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 You are very gracious to react this way to my having edited your photo.   It's all so subjective - one man's interpretation is not necessarily the "best," of course. I have an (old) copy of Photoshop Elements 4.0.     
1.2A at 12V would be OK only if the Regen is being used with a DAC that does not pull power from the Regen.If you have a USB-powered DAC or DAC/amp, the Regen must be supplied with no more than 9V (to prevent it from overheating).Mike
 Thanks for those kind words, John - I hope I can continue to live up to them.    Hi doctorjazz, The USB Regen will only pull data from your Mac or PC's USB port - or from an Apple device that has a CCK (camera connection kit).   The USB Regen will ignore any power that arrives at its input via the USB cable from your source.  It gets its power not from its USB input, but rather from a separate, 2.5mm coaxial barrel connector, requiring a minimum supply voltage of 6V, up...
It's way past time for bed, but here are my first impressions of the USB Regen (with a Supra USB cable - as recommended by John Swenson):   http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f6-dac-digital-analog-conversion/uptone-audio-regen-listening-impressions-24078/index35.html#post444567   Joy!   Mike
^  There you go!  
 Yes, Alex says an email is sent out with a tracking number on the afternoon of the day it ships.
135 USB Regens are shipping out this week.   Update:  100 shipped this week, according to a later post made by Superdad.  See the post by elviscaprice, below...   Joy!     Mike
Erlend Oye's Prego Amore, from the album Unrest   http://tidalhifi.com/track/1396324       (Another Cornan find!)
I know!  It's cool, huh?
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