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A true revelation
On train from Milford
Mine has not been rebootet or turned off for nearly a year now
I never know what amazes me the most, the prize of the Tera or the level a PortaPro can scale to
Unfortunately I can't make it Friday night but will see you all Saturday
Do you mean the event site ?That is next to Waterloo station so several miles from Oxford Circus.
I was not implying that the iem were the cause, just that one reason I have full size phones is in case I can't use my iem for some reason like an infection
That is one reason why I also have full size headphones and not just iem's
I would not have expected a pdf file to work but I have never tried it. All my album art is jpg files
Dark is not bad, it's a matter of preference. The opposite is airy, sparkly. Dark will be tilted a bit towards the bottom end where airy or sparkly tends to be tilted towards the top end
New Posts  All Forums: