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Thanks alerma! This is very interesting stuff, but it immediately begs the question: If Oppo designed both the HA-2 and PM-3 with TRRS jacks instead of TRS jacks, why aren't they offering TRRS-to-TRRS cables for the PM-3? It's especially curious, given this glowing account of the benefits of using a TRRS-to-TRRS cable:  Why would Oppo Digital not offer a TRRS-to-TRRS cable as a PM-3 option for those who also have the HA-2? Could it be that it doesn't really offer any...
Shelby Lynne's I'm Alive, from the album, Identity Crisis   http://tidalhifi.com/track/1375913  
Rhye's Shed Some Blood, from the album Woman   http://tidalhifi.com/track/19002990    
  If you live overseas, the wait would be even more brutal than it is for customers in the States - not to mention the cost of shipping.  Going on the data from 58 LCD-3 owners, thus far, one third of them have had two or more failures.  Those with 5 or 6 failures may be as rare as hens teeth, at the far right side of the Gaussian distribution curve, but anyone considering the purchase of an LCD-3, has a high probability of finding himself somewhere at the top of the curve...
 As I wait for the coffee to finish brewing, this was my first good laugh of the day.      Cynical, yes.  But there's some truth there, sadly.
Wild Blue from Blue Tofu's album, Blue Tofu   http://tidalhifi.com/track/20008492     Thanks for introducing this artist to me, Cornan!
^ Do tell us what you don't like about it relative to other services.  I value negative reviews more than positive, but I crave details.  
Knowing that lots of high-end audio companies have gone under with products that failed frequently doesn't make Audeze look any better to me when there are so many flagship headphones suffering no failures. In other words, this may be a niche industry, but I can still have my cake and eat it, too. We really don't have to put up with component failures, charitably enabling dysfunctional designs, to enjoy superb audio.
Even as the poll is currently designed, it reveals that a whopping 61% of LCD-3 owners (with 48 votes submitted thus far) have suffered a driver failure!  I had no idea it was that bad.     An interesting stat would be the average number of failures per owner.  With some people experiencing 5 or more failures, it probably works out to something greater than 1 failure per owner, easily.   With these figures, buying a new LCD-3 is just as scary as buying a used one....
 Thanks castleofargh!
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