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In case anyone is looking for one:    http://www.head-fi.org/t/768422/fs-nuforce-ha-200-singled-ended-class-a-amp-2w-into-32-ohm-mint-free-shipping   Mike
 That's good news.  Are you using the switch-mode power supply that is included with the USB Regen?   (It delivers only 7.5V, which is between the 6V and 9V range required when the Regen will be powering a DAC or DAC/amp like your Geek Out.) Tell us about the improvements in sound quality you hear (if any). :-)
 Oh, if the Geek Pulse doesn't pull power from its USB input, the 12V output of your Geek LPS should work fine with the Regen - without overheating it.   :-)
 Cables aside, there could be a problem with using the Geek LPS:  The Geek LPS output choices are 5V (which isn't enough volts to satisfy the USB Regen) and 12V (which might be too high a voltage).   The USB Regen needs... .... a minimum of 6V to a maximum of 9V (for DACs or DAC/amps that will pull power from the Regen's USB output).  So:  Do not use the Geek LPS 12V output if the DAC or DAC/amp pulls power from the Regen.  -OR-   ... a minimum of 6V to a maximum of 12V...
The TeraDak X1/X2 LPS includes a power cable that works perfectly with the Regen - no mods required.http://www.ebay.com/itm/TeraDak-TeraLink-X1-X2-DC8-5V-1A-USB-DC5V-port-external-Linear-Power-Supply-/301656560256But you might want to just use the Regen's SMPS while you wait for UpTone's mystery device....Mike
 Yes, in combination with the using selection tools to limit my cloning to a selected area in each case.  :-)
 You are very gracious to react this way to my having edited your photo.   It's all so subjective - one man's interpretation is not necessarily the "best," of course. I have an (old) copy of Photoshop Elements 4.0.     
1.2A at 12V would be OK only if the Regen is being used with a DAC that does not pull power from the Regen.If you have a USB-powered DAC or DAC/amp, the Regen must be supplied with no more than 9V (to prevent it from overheating).Mike
 Thanks for those kind words, John - I hope I can continue to live up to them.    Hi doctorjazz, The USB Regen will only pull data from your Mac or PC's USB port - or from an Apple device that has a CCK (camera connection kit).   The USB Regen will ignore any power that arrives at its input via the USB cable from your source.  It gets its power not from its USB input, but rather from a separate, 2.5mm coaxial barrel connector, requiring a minimum supply voltage of 6V, up...
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