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Amazon Today's Deal:   $26.25   25% below the lowest price previously seen at CamelCamelCamel.com ($35.00).   Anker PowerCore+ 13400 mAh battery pack with two 5 Volt 2.4 amp USB ports     http://www.amazon.com/Anker-PowerCore-Portable-Recharges-Panasonic/dp/B013HSWY5K
Please describe your connections precisely.    It's not clear to me what you've tried most recently.     Again, that error message can happen when a DAC is trying to pull 5V power from the iDevice.     Thanks,   Mike
Nikos,   You're going to find yourself trying the HD800 with everything.     Try checking the sound options of your TV or of the receiver, whatever that is, to see if you can select 2-channel audio instead of 5.1.  That might restore some of the bass frequencies you're not hearing when using headphones.   The HA-200 can wait.  Have fun!   Mike
Hi ngkou,   It's impossible for me to put a percentage figure to how closely your gear comes to the pinnacle of HD800 performance - in part because I've never heard your chain, but I seriously doubt that my best chain comes close to making the most of the HD800.  It seems to scale endlessly. The HD800 is seldom the limiting factor - not even for bass performance. You just have to give it what it wants.  Read this recent post by @johnjen   A couple of years ago, I was...
 Thanks for the explanation - I had wondered why I had heard of several people using the Mojo as a DAC for their HiFi systems.
 The point is to hear the HD800 with a low-feedback or zero-feedback amp, which you've not yet experienced.  But that's OK. Ignorance is bliss.     And the HD800 really can discern significant differences between various DACs and amps.  But really... if you are enjoying the gear you have and you don't enjoy experimenting, then stop and be content in your ignorance of any other potential improvements..   And...  I love the idea of sticking with nothing but portable gear -...
  This is a low-traffic thread, so we'll see how long we can get away with this off-topic dialog... Again, I'm just one guy (with one opinion) and I've tried to qualify my tastes, learning that yours are a bit different - which is perfectly valid. We've learned that you prefer more bass energy than the HD800 delivers, so I feel as if I have to answer your questions for both the HD800 and all the headphones that aren't as revealing and intolerant as the HD800, including...
 It's unlikely that you'll be able to gather a consensus of opinion among people who have heard both of these amps and I've not heard either of them, but I can tell you that using the Burson V5 Duals in my iBasso PB2 portable amp is far more impressive than was my $999 Burson Soloist (which was soft in the treble, lacking in dynamics, and very laid back - as if I was seated a long way from the stage). The Burson Soloist is touted as having an "analog" sound, but I didn't...
 Ohhh!  Thanks!  (I'm still working on my first cup of coffee.)   
 Why does the price of a software plug-in vary with the headphone for which it is tailored?   
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