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Is your music by any chance managed in iTunes ?If it is most album art is not actually embedded in the files but rather in iTunes meta data.
HE-500 do sound good from the DX-90 but they are not delivering their full potential in this combo
The text in eq does not show the current state but rather what will happen when you press it, hence the word On when eq is off
Yep choice is great
I use JH13, Tzar350, Signature Pro or HE-500 with appropriate volume and I hear no click, only a very noticeable gap between the first 2 tracks after power on. All is flac, either cd rips or hi-res
Yes gapless is essential and apart from the gap between the first 2 tracks played after power on it works fine with stock and lurker fw for all my flac albums. And yes I have many that require gapless and I only ever play complete albums end to end
Except from the gap between the first two tracks played after power on I also get perfect gapless from my flac files
As I remember iBasso recommends 2-400 hours
Since the line out is variable I assume this is at max volume
Google guiformat
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