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He stated "The firmware version was 2.1.5 and the equalizer was off or flat."
Hardly surprising given todays date
Short answer, no
Lucky you, your life will be simpler and certainly cheaper 😀
The Pono don't support higher than 24/192 and since it has no digital out you can't use it with Hugo
Pm sent
I'm glad I got mine when I did (first batch a year ago). Since then the USD has gone up by around 20-25% against the Danish currency.
My unit is from the very first batch. I only use flac files and mostly play from the directory with one album in each directory and play the whole album in sequential order. I'm now on 2.1.8.L0 but have used all versions stock and LurkerThe batch tool is PC only
Wonder why some people have all sorts of issues while others (myself included) have no issues what so ever
No because it annoys me and I don't carry the DX90 with me anyway
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