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^ PM sent.  
 There are actually three problems with that photo!   If you think you know what they are, post them inside a spoiler.   
Just for laughs...From a Sam's Club advertisement: [[SPOILER]]
LOLWhen the contest actually begins, the first person to post "Metcury" wins!A camping we shall go, a camping we shall go...
I was thinking about future iPhones not fitting the glove-tight Skyn. I've had one mobile phone for six years straight, but most people upgrade more frequently.
What happens to the Skyn when you upgrade your iPhone?
 My OPPO HA-1 and LCD-2 rev.1 now do television duty, exclusively (with optical input from a Sony Bravia).    [[SPOILER]]
Oh my dog!  Thanks Smarty-pants!  I didn't know what he looked like.   I LOVE this guy's personality!   He is so ingenuously, unpretentiously "himself," if you know what I mean.     I could watch him for hours - I'll have to go hunting for more on YouTube.   Thanks!   Mike   Update - Here's a little more insight into his humility and enthusiasm (at the latter half of this video):    
 This is an excellent resource - thanks! How much more power should we add to obtain sufficient headroom?    More from this author: Mike
  Ronald Jenkees - Guitar Sound from the album Disorganized Fun
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