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I have. With an Anker 4400mah I get 10-11 hours as expected for about twice the capacity.I got 8-9 hours with a 2300mah battery in the DX50.All of this is line out to an external amp.
From brand new and listening to loss less or hires flac I have never gotten more than 5-6 hours from any battery
DX90 runs about 5-6 hours max on a charge
One reason is as HiFiChris describes above to be able to adjust where the volume on an external amp is used. The other reason would be if using it with active speakers or other gear that does not have a volume control. I find the variable lo on the DX90 very usefull but it would have been nice if either there were seperat volume controls for lo and ho or if the player could detect what output was in use and remember the volume for either
Yes the IQ Pro is very nice. I would absolutely consider it if I needed a new iem
They were never shared, both were just controlled by the volume in the dac
I love my DX90 but on the move I'm perfectly satisfied with my iPhone6 with Etymotic HF5 headset, I could not be bothered carrying the extra gear. The DX90 with amp and better phones I use as travel rig once I reach my destination where I can enjoy the clearly better sq.
And they sound even better balanced with a SR71-B thrown in. The DX90 drives them OK but they get better from a good amp
You can import playlists on the DX90 but you have to manually efit the list on your computer to reflect the full path name to the files as seen from the DX90 file system. Try to make a one file playlist on the DX90 and export it so you can see what the paths are called. But even after that I understand that people are having some difficaulties importing the lists. I have no experience with this as I have never seen a reason to use playlists on any device I have ever played...
Dont know why you have to do that. My thousands of cd rips and hires downloads all plays in correct track number order with no leading 0
New Posts  All Forums: