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 This is a shot in the dark, but do you have the iOS device volume turned all the way up (a good thing, as it gives you maximum bit depth)?  (I would actually be surprised if turning the iOS volume all the way up fixes the problem, but it might be relevant.)
   Glad to hear of a happy user!  What DAC were you using previously? Thanks!
 Thanks William!  Having come from the Burson V5 duals to the SS3602 (in an iBasso PB2), driving HD 800 or DT880 600), and switching back to the V5 for a day after several weeks of using the SS3602... I think they're both really close in terms of neutrality - they have no coloration. I personally can't say which is warmer, if at all. Maybe it's just how they are performing in my chain.   To me, the most readily discerned distinction is the SS3602's power-related...
 Good news.  What do you think of the sound?  And what did you replace with the SS3602? Thanks!
 I wish I actually needed it. :-)
 Exactly.  The DAC has no player software and, thus, has no awareness of the file formats handled by your source.
 I've never tried it, myself, but several guys in the Gustard H10 amp thread have used the Burson V5s as buffers.
Looking forward to it. :-)
 I agree and attribute that lack of brittle edginess to it being a single-ended design (and the inherent low use of negative feedback.)   He also discusses some of the benefits of Class A in that article.  Mike
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