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The only problem I have with gapless is that it does not work between the first 2 tracks played after power on, otherwise it works perfectly for me on both hires and lossless, all flac
Now £69. I was too late
3) is possible but you need a special cable to allow connecting both power and usb drive
I get 5-6 hours with a Samsung battery. To get more you have to buy one of the higer capacity batteries that don't fit under the back cover
You will know you are running lurker fw from the font which is clearly different from the stock font.
Only available within China
There are manual add to playlist on device. You cant name playlists or transfer them to/from computer so you loose them with fw upgrades
Gapless has no meaning or effect in dac mode, only when used as a dap
Theoretically 2TB but the largest card you can buy atm is 128GB
Or just leave it in exFAT which also works fine
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