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As my first girlfriend once asked me, rhetorically:  "Can't some things remain a mystery?"     It's in a little community called Navarre Beach, Florida - on a barrier island near Pensacola.          Photos from   Mike
Only five votes?  Where are those community organizers when we need them?    
Well... since you've expressed an interest in Citizen, I'll plug all of their designs that have the H800...
I want what they're having!  
Getting closer to pulling the trigger... I just sent this query to Sony's support center:  The PCM-D100's amp section is really just for field-checking a recording with IEMs or very efficient headphones. It's rated at 25mW rms per channel into 16-Ohms.  Even the Sansa Clip+ has been measured at 15mW into 16-Ohms. So... if I'm going to be using an external portable amp, the question is:  To preserve DSD playback quality, will both the PCM-D100's line out (analog) to an...
 What do you use a transport with the uDAC-3? I'm thinking you're probably using a laptop, as I sometimes do - with DACport LX and iBasso PB2.    If you're willing to carry a big "travel rig" the laptop is an ideal escape from dorky DAPs.
I need to backup a few posts - I must have missed something. How does a "recall" fit into the discussion?
 Yay!   I'm thrilled that someone who can actually articulate what he hears has ordered the HE-560!   
 No offense taken.    But consider the bias that can lead to defending a purchase.  A reviewer who has neither spent any of his own money nor been gifted with a product, is perhaps the least biased.  
Read the text of that article, in addition to looking at the FR charts. He says the PM-1 treble sits between the LCD-XC and the HE-6.
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