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Amazing mod!  Congratulations!   I recall that the O2 runs on an AC power adapter, not DC, so I'm surprised it contains a space and connectors for two 9V batteries. Is it normally capable of portable use, also?
 I've never heard the pairing, but in general, the HD800 is happiest on low- or zero-feedback amps. That's the short version. :-)
 Apparently, it's no longer available - or not yet available:
I haven't. Do you like it better than the Sparkos?
Hi zandbak,   Thanks for the details of your suffering, so to speak.  :-)   I'm glad you returned it rather than just coping with the problems.   I think you have to make a total of 5 posts to this forum, before you'll be allowed to post photos, by clicking the toolbar button that looks like a mountain range with a setting sun (or maybe it's a rising sun.)  :-)   They don't normally ship with an AC-to-DC adapter/charger.     See my post #4, from page 1:...
 Actually, I had referenced the Texas Instruments (Burr Brown) OPA1612 duals, which are also available as OPA1611 singles - the op-amp found in the original Meier Stepdance. :-)
Hey Nigel,   Welcome to Club Sparkos!  :-)   I'm listening to some Acoustic Alchemy tracks at the moment, with my Spakos-empowered PB2 > DT880 600 rig. Yet again, starting the day with my first cup of coffee and fresh ears, I am still amazed by the Sparkos SS3602.     I know you're not a fan of crystalline detail - a la OPA1612.  I, too, have grown away from that, somewhat, but as you've hinted, the Sparkos offers resolving power without brittleness.   I'm looking...
Interesting.  :-)   Mine came from France, which now has me wondering where it's actually made and I'm amazed that yours has a 12V battery instead of 7.4V (as shown in my pictures on the previous page).  I've also had no problems with the USB or Coaxial jacks.     Would you mind posting a link to the retailer from which you placed the order?   Here's where I got mine:...
 Any news to report? Thanks!
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