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Dude! I love that! Those cats can dance, the music's great and the video is perfect for this thread! Haha! Thanks!
I've been there, too!  
 85 dB is about as loud as I like to listen, and many headphones have sensitivity specs in excess of 85 dB with only 1 mW. The OPPO PM-2 specifications, for example, state: Sensitivity 102 dB in 1 mW  The dimunitive Sansa Clip+ has been measured to produce an output of only 7.5 mW into 32-Ohms, which is 7.5 times more power than that needed to achieve 102 dB with the PM-2, but try to find someone who will argue that the PM-2 doesn't sound better with more power than...
 I just pulled it up on Tidal.  Thanks!
 There's been a lot of love flowing at the Gustard thread - I suspect justifiably so for the H10 amp, for which there are some people I greatly respect touting its abilities, so in a way, it's refreshing to hear your counterpoint on the U12.
Per the AK120 instruction manual, it only offers Optical Out or Headphone Out,Per the PHA-2 instruction manual, it does not offer Optical Input, so... You would have to "double-amp" the signal by feeding the AK120's already amplified Headphone Out to the Sony PHA-2's Audio In jack:That's not going to accomplish anything worthwhile, first because you're double-amping, but also because the AK120 amp is no doubt much stronger than the very weak Sony PHA-2 amp.Seriously, in...
^ "U12" as in the Gustard U12?
^ Hey beyerdude!   I went cheap and didn't order the USB-equipped Metrum Octave MkII - so I would have to use an external USB-to-SPDIF converter, but about a year ago, when I first started using the FiiO X5 as my transport, I realized how much I enjoy not having a laptop in my lap - they are so awkward for use when stretched out in a recliner.  (Lazy me!)   And then there's the distraction of finding other stuff to do on the laptop instead of just relaxing and getting...
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