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^ Using your laptop screen as an expedient soft box is brilliant!  I really like this series of shots, GREQ.  
 DACport LX vs. HA-2 is an awkward comparison - like comparing the drive train of one car to the complete chassis and body of another.  Even without considering costs, you get so much more with the HA-2 (ability to work with sources other than USB ports that must also provide power, a built-in amplifier, etc.)
 Thanks for that info - you're well equipped!   Have you tried any other devices for Tidal (an iPhone using the same WiFi network, for example)? Mike
  I hear you Stuart.  It's heartening to realize that Tidal actually has some completely content customers.   If Verizon (my ISP) is a culprit here, their selective "throttling" of a 1.4 Mbps (a drop in the bucket) streaming service (that's all but completely unknown to the majority of Verizon's customers) is perfectly timed with the sleep habits of Western Europe and North America, while allowing many other streaming services to operate at much higher rates, 24/7.   No...
[[SPOILER]]  Having had The Battery DAC for a week, now, I'm going to keep this really short - OK, not so short - and say that for my tastes, for use with high-feedback amps, like the OPPO HA-1, my DACmini CX amp section, my Meier Audio Stepdance and iBasso PB2 portable amps - when used with the HD800, I prefer this little TDA1453 DAC to the PCM1792A (oversampling) DAC that's in my FiiO X5 (which is saying a lot, because it's my favorite oversampling DAC), and I much...
^ Try again at 0600 to 0800 UTC on a weekday.      It's awesome when nearly everyone in North America has gone to bed and Western Europe is just getting up or commuting to work.  
 Well said.  This can't be overemphasized. A 0.245V rms Line Out is ridiculously weak.
Yes! The HA-1 > PM-1 is perhaps the best combo I've had for doing a great job across all genres.When my goal is to make an emotional connection to the music, to just enjoy listening, without getting "ambushed" by any annoying traits, I go for this pairing. There simply are no annoying traits, nothing to disturb even an analytically inclined listener. I don't have to "work" at getting into the music. It just happens.Mike
While using the ESS9918 DAC and amp of the OPPO HA-2, before getting the Metrum Octave MkII and, later, the Metrum Aurix, I tried the Anax mod, as documented in Tyll Hertsens video, then tried several other incarnations, and for the same reasons stated by prepoman, I went with a "less is more" mod, following Currawong's lead, to end up with nothing more than a thin layer of self-adhesive felt covering only the flat, metal ring surrounding the driver. This brings down the...
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