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Congratulations, gentlemen!
 Mine was made in China, too. At 20mW into 16-Ohms, the PCM-M10 headphone out offers exactly twice as much power as the currently popular Sony NWZ-A17 (DAP), for example (with only 10mW into 16-Ohms).  Both can play an efficient headphone "loudly."  But the amp section that has more power will offer greater bass control, dynamics, and possibly even bass extension, on a headphone or IEM that needs more power to reach its best possible performance.  Even my relatively...
 I genuinely envy your ability to enjoy good music on bad gear.   I consider myself fortunate to have learned how to "turn off" my analytical listening at will when using my very best gear.  With lower quality gear, the harder it is for me to shut down that side of my brain and simply enjoy the music.  Car radios?  Elevators?  I can't enjoy it.  Perhaps I need a hemispherectomy.
Oh, I'm sorry. My question was rhetorical - I was only trying to emphasize that the specification of how much power is necessary to achieve 90dB SPL isn't all that valuable when using headphones that improve with more power at any desired listening level.     I would pay more attention to that spec if selecting an IEM or headphone for portable use with an underpowered DAP, like the Sony NWZ-A17, which offers only 10mW peak per channel into 16-Ohms (or roughly 7.2 mW rms...
^ And profitable!
It's a measure of the the headphone's sensitivity and it's useful only in the context of comparing this headphone's spec to a similar spec for another headphone. The more voltage required to reach a "loudness" of 90 decibels, the less efficient the headphone.In my opinion, this specification tells us nothing about how much power is needed to maximize the performance of a given headphone. In other words, forget about this spec. I can plug my relatively inefficient...
"90d BSPL" is a typo. It should read: "90dB SPL"SPL means Sound Pressure Level (as measured at your ears, in this context).
Here you go...As measured with a cloth tape measure: 50cm (19-3/4 inches)Mike
 Plus the Master 9 comes with zero feedback (which the HD800 loves...) 
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