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 That's perfectly OK. You could still try both COAX and OPTI connections, to see which sounds the best to your ears, but I wouldn't fault you for trying only one or the other. Despite my warnings of potential problems of impedance mismatch with Coaxial connectors and cables, I use this $7.99 Toslink cable between my Sony Bravia HDTV and the Oppo HA-1 (for after-hours television viewing with the Audeze LCD-2 rev.1)  Optical cables should be kept short as well, and there are...
   My unproven hunch is based on two assumptions:  The DAC performance is potentially similar -and- it's a lot safer, in terms of audible sound quality, to use good analog cables (balanced, no less) between two components than it is to gamble with all the variables that can degrade signal integrity when transmitting S/PDIF through a Coaxial or Toslink cable. Your chances for avoiding jitter and signal integrity problems are better, if you get the conversion done inside the...
 And only puts out 15mw per channel instead of 10mw per channel.   In the context of driving all but the most efficient headphones and IEMs, that's like trying to live on 150 calories a day instead of 100.
 Hi, It's really more of an Oppo 105 question. As long as the BDP-105 can read the CD or DVD (and permits some means of navigating the files), your idea of using Optical or Coaxial output to the HA-1 should work just fine. I'm just guessing, but I suspect that using only the HA-1's amp section, feeding it with 3-pin balanced XLR cables (analog) from the BDP-105, might actually sound better - using the BDP-105's own ESS SABRE32 DAC - instead of piping an S/PDIF signal over...
 Or the Nuforce HA-200 - it's really great with the HD800 - a true single-ended, low-feedback, Class A amp - and affordable. 
We all are!  :-)
 No problem.  I was just heading off possible assumptions from other readers - assumptions that I had made at one time.
 LOL No, I'm just trying to slow you down - to encourage moving at a snail's pace - to do more homework before spending.  You've done very well, so far, in that regard, actually.  Keep it up!  :-)
 I'll look into that.  I could Blu-tack them to keep them from rattling around inside the case.  :-) By the way, I have a pair of JRC Muses 02 (purchased from Mouser.com for $150.00 plus shipping - to minimize the chance of getting couterfeits), but I really don't like them.  They are among the worst audio purchases I've ever made in terms of very little bang for the buck.  And I can't even find a buyer at $75 for the pair.  I gave up and closed my classified.  I'd rather...
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