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 Yeah, I tried my best at shortening the leads of the caps, removing quite a bit, but I guess I could squeeze it in a little closer.  It's definitely too big to go between the legs.   I've heard about Sparkos, but their 13.75 x 15.0 mm PCBs are too large to mount in my iBasso PB2.  A typical brown dog adapter measures only 10.0 x 10.0 mm. Raising them up above the buffers doesn't help, because they would still run into the gain jumper pins (and the jumpers themselves) that...
 No.  You have to spend a lot of money to get a UPS that outputs a clean sine-wave AC, instead of a modified square-wave output and there are other noise-related issues as well.  (And besides, you don't really need uninteruptible power.) Here's my solution for affordable power conditioning (the result of a lot of reading and testing):
 I really like your space for listening - I want to be there!   Mike
 Nathan is providing some good advice, here, ngkou. There's good and bad to be found in both desktop and portable systems, but the portables, tend to be less expensive.  Batteries can be advantageous if you live in a home with noisy AC power and you lack a good power conditioning solution for your AC-powered gear, but you still need good power management circuits in the gear that uses batteries.  For the record, from what I've read, I suspect both iFi and Oppo do a very...
Well, I guess I lied.    And, as I've said before, "You know me too well!"   LOL   [[SPOILER]]
You can get a CCK (camera connection kit), available for eithet 30-pin or Lightning connectors, which effectively makes your iDevice look like the USB port of a laptop or PC, but without any 5V power - it only supplies USB data to a DAC. If you try this, the DAaC must be self-powered - it must not expect to receive 5VDC from the USB cable, not even for detecting the source or affecting a "handshake." Note that many DACs that plug into mains power (120V AC), have USB...
It sounds like you're having a lot of fun, while crossing over to production responsibilities instead of just recreational. Thanks for the update. My quest is in the doldrums lately. I'm doing more listening than tweaking and testing.
Buy it and the HA-2. Compare them. Keep the one you like and sell the other one.
First, your iPod had better have a 30-pin connector and not the newer Lightning connector.  The Pure i20 has a 30-pin connector.   1.) An LOD to analog from your iPod would use the iPod's internal DAC instead of the far superior DAC within the Sennheiser HDVD800.  No contest.   2.) Some portable players have amazingly good DACs, so it's possible you could end up preferring one of those DACs to the the DAC within the HDVD800 - for your headphones, your ears, and your...
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