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Are you asking with the HE-6 in mind or the HD800?Are you answering with the HE-6 in mind or the HD800?
 That's a beautiful cable!  Apparently, your DAC doesn't require the GND wire for a handshake - but some DACs might not work without the GND. Here are some John Swenson posts (from CA) on the subject of DIY USB...
Relaying the question embedded within the post, above: 
I would be really surprised to hear better sound coming from an iPhone 6s LOD than from the ES9018K2M DAC of the HA-2, but I've never tried it myself. I've seen several testimonies that the iPhone 6s audio is better than in previous iPhones, but all of those statements were talking about plugging IEMs into the headphone jack of the iPhone 6s, so they were writing about its DAC + amp.   It stands to reason that the DAC can't be all that bad if DAC + amp sound good, but...
Ultimately, I've heard some people with double-amped rigs say, "It just sounds better."      You can't argue with that.  His rig, his ears, his tastes, his opinion - are always valid.   But it's funky!  LOL
 That link doesn't work for me, but I think it's pointing to this product:   http://www.amazon.com/EBL-Battery-Lithium-ion-Rechargeable-Batteries/dp/B00ER10DZ0 In response to a question, someone wrote that they measure 8.7V fully charged. Most "9V" rechargeable batteries max. out at less than 8.7V, so I think this would be a good choice for the Quickstep.
 I really like the points that CoLdAsSauLt makes at the link he provided. Here's my take (which is probably the thread to which we should take this discussion):   http://www.head-fi.org/t/260346/ignorance-cure-needed-balanced-vs-unbalanced#post_11558111
Well, This is where I'm not so confident in making a recommendation, as I'm still hunting for the ideal DAC, but I'm confined by my self-imposed rule of never spending more than $1000 per desktop component, including DACs, amps, and headphones (new or used, before tax and shipping).  Still, that's a lot of money, as I have too many other hobbies where $1000 can go a long way, so like you, if I can build a system with less expensive components to get just as much enjoyment,...
    Putting falsehoods to death!
I had selected the HA-200 as a replacement for the amp in my Oppo HA-1 - exclusively for use with the HD800 - having previously bypassed the Oppo HA-1's ESS9018 DAC with the NOS Metrum Acoustics Octave MkII DAC. This was my desktop configuration, back then:   Note that only the HD800 was driven by the NuForce HA-200, which I much preferred to the HA-1's amp section, despite my preference for using the HA-1's amp with the power-hungry LCD-2.   The NuForce HA-200 sat above...
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