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Strike two! I don't have one of those either! I'm waiting for them to fix the volume control issue and for the waiting list to diminish, but from what I've read, the sound is wonderful, for sure.Mike
No. I posted that photo as a joke that it seems nobody got. And I'd only be sticking the other foot in my mouth if I try to explain the joke.Mike
 A Spotify user named "Andre Heuvelman" has a play list that I'm very much enjoying, and that's saying a lot coming from a guy who is still struggling to embrace the genre: Klassiekjes 2012 Including... Philippe Jaroussky – Vivaldi: Giustino, RV 717: Vedro con mio diletto (Anastasio) Pablo Casals – Song of the Birds Astor Piazzolla – Oblivion Mieczysław Weinberg – String Quartet No. 7 in C Major, Op. 59: II. Allegretto ... among others. Mike
And speaking of Chr.Ward London...   I'm really tempted to order this $295 beauty - it has a quartz drivetrain, but such nice coachwork!     C3 MALVERN CHRONOGRAPH MK II C3SST-MK2
Speaking of the UK, Chr.Ward London fans might be interested to know that they just today announced their first movement designed in-house, but still "Swiss Made" - the Calibre SH21.   They're introducing it in a new watch - the C9 Harrison 5 Day Automatic (this is just one of several renditions):
[[SPOILER]]  You've made some excellent points, but I clearly stated that I've restricted my use of the X5 because I have no patience for bugs. Call me a whiner (which you haven't) but it's a given that I can't judge that which I haven't tested.  I don't have to, as there are a lot of other people who have gone where I'm not willing to go and the X5 is still getting too much negative feedback for me to expose myself to those hassles. The question becomes: Will the X5 ever...
 For which headphones are you using this chain?:   Oppo HA-1 Line Out > Schiit Vali  +1 Until further notice, I prefer to mix things up, as follows: Oppo HA-1 (DAC + amp) balanced out > Audeze LCD-2 rev.1 or Oppo PM-1 FiiO X5 (PCM1792A DAC) Line Out > Oppo HA-1 balanced out > Sennheiser HD800    Resonessence Concero S/PDIF out > Beresford Bushmaster MkII Line Out > Oppo HA-1 balanced out > HD650 (and almost as good as the above chain, for HD800) For each of these chains,...
 As long as I continue to read of problems like this, I will continue to use only folder browsing for navigation on the X5.  This is really sad, but I am so easily frustrated by these truly unnecessary software bugs that I have never allowed my X5 to scan my mounted microSD cards. I've had it for five weeks and counting, but have yet to expose myself to any functions other than turning it on, selecting the folder browser, then navigating from there.  I have intentionally...
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