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In the first post of the main DX50 thread there is a link to a manual and a faq. The ui is virtually identical
No I'm absolutely not sure, just stating what Ibasso stated back in the DX50 thread when it was noticed that volume went down when EQ was enabled
It's without introducing distortion at max EQ so max EQ on all bands is equal to EQ off
Yes EQ on just digitally lowers volume by 6dB to allow you to increase the max 6dB from flat with EQ
I use mostly hidef files but do have one 64GB card filled with about 100 ripped cd's in flac however I exclusively play one cd at a time in original order and navigate in db mode via genre/artist/album. Nothing else and with that use the DX90 works perfectly and always with gapless enabled
No. And no deadline or guarantee that there will ever be one
X2 the DX90 gui does everything I need from a dap, simple and easy to use
With difficaulty. First you need the beta 64-bit version and since it isn't signed yet you need to disable signing every time you want to use it (don't remember how to do that but it is all described somewhere in either this or the other DX90 thread)
Fewer files per card is all I can think of, or not use All music
Try the first post in the main DX50 thread. The UI is essentially identical and fairly basic. RockBox has a much more feature rich UI if you need that. Copying music is drag and drop in file explorer, no fancy management like in iTunes. Play lists can only be managed on the device (unless you use RockBox) and dont survive a fw upgrade
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