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 I'm with you!  I've posted this before in this thread, but the X5 Line Out is amazing!  Anyone who hasn't tried listening to the X5's PCM1792A DAC section via the Line Out to their best Head-Fi or Hi-Fi amp, needs to give it a try.  I was a Beta tester for the OPPO HA-1 (in other words, I've had one since December of last year) and I consider the X5's PCM1792A DAC implementation to be superior to the ESS9018 implementation of the HA-1 for use with the HA-1 amp balanced...
^ Das purty! 
 LOL Still, that's good to hear - that the optical out can actually handle 192.  Thank you again for all of your efforts in testing and reporting the use of the D100 as a DAP. Mikie
 That's a lucky burrito wearing that watch!  They look good together!  What's inside?   
No, but thanks for asking!   :-)   Mike
As with all rechargeable batteries, the day will come when it will not take a charge that lasts as long as desired. The trick to extending the useful life of the battery is to shallow-cycle it, rather than deep-cycling it. In other words, put it back on the charger after each use, rather than running it all the way down between charges.  Better still, keep it plugged into external power while playing it, whenever possible.  (Protect the battery, so that you can enjoy it...
 I really like your CIEMs - they're beautiful - but please crop your screenshots or insert the image as an URL to the image itself. See how much nicer this looks?  Thanks! Mike
 Sound quality must come before looks, absolutely, but the HE-500 never looked better than sitting next to the Maestral amp in this photo.  Nice one!
 Almost monochromatic, this simple composition is so inviting - a place I want to be.
 I tend to shoot for maximum DoF - everything in focus - but this has to be one of the most appealing selective focus shots I've seen of Head-Fi gear. I love the colors and the light.
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