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   I don't know what's on that promo disk distributed in Asia, but anyone can download these hi-res sample files made available by OPPO: Mike
 My father used to say, "I don't have any problems - only opportunities."   And I like to say, "Contentment is a choice made independent of circumstances."  But I struggle to embrace these thoughts. I'm happy for you, though! 
 I really like this one! Mike
Thanks for that! Perhaps the X5 vs. Bushmaster race is so close it takes a Stax system to tell with certainty!
 Thanks!  I've embedded them here:    I like the first one, best!  Amazing colors...
 That is such a clean shot, screwdriver - it's actually refreshing to look at! Thanks! Mike
^  Thanks for this, hsubox!   You really worked hard on that shot - balancing the light sources - and it shows.  Great composition, too!  And I love the way the shadows under the knobs are blue - not washed out by the overhead flash.   Mike
^ That's a remarkable photograph!  Thanks for posting it!
 Hands down, I respect your observations, as I strongly suspect you've spent many more hours than I have using both the X5 Coaxial Out > HA-1 DAC+Amp   and   the X5 Line Out > HA-1 amp.  I've only briefly performed that comparison, some time ago.   It's kind of an apples and oranges contention, though, as you are comparing an external DAC (X5 Line Out) to a DAC that's integrated with its amp (HA-1 DAC), where my rankings, above, are comparing only the Line Outs of several...
 I don't remember what was there, but I like your current photo. (For everyone else's sake, this was not one of the links included in the poll.) 
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