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I expect that there will be people either way who will prefer one over the other depending on personal taste and requirements. I don't think one objectively will be better than the other.
Why would there be a mechanical mechanism when going from one file format or resolution to another ?
I certainly love the TWau, have it on JH13, Sig Pro hard wired and HE-6, all balanced.
What any given person say he hears can not be argued, that is by default a fact for that person. As long as that is stated as personal experience/feeling I don't see why that should cause anybody offence. The problem comes when somebody translates personal feelings to being objective facts for everybody. I tend over time to find people who express similar experiences with other gear I have also tried to my experience as it is then reasonably likely that I would experience...
That's the ones I use
I mostly find the same as you though the treble does not bother me so I have not done the felt on the inside of the pads
And no longer there
I'm using a foam inlay from HD650 inside the HE-6 headband for comfort. Have used this for years first on the HE-500. Have just moved from Alpha Dog pads to angeled pleather Brainwavz pads glued to the phone
Looks and ergonomics including getting the right lenghts and terminations are all valid non sound related reasons for buying after market cables
Unless your current cable is already balanced you can not just get an adaptor to use the balanced out of the 1A
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