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I don't see how this would help since the lag is with videos and games not with music
I would love to get one of those as well but they are only avaIlable in China so very difficault to get
About 5 hours normal use
No. You use the burn in cable in place of a headphone
I use the Comply Tsx100
To my mind random is random so technically this is perfectly correct
Because the RockBox core is developed specifically for 16 bit and the RockBox community in general do not belive that there are any audible benefits from hires music
The closest I have ever heard and owned was the Koss A250 which I often regret getting rid off
Are you sure it is set to Storage ?
APureSound makes one. You can also on eBay get some small adaptors that allow you to use any standard Westone/JH/Heir etc. two prong iem cable with ER4
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