Danish head-fier will make me an adapter from 3.5mm trrs female to 4.4mm trrrs male. He'll also reterminate my new SuperBax iem cable to 4.4mm trrrs
I have. I still maintain that I consider it a bug in 1Z when it works on ZX2 (and everywhere else).I have now extracted the album art from these 100 albums and it ranged fra 150x150 to 900x900, some baseline and some progressive. I have resized them all to 300x300 baseline and reembedded them and they now all show.
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