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I only have the one between the first 2 tracks after power on but that one happens every single time and has on all versions of fw. I play a lot of classical where gapless is also essential. All flac cdres and hires
Some people experience problems sometimes and there is one consistent bug in that gapless does not work between the first 2 tracks played after power on. It also seems to depend on the codec, mp3 seems to have more problems than flac
No it wont. It's not just thicker but also longer so requires the back of the unit to be flush with the top of a normal battery which it isn't and even if it was it extends beyond the surface of the DX90
That one wont physically fit the DX90
As far as I understand you can't have RB and Lurker2.1.5 in dual boot.As ti which is best RB or Lurker only you can decide by trying
And factory reset
It works great stand alone with Tzar350 which is kind of an ER4S on steroides
I only get about 10 hours on a 4400 mah battery, no where near 26 hours
Yes many have
Very true. My perfect dap certainly wouldn't be affordable if possible to manufacture (about the size of DX90 with equal or better sound, 40 hours battery life and 2TB storage) but until that can happen the DX90 will do nicely
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