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 I've never tried it, myself, but several guys in the Gustard H10 amp thread have used the Burson V5s as buffers.
Looking forward to it. :-)
 I agree and attribute that lack of brittle edginess to it being a single-ended design (and the inherent low use of negative feedback.)   He also discusses some of the benefits of Class A in that article.  Mike
Hey, you're welcome.  I'm glad you've come along and decided to take the plunge.  I'm really looking forward to what you have to say about it.  Please let us know what else is in the chain where it will be used.   :-)   Mike
 Dunno.  I would write them and ask.  Here's the contact page:  http://metrum-acoustics.com/ContactEN.html
 Except perhaps the possibility that this might be achieved at more than one gain setting?  In which case a lesser gain setting might be preferable for reducing the noise floor?
@Lohb   And, by the way, you should write iBasso and ask them if they have any spare part cases for the PB2 lying about.  For real.  They sent me a top and bottom - no end plates, for only $20.00 U.S., shipping included.  That was about eighteen months ago, so I don't know what they still have in the way of inventory, but it's worth asking, and that way, you can try anodizing without risking the original parts.  
 Hey, good job on getting rid of the 4th pin.  Replacing the tape is a nuisance, for sure. In Europe, there are several people who really like this product for accomplishing the same thing - the SBooster VBus2 Isolator: https://www.sbooster.com/sbooster-tweaks/sbooster-vbus-isolator?language=en Unfortunately, they refuse to sell directly to wanna-be customers in the States, but you can ask them for the contact info of a "dealer" here in the States who will do business with...
New Posts  All Forums: