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 OK, for iOS > CCK > Hex, I would recommend getting the Uptone Audio USB Regen (everyone should try it, in my opinion) to supply power to the DAC, in addition to improving the signal integrity - which actually decreases the amount of psy noise the DAC itself generates.  And if you want to get rid of the +5V wire after the handshake, you can add an Elijah Audio Konvertible Lite 160 USB cable, that could be inserted between the USB Regen and the Hex USB Input.   The...
 Oh!  Excellent!  I thought all of the AC-powered Metrum DACs required USB power for their USB inputs.
 http://www.head-fi.org/t/799682/all-things-metrum-acoustics#post_12396699 By the way, the (battery-powered) iPad 3, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch 6 have all exhibited pitch-black noise floors - so much better than trying to silence a laptop or PC, in my opinion.
   For several months I've used my (old) iPad 3, which has a 30-pin connector, and the 30-pin CCK, with a USB cable -  as my primary source for an Octave MkII with the USB 2 module. But here's the rub:  No iOS device can supply the Metrum's USB 2 module with 5V power.   So...  You need to get yourself a USB Y-cable to supply data from the iOS device and 5VDC power from a 5VDC LPS or battery pack.   I highly recommended this little LPS - check out the cables that are...
 No.   ???  Thank you, Michael - I'll fix that in my previous post (above).  I went back and found this post at CA which confirms your statement: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f27-uptone-audio-sponsored/uptone-audio-regen-22803/index126.html#post483757 Mike
 I've been in correspondence with the Amazon seller, encouraging him to go global.  He says he's working on getting setup with Amazon UK and elsewhere.  I don't understand why he's not already on ebay and aliexpress and any number of other online venues.  He seems to be Amazon-focused for some reason.   Go to the Amazon link and send the seller a message yourself - let him know you want his cable.  It's a great product and he seems to be really nice guy.    
[[SPOILER]]  The question you meant to ask is: "But how do you 'know' that no other cleaning devices should be inserted between the USB Regen and the DAC?"   This is the imperative everyone is referencing and it comes directly from Uptone Audio. Alex Crespi and John Swenson have emphasized this in many posts, both in the USB Regen threads on Computeraudiophile and here in this thread.   It has also been stressed by Uptone Audio that the connection between the USB Regen and...
1. Yes.  Yes.  No.   2. No.    n/a
 Going dual mono with the HA-200 requires some custom cables - DIY or pay someone else.  I bought two HA-200s, brand new, and liked the sound with just one of them driving my HD800 - so much that I sold the other HA-200 as new, in its unopened box - primarily because I wanted nothing to do with the cabling hassle. As to a DAC, the HA-200 is very neutral, so there's no need to hunt for a "compatible" DAC.  Whatever you like. Mike
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