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Yep. That setup cost more than my house
Will there be seperate slots for volunteers for this as well ?
0 to me is ground. In true balanced you have an inverter giving you the normal + signal and then the inverted signal giving the - and hence the double voltage swing. The ZX2 does not have the inverter and the double voltage swing but does have 4 seperated wires and channels
Yeah. And the really stupid thing is that since Sony don't include a headphone with the ZX2 they are not required to limit anything in EU. The EU rule only aplies to a player WITH it's included headphones
Yes that should work as long as you get the wireing right
There is no inverter, only seperate ground so it is L+, R+, L0, R0 and not L+, R+, L-, R- as a true balanced would be but sound wise it gives most of the benefits of balanced and is really worth it going trrs on your phones if you can
I have not removed anything. Disabled sound enhancement app but otherwise left it as it came and have not installed anything (tried a few other player apps but deleted them again).
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