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After 10 months of trying to find a solid state solution that was "clean enough" for the very revealing HD800, I'm now very satisfied (one month and counting) with the following chain:       FiiO X5 coaxial out > Metrum Octave MkII > NuForce HA-200 > modded HD800  The $350 FiiO X5 is just a convenient transport with coaxial out and is essentially not in the equation in regards to satisfying the HD800's analog signal requirements, but I find the X5 to be much less...
You have arrived, pataburd! Now you only have to buy albums.
Hi!How long is "a little while?"Which DAC are you using?Is your HD800 modded?Do you find you can listen to the HD800 for long periods as easily as you can the LCD-2, without fatigue?Thanks!Mike
 I agree with everything you've said here, substituting Audeze LCD-2 rev.1 for your HE-4s.  I, too, have lost affection for Sabre DACs. Regarding the HD800, as you've suggested, I found that using a different DAC, the Metrum Octave MkII, made a huge improvement while still using the HA-1's amp, but still leaves a slight edginess which I believe is caused by the use of negative feedback in the HA-1. The HD800 is a lot happier with zero-feedback or low-feedback amps. After...
  Grasshopper:  How can I have contentment? Master Po:  Expect nothing. Grasshopper:  Wouldn't it be better to expect less than nothing? Master Po:  Maybe you should leave the temple today, grasshopper.
 Or we might say, "The HA-1's DAC and amp is too fatiguing when heard with the HD800."   But the HA-1 indeed sounds great with every other headphone in my inventory.
I'm just observant.  
 I'm no expert on body language, but that left big toe is not saying, "I'm relaxed."   
 It probably sounds like tape with Dolby C noise reduction.     [[SPOILER]]  Mike
 I have the HA-1, the PM-1, the HD800, and an LCD-2 rev.1 - and I used to own a Beyerdynamic T1. I don't have any experience with the LCD-X, but personally, I think the LCD-X or PM-1/PM-2 would be much better choices for the HA-1 than the HD800. Mike
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