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I like the Sony flip top case but will admit that it is rather expensive
Since you have both you can compare them yourself and get the best possible verdict
I listen mostly to classical music and HE-6 has the best sense of scale and dynamics and presenting percussion of any headphone I have heard over the years
Yes you are right, it is the HE-500 cables that have broken
The silver cables have had a fair number of breakages. Alone in Denmark on the Danish headphone site I think there have been 3 or 4 broken ones. They all break in the smc connector on the cable.
The 560 is a successor to the 500 but with a sound sig leaning towards the 6.
HE-6 for me wins on scale of room, clarity and ability to project dynamics, but HE-500 is warmer and more intimate
I've had HE-6 for a couple of weeks now after having had HE-500 ever since it was first released. I greatly prefer HE-6 and have now sold HE-500, but the tonality is different so I can understand if some people would prefer HE-500.
I get 20-25 hours playing flac. The ZX2 has just about the longest lasting battery of any player on the market
It might do OK with those 2 phones. My EU unit does fine with Ultrasone Signature Pro and could make even HE-500 enjoyable enough though not ideal
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