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Both dongle and earPods have dac/adc/amp built in
It has a dac and amp, otherwise it could not play on the speakers
The ZX2 has seperate ground giving many of the benefits of balanced. The new players apparently still have seperate ground on the 3,5 mm and full balanced on the 4,4 mm. No user replaceable battery on any of them though
With bluetooth the amplification is in the headphone. I don't know but I would assume that EU bluetooth headphones are volume capped on their own.
I'd estimate the EU ZX2 to be 20-25% lower volume than a non EU. The EU ZX2 however has plenty enough power to drive my JH13 and Signature Pro
It's been reported that on these new daps you can access both internal storage and microSD at the same time when connected to a computer. I intend to use JH13 and Signature Pro just as I do now with ZX2
Yep. EU units are volume capped
Many will, me included
I'm not saying there is no difference in sound, I'm just saying that actual performance difference is not the only parameter why people pay huge amounts for some things
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