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Pick either and get an adapter to the other
Yes on the go I'm perfectly happy with the sq of my iPhone, but I stay >100 nights per year away from home and for listening in the evening in the hotel room the ZX2 clearly beats the iPhone (as did my DX90 with SR71-B amp)
Just make sure it is wired correctly for your existing cable and ZX2, it is not enough that it is 3,5 one end and 2,5 the other end. There are several wiring schemes depending on the specific dap
Just press the play/pause button on the side of the player. Play about 3 hours each night and charge during the weekend.
Mine is permanently in airplane mode and I stop playback when I have finished a listening session. Gives me about 20 hours play time with flac 16/44 per charge.
Yep. Mine hasn't been restarted since September.
I get around 20 hours 16/44 flac play time from a charge powering either JH13 or Signature Pro very nicely with trrs termination
My balanced RudiStor RPX-100 certainly makes the HE-6 sound very very nice, but if that is "to the full potential" I have no idea.
You need your main cable as trrs and can then have an adaptor to trs. The other way is a no go
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