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^ Very interesting!  
 For that one track, at least, it would seem that Tidal is not up-sampling MP3 files.  But I can tell by monitoring my network counters that I'm streaming much larger files than MP3. I have no problem believing that when in HiFi mode, Tidal is streaming genuine 44/16 FLAC files, as advertised. Mike
I'm not going to worry about who's selling the service, how much money they're making, and whether or not they "deserve" to make any money.     I'm only interested in one thing:  What do I get for my $19.99 a month?   And right now, I'm getting a lot of pleasure for my money. It's ridiculously appealing compared to the enormously time-consuming ritual of buying and properly ripping CDs, only to stack them in my closet, then doing all of the file management, making...
 Chris Connaker (founder of ComputerAudiophile), has replied to my post, explaining that Tidal is now using the CDNs (Content Distribution Networks) of both Amazon and Akamai:  Mike
Quoting a ComputerAudiophile post from the "Official TIDAL HIFI Streaming Issues Thread":  Wow!  The guy making this statement is the developer of the software BubbleUPnP Server, but I can't find any corroborating evidence online... I just posted this: Mike
That's great to hear. It's inexplicable from my perspective, but I'm happy for you and those who are experiencing similar reliability.
 Living near Dallas, I'm discouraged to see that you're located in Houston, not enjoying good service, yet receiving Tidal's music stream from their apparently new servers in Israel instead of Copenhagen. I say that because I've  been enjoying dropout-free listening lately, at all times of day (crossing my fingers for more of the same), but on reading your post, I ran the netstat -b and tracert commands again today, for the first time since mid-February, and discovered...
Hi Jan,   Thanks for all of the information you're sharing about your current project!   Regarding distortion in amps, there seems to be three schools of thought out there regarding the use of global and local negative feedback.     One says the benefits of using negative feedback are measurable and therefore valid. Most amp designers seem to fall into this category.   Another school of thought says that zero-feedback designs have measurably greater distortion, but...
^ Using your laptop screen as an expedient soft box is brilliant!  I really like this series of shots, GREQ.  
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