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Lots of shared wisdom, here, purrin! Thank you!Somehow, I'm drawn to two options and thus, a question for you, please:Independent of price (a difficult consideration), with tube rolling allowed, of course, which amp would you prefer for the HD800 - the Valhalla 2 (with or without Anax) -or- the DNA Sonnett 2 (with or without Anax) ?
Thanks for that advice. Others have recommended the mod in response to my similar posts, so I finally ordered the materials a couple of days ago...
I dunno.    If we step back a bit to see the big picture presented by the InnerFidelity FR measurements, there doesn't appear to be any significant audible difference in bass between any two combinations of PM-x and the four pads. The spreads below 30 Hz can be ignored.   Most of the deviation is happening in the low treble.
 Hey Nigel!     I hear you regarding the HA-1 > PM-1 - that pairing grew on me, too!   Have you tried the PM-1 with a Sansa Clip+?   (I'm not kidding!)  Forget about listening for shortcomings and just enjoy the fun factor - it's a very relaxed ride that invokes a lot of emotion - and it's thoroughly forgiving.  Play your worst recordings - it's amazingly detailed but smooth in the highs, with increasing slowness as you go down in frequencies, until it's getting pretty...
I'm in. Change is a good thing.
 When I search this thread for "Anax 2.0" the post I've quoted is the only post that's found.    Where might I find instructions for "Anax 2.0" ? Thanks! Mike
I've heard about them for years, but don't know anyone who has tried them. They are not ICs, but rather discrete components that, together, emulate an IC-based op-amp. (Actually, the ICs emulate the discrete components!) Mike
... Only as measured by Innerfidelity when comparing the PM-1 with leather pads to the PM-2 with leather pads.Not so when comparing them using any of the other three types of pads. (See the original InnerFidelity charts.) I wouldn't want everyone thinking the PM-2 has more bass and more treble than the PM-1, no matter which pads you use. The superimposed curves, in the graphic I posted above, are only for Leather pads.Note, too that the (Leather Pad) difference in the...
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