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 Nice job whirlwind.  I respect you craftsmanship! Mike
^ I really like your energy and enthusiasm kayandjohn!
LOL   That's where it will be when you pull away from the curb - on the street.     But it's a fun shot!
 Really sorry to hear this.  I don't remember where I read it, but there's a guy out there who dented his brand new HD800's magnesium screen with the connector when his hand rebounded from pulling out a tight connector.  Maybe we should advise newcomers to wrap the HD800 in a towel the first few times they attempt to disconnect the cables.  It does get easier over time. Mike
 With the OPPO HA-2, your talking about bypassing its ES9018K2M DAC, to use the A17's DAC. I think people are discouraged at the prospect of under-driving any amp one might connect to the A17 Line Out.   With an output of only 0.245 V, the A17 Line Out is eight times weaker than a DAC that puts out 2.0 V. This effectively cuts the output of an external amp down to 1/8th the power it might deliver with a DAC that delivers 2.0V.   The A17's amp puts out 10 mW into 16-Ohm,...
 Thanks, Mike
 Thanks!     We have good taste! Mike
  Tripp-Lite LC1200 Line Conditioner   Amazon is currently selling my favorite (affordable) Line Conditioner at their lowest price ever:  $86.81 Price History: Amazon Page: I've got three of these, already and don't need another at them moment. They act as very effective voltage regulators, maintaining a near...
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