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Not really. Could be 6 months or more. I can't find the chart atm.
AK wireing is diffrent from Sony. I have somewhere in this thread posted a chart with a number of the different schemes
It is a standard trrs jack but you need to have it wired the correct way for both ends
Stock player and JH13 or Signature Pro, both with trrs. Very happy
The rule only aplies to a device WITH it's included headphones so since Sony don't include a headphone there is no rule to comply with.
I'm sure I will not get the new player. My need is exclusively to play flac files and I can't see any new device being so far superior to the ZX2 for that use that it will be worth the price of the upgrade
Yes this happens very rarely for me as well
Not yet, Amazon UK states that if ordered today the card will ship in 1 to 4 months time
I briefly heard it at CanJam London and it certainly sounded very nice with my JH13 and the new Edition S (is that what the new phone is called, can't remember).
To me going to HE-6 after several years with HE-500 was both an upgrade and a sidegrade. Speaker taps are at the back of all speaker amps, not quite sure what you mean with your question.
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