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I don't think we are going to get any info about this. With the ZX2 the designers stated that output impedance was irellevant so they were not going to release any numbers
JH13 and Z1R
You can always turn it to 120
In Output settings under Headphone output between AWLS and L/R balance
If it is capped you get an on screen warning when you go over a certain volume and there is a limit on how loud it goes even at max volume. Uncapped you don't get the warning and high gain is in the settings
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Is it pro consumer to want to suppress information about a possible lack of warranty ?
I too have owned the Sig Pro for years (mine is hard wired with a balanced TWau Reference wire from Whiplash) and it truly is a great headphone, but I can only use it 1-2 hours at a time before my ears hurt. The Z1R on the other hand I can use for many hours with no pain. Also being a ported design the Z1R does leak significantly more sound to you surroundings than the Sig Pro does.
Just out of queriosity how does a not authorized dealer get hold of products to sell ? I assume they don't get it from Sony so I suppose it must be authorized dealers selling to them at bulk prizes. I don't get that part.
Sony are not the only ones following EU law, essentially all the mass marker manufacturers do so iPhones are volume capped, Samsung phones are capped and so on.
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