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^ I was desperately trying to satisfy my HD800 at the time and went in the direction of NOS DACs for awhile. I remain curious about the Caiman Mk2, so I might give it a try sometime.
Hi Lohb,   I've not had any heat problems with the Burson V5 Duals in the "topless" PB2.  The only problem I've had after getting two that were not defective on arrival is that they were too tall to close the lid.  :-)   I still love their sound, but so far, I like the Sparkos SS3602 a little more.   The V5i should be a much better fit for the PB2 than either the V5 or the Sparkos op-amps, so I might try those eventually.   For only $55 U.S., you've really got me...
This thread is almost seven years old, yet it seems (from searching) this will be the first post mentioning the Sparkos discrete op-amps.   Here are some first impressions:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/735828/gustard-h10-high-current-discrete-class-a-output-stage-headphone-amplifier/5040   Mike
 Congratulations! I "upgraded" to the TRS version of the V-Moda cable and have found it to be identical to the stock PM-3 cable in terms of sound quality and a big improvement in terms of reduced microphonics, flexibility, etc.   http://www.amazon.com/V-MODA-Extended-Audio-Cable-Dark/dp/B00MYTR7NS UPDATE:  I use this cable with my PM-3.   I was thinking about my PM-3 as I posted this here in the PM-2 thread.  Oops!
 Oh, I agree, completely.    But for those who already have the V5 and like the sound, "enabling" the V5 by helping it to stay cool inside the H10 is certainly worth trying.
 Thanks for the warning!   Can we assume the SS3602 (duals) are compatible with the H10, even though the SS3601 (singles) are not? Mike
 Bumping my earlier post, the H10 would likely run much cooler with a couple of these large, $13.50 heat sinks resting on top of the closed case: http://www.head-fi.org/t/735828/gustard-h10-high-current-discrete-class-a-output-stage-headphone-amplifier/4980#post_12601242
Oh, and regarding the use of a 16V LPS, for desktop purposes, I routinely power the PB2 with my Energizer XP8000, equipped with the 16V XPAL Willy Cable, all the while leaving the XP8000 attached to its AC charger.     I can think of two DACs, one of which I own - the French-made Audiophonics PCM5102 - and one I've never heard, but that's much better known - the Ciúnas DAC -  where the (independent) designers have included battery packs inside the DACs, while...
Hi Lohb, Welcome to PB2 land! Yes, it's sad that the trend shifted from separate components to all-in-one uber-DAPs, especially when you consider the ridiculously buggy UIs found in every DAP other than those made by Sony, which themselves suffer from having only 10- or 15mW peak output into 16-Ohms. Our choices, today, are confined by the ignorance of the masses and manufacturers' reasonable desire to meet the demands of the majority. But those of us who have an...
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