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It also drives HE-500 quite well but they do sound better with an external amp
Rockbox I think
There are 2 clicks from the physical box at turn on and turn off. These are the relays. Also there is a barely audible click in the headphones
The amp will not require more power, the DX90 line out signal is plenty strong enough.
For classical I love the Tzar350 in ear with the DX90, this is now what I travel with
These statements are very personal and subjective. What to one is a significant change/improvement might be barely noticeable to someone else. The trick with a forum like this is to find people who in the past have had similar experices with the same gear as you have, then you can be reasonable sure that when they describe experiences with new gear you will experience something similar
Lurker has posted a detailed explanation of the problem and how to work around it
Have just tried it again (never use it) and wonder if it is now 12dB that it lowers since eq goes from -12 to +12 (I thought it originally was -6 to +6 but I could be wrong)
It is dropped by 6dB to prevent possible clipping at max eq of 6dB. If you can read it is not very difficault to see if eq is on or off
The filter setting affect how the DX90 dac work so since you are bypassing the DX90 dac it has no effect on the coax signal since that is taken before the dac
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