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All my phones are balanced as are both my amps and my home source. The difference is there with all my phones, most with HE-500 and least with JH13 but still worth it for me
You get up to about 50% longer runtime on the DX50. The DX50 is great and DX90 is better but only you can decide if it is enough better to justify the higher price, for me it is
The difference would likely be very small, at least it is for me with SR71-B and JH13. With HE-500 the difference is much bigger
I use it exclusively with the SR71-B as all my phones are balanced. With Sig Pro and JH13 the difference is small and not really needed but with HE-500 it makes a meaningful difference
I never get much over 5 hours even in best case. This with the Japan cell Samsung or the stock Pisen or Mugen 2500 mah
Within your genre Megadeath's Cryptic Writings could also be a possibillity as it has decent recording and mastering quality (the cd is actually done in hdcd, at least my copy is)
The DX90 amp is very good and will drive a large range of phones perfectly fine but some phones just demand a bit more (like my HE-500) and maybe your upcoming 702 (don't know, haven't heard them). You'll know when you get them
I as understand it there should be no functional difference between a lurker fw and the corresponding stock fw as lurker makes no changes to the mango player but only the underlaying android configuration
Probably not the best place to ask in the bug thread ;-)
Wish I could buy that combo outside China
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