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I have no problem driving Signature Pro, JH13 or qJays V2 even with the volume capped EU ZX2
Sounds like a loose connection inside the plug
$299 as I recall for the complete phone. Don't know if the headband can be bought alone
As I remember that was the combo Whitigir had and liked it very much with a silver cable and trrs probably with a ZX2 without volume cap
£1.400 is silly no matter how much I love my ZX2. If I were buying today I would buy the 1A as I don't need wifi or streaming but I'm not going to get rid of my ZX2 to get a 1A
Don't forget that ZX2 is getting on for 3 years old. I don't know how widespread support for Apt-X was back then
Might be. I have used my method for 1 1/2 years now and have not noticed any significant reduction in battery capacity/playtime
How so ?
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