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    Amazon is selling the Energizer XP8000AB rechargeable LiPo battery pack (great for use with portable gear) at a record low price (for Amazon) of $79.99.   Output Specification: (1) DC 5V, 2100mA, (1) DC 12V, 2000mA, (1) DC 19V, 2000mA     http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007AQEJYU   http://camelcamelcamel.com/Energizer-XP8000AB-Universal-Smartphones-Netbooks/product/B007AQEJYU
[[SPOILER]]  Of more general interest to Tidal HiFi users... I've spent a few hours comparing... Tidal HiFi on a Win7 laptop as a USB source    vs.    Tidal HiFi on an iPad 3 > CCK as a USB source  ... feeding the Metrum Acoustics Octave MkII, in both cases but, as of this writing, it's a tough call.  I think the iPad 3 > CCK might be ever so slightly superior in having a lowered noise floor, which can unleash a lot of audible benefits, but it's hair-splitting close, if...
 LOL The Metrum Acoustics USB 2 Module is sold in a box.  
 Oh, please forgive my misinterpretation - I was relating it to my experience with a recent upgrade - which didn't change the orbits of the planets either, but it did make me dizzy and euphoric.     
 I've seen several photos of people using various props to support the USB Regen.   I was thinking of getting something like this: http://www.amazon.com/American-Educational-Stamped-Support-Length/dp/B00657VOJS  But a wooden dowel, cut to the right length and affixed to the underside of the USB Regen with Blu-tack would be less obtrusive. Mike
 I love it when the leap in quality is so great that I get that dizzy, euphoric feeling as I listen to familiar songs and marvel at what I've been missing prior to the upgrade.   I'm happy for you,  Mike
^ Haha!   I agree that the DACmini CX with 1-Ohm mod is a bad match for the HD800, but it's great with the Audeze LCD-2 - it does a great job with the OPPO planar magnetics, too.   :-)   Mike
 London Grammar is awesome!  Have you been holding out on me?   (Inside joke - I'm way overdue putting together a playlist for Cornan - but I'm almost done - really!)   Thanks flinkenick!  I enjoyed this and I love your descriptive enthusiasm, or is it your enthusiastic description?    Wow!  I really like this and it's way better still in CD quality - what a dreamscape it creates!   http://tidalhifi.com/track/37001731 You're living proof that there's hope for AC/DC fans!...
 You've done a lot of trailblazing, thanks!   I guess we shouldn't be surprised that cable-free connections between your Source > USB Regen > DAC have yielded the best audible performance. For logistical reasons, the shortest connection I can have between my source and the USB Regen is about 25 inches, which is covered very nicely by the 28-inch (0.7 meter) Supra cable you've mentioned. Thanks! Mike
Yes!The FiiO X5's PCM1792A DAC is my favorite oversampling DAC.I prefer it to the OPPO HA-1's ESS9018 and the proprietary DACs in my CEntrance DACMini CX and DACport LX.The only DAC I have that beats the X5's DAC is my NOS Metrum Acoustics Octave MKII.FiiO X5 Line Out > 15VDC-powered Meier Audio Stepdance > HD800(At a B&B in Charleston, SC) [[SPOILER]] Mike
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