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I hear you.  Somebody will start a "speculation" thread and then an impressions thread once it starts shipping.  Until then...
See:   Then search for this string:  Oppo Sonica DAC
I haven't heard the Vorzuge Pure ii.  
 I, too, struggled with, but finally succumbed to that same curiosity itch, but no regrets this time.    If anything, I feel as if I shouldn't have bought the Burson V5, but I have so much affection for them, even though they are gathering dust at the moment, and if I had purchased the Sparkos first, I'd still be dying to know what the V5 sounds like. There's no escape!   That's what drives this industry more than anything else - having to buy the book before we can read...
 Great advice!   These "expensive" discrete op-amps are very affordable upgrades when you consider what they can do for "mid-fi" quality amps - as with the iBasso PB2, for example.   I would nevertheless caution people to tackle the weakest link in the chain, first - and that usually involves spending a lot more money than you would on a pair of these "expensive" op-amps - which are best appreciated when nothing else is in the way, so to speak. They would not be able to...
 Exactly!  LOL
Amazing mod!  Congratulations!   I recall that the O2 runs on an AC power adapter, not DC, so I'm surprised it contains a space and connectors for two 9V batteries. Is it normally capable of portable use, also?
 I've never heard the pairing, but in general, the HD800 is happiest on low- or zero-feedback amps. That's the short version. :-)
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