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 Despite the efficiency of the PM-3, most DAPs and portable amps are going to fall short of providing enough power for the PM-3 to really become all that it can be.  If it sounds good to your ears on 30mW, it will sound much, much better on 300mW.  But, again, I think that once you get to around 350mW into 32-Ohms (I'm guessing on my experience with various amps), certainly no more than 500mW into 32-Ohms, you will have "arrived."  (The PM-3 has a 26-Ohm impedance, but...
 First, thank you for your appreciation of my dogmatic dissertation.  And to Peter (@peterinvan), who "accomplished nothing" by creating a balanced cable for his M8 > PM-3, I want to apologize for neglecting to mention that you should be congratulated for recognizing that no improvement could be heard!  You have wonderfully objective ears - especially given that you built the balanced cable yourself. I would surely have heard some improvements, had I built that cable!    I...
 Thank you, ph0n6! Yes, it seems to be designed to suit the masses...   /sarc/ We want everything to be slickly styled, smaller, lighter and more convenient, with USB charging and a longer battery life!   Oh wait...  All of those must-haves will compromise power output and sound quality! Oh well! That's what we want! Give it to us! /end sarc/
 The greatest advantages of going from unbalanced to balanced output, with most amps that offer both TRS and 4-Pin jacks, are readily audible benefits that can come with an increase in power (improved dynamics and bass control), but even then, only with headphones that were insufficiently powered at the TRS jack, not the arguably inaudible benefits that come with elimination of common-mode noise or cross-channel impedance fluctuations.   I have never read a review of any...
 OK - now I need a reference, please.  I can't find any mention of the PB3 other than people wishing it were coming - since way back.
Really!   I had no idea there was a PB3 coming!  Cool!   I think the PB2 sold for $399.
^ I was desperately trying to satisfy my HD800 at the time and went in the direction of NOS DACs for awhile. I remain curious about the Caiman Mk2, so I might give it a try sometime.
Hi Lohb,   I've not had any heat problems with the Burson V5 Duals in the "topless" PB2.  The only problem I've had after getting two that were not defective on arrival is that they were too tall to close the lid.  :-)   I still love their sound, but so far, I like the Sparkos SS3602 a little more.   The V5i should be a much better fit for the PB2 than either the V5 or the Sparkos op-amps, so I might try those eventually.   For only $55 U.S., you've really got me...
This thread is almost seven years old, yet it seems (from searching) this will be the first post mentioning the Sparkos discrete op-amps.   Here are some first impressions:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/735828/gustard-h10-high-current-discrete-class-a-output-stage-headphone-amplifier/5040   Mike
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