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I can't help. but I'm curious why you want the 15V version for your PB2.   Mike
My Stepdance continues to amaze me, too.   Mike
Start at about 75% of new and knock 5% off every 3 days when you bump the listing.
 OK, welcome!  Both you and SpaceRabbit look like you know what you're doing (in the home page photo.)    
^  That's awesome!!!   Seriously!    
 LOL - That's one of the best things about going to meets - putting faces to avatars (if not to names). Who is the other new face (on the right)? Thanks, Mike
^ Those are really nice diagrams!
 I like this!  Your photo brought to mind the movie, Blade Runner - something to do with the C4's graphics, the colors and the smokey atmospherics.
^ Makes sense if you want to stick with single-ended cables. 
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