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I'm not able to play more than two or three seconds at a time from Tidal, this evening.     I've made the rounds to four different devices - two iOS and two Windows7 machines.     All of them can stream Netflix no problem, right now.   What's wrong with Tidal?
^ Thanks for the details. 
+1   What happened with Deezer, wijnands?
 Great question!  I've been meaning to post for some time now, but thought it perhaps too unique to my ears, that I prefer to put the HD800 low on my head, with my ears at the top of the cups - and with the cups set as far forward on my head as possible, too.  So, low and forward. Mike
 Doh!  I've just read farther down the thread and see that you two have already met.  
 It reminds me of comments made by knowwhatImean, in this post to the Metrum Aurix thread:  Mike
Oh no!  No more Stax temptations!   (Covering my eyes...)  
 LOL  You're a good sport, castleofargh!   
 I love my "cheap" Anti-Cables RCA interconnects! Seen here with the Metrum Octave MkII and Aurix:  Mike
And again, I've posted some impressions on the Octave MkII, elsewhere:
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