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[[SPOILER]]  @ImmaLizard  Are you using the USB A jack on the HA-2 (selecting "A" on the HA-2's source selection switch) for both your iPhone 5S and your iPod Classic?  Are you using the CCK with either one of them? It's my understanding, and I'm eager to be corrected, if necessary, that the HA-2 will never pull power from any Apple device that's connected via the HA-2's USB A jack - it will only pull data from the USB A jack and it can optionally charge connected iDevices...
 Wow!  Thanks for that link.   I find this review to be so true to my own experience with the HA-2, in every combination I have for which he has commented, that I want to start reading this guy, marcusd, regularly.   Mike (I'm still using the Beta 3 prototype of the HA-2, but it's supposed to be the same as the released version.)
^ Sweet!
 That notice is horribly ambiguous.  What "problem" are they working to fix as quickly as possible? I suspect I know what the problem is (just a hunch):  One too many Amazon customers have "rented" the HD800 for a few days then returned it with a trumped up excuse to get a full refund. Amazon doesn't want to be in the business of lending out flagship headphones for free trials. (Again, that's just my suspicion.) If anyone in the U.S. wants to borrow several flagship...
 First, I think you've hit on why so many people think $20 a month is expensive.  It's not seen as expensive to people who've been paying for their music all along. Good for you!  Thanks to Tidal, I'm all but completely done with buying CDs, going through the ritual of ripping them, and then adding them to the huge stack in my closet. Not a month went by when I didn't purchase at least one CD, but that was rare. I averaged more like three CDs a month and there were times...
The HD650 has to be the most frequently sold and later repurchased headphone in history. I know a guy who has bought, sold, bought, sold, and then bought a third pair of HD650 and there are many others who can say they are on the second pair, at least. Prices like this will perpetuate the phenomenon. 
I no longer use USB sources because computers are too distracting. It seems I don't have enough self control to just listen to my music without surfing or doing something else on the computer at the same time. My digital player for both desktop use and portable use is a FiiO X5.  In the absence of a laptop, I just enjoy my music. 
Yes!The marketing has no impact whatsoever on what's streaming into my ears. Is the experience worth the cost of subscription? That's the only question that concerns me.
Yes and yes.
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