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Well yesterday I picked up a Samsung Galaxy S II so my trusty iPhone 4 has to go. The phone is in excellent condition it has zagg screen protectors on front and back and will include original box, usb cable and power adapter. Sim card not included. Looking for $350 shipped priority mail with delivery confirmation CONUS only.
I purchased this a few months ago from alphaphoenix I would love to keep this fantastic little amp/dac but it just doesn't get enough use to warrant keeping it. The Amp has silver front and back plates and black body.  It's in really great condition and comes with the wall charger and leather case sleeve which I understand Justin no longer supplies for new Pico purchases. Also, the battery has been recently replaced according to the original owner -...
I believe that they just started offering Gun Metal because I don't think it was offered when I bought my ES5's    
I know what you mean.
Standard cables for customs use memory wire so the cables are routed behind your ears but you can have the cable dangle under your chin and straight down your chest or behind your neck and down your back.
Same here as @cooperpwc I wipe mine down after each use and they still look nice and clear.
Your best bet is to email Kaysen.
I prefer the J3 to the iPhone 4 as a DAP.
I have to agree with you the J3 + ES5 does not require an amp.
Sorry it was the otoferm that Westone has.
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