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^ Not without using tape over the 5V power pin of one USB A connector - OR - going to an affordable Y-cable that's probably longer than what you're seeking.     What's your pleasure?  Taping the pin or using a cable that has to be coiled to make it "mobile"?
^ Get your free X5 rental, now, then return it in a year, buy an X7, then return it in a year, and buy an X9...   Sounds like a plan!  What else do they rent sell?   
Haha!  Thanks man!   I'm still in the game... reluctantly...   Read this post and the ones that follow - at the one and only, and very pitiful, Red Wine Audio Cassabria thread:   The RWA Cassabria sells for $1850 new, but less than $1000 used, if you can find them, because nobody knows anything about them, it seems. There appears to be no market for them, new or used, but its discontinued...
Wow!  Thanks Vinnie,   I'm just patient enough to be hooked by that.      Subscribed to your mailing list.     Tick, tock, tick, tock ...   Mike
The HD650 is still available, but without the aftermarket 4-pin XLR balanced cable.
A year and a day later... I still can't find any thorough reviews of the Cassabria, anywhere online, including at Innerfidelity, 6Moons, TNT-Audio, Positive Feedback, The Absolute Sound, Headphonia, Tone Audio, WhatHiFI, you name it. Google your brains out, there are no reviews to be found.Why?Nearly two years on the market, this is an amp for which there are no opinions other than little snippets here and there: "I like it a lot." Or "It's smooth and transparent."Even...
Thanks Pudu, You sound very content with your excellent rigs, as I am for my LCD-2 and PM-1, but I really want to avoid spending the money for a great tube amp. So in the end, I suspect I'll be selling the HD800. Meanwhile, I'll keep my eyes open for a used DB2... Mike
Wow, thanks again, Pudu.   It seems you've heard what I recall about the DB2.  If anything, the DB2's recessed treble is perhaps better suited to HD800's and other bright headphones (Grados, etc.) than it is to the majority of headphones.  I really didn't like the DB2 > PB2 > LCD-2 rev.1, with its shelved highs, but it could be nice with the HD800.  Still, you don't sound super excited about it.     Hmmm...  Maybe I'll look for a used DB2, that I can sell again, if I...
+1    I'm also very pleased with the Teradak PSU.     The splitter cable alone is worth the price, when you consider how much some other companies are charging for a USB Y-cable that allows you to pull only data from one port while getting power from another.   Mike
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