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^ I've never heard the Mojo, but the consensus seems to be that the sound difference isn't anywhere near as great as the price difference (ignoring the HA-2's size and feature advantages.)   That said, a properly designed pair of shoelaces costs a lot more than two pieces of cotton twine.  They function pretty much the same, but who would go for the twine instead of a new pair of shoelaces?  Answer: Someone who can't afford the shoelaces.    Among others, that would be...
I've not yet heard the HA-2 SE, but I've long preferred the DAC section of the HA-2 to any other DAC I own, including the HA-1, Metrum Acoustics Octave  MkII, CEntrance DACmini CX, DACport LX and the FiiO X5's DAC (sold, but that thing has a great DAC, too - far outshining its amp).   I can imagine people rolling their eyes every time I say the HA-2's DAC is so much better than my low-fi and mid-fi desktop DACs, but I think it's the price factor that sways opinions....
 Don't miss the 1st footnote on the page you linked:  FLAC is not supported. As you concluded, above, in my experience, ALL of the outboard storage products out there that are made for iDevices, can only play files using an included proprietary player.  I suspect, but you would have to test it, that the proprietary player would send S/PDIF to the HA-2's USB A port, no problem. But how polished is the UI of that player?  I'd bet it's a buggy piece of junk. Again, you'll...
I really the power bank feature, as it lets me charge my iDevice as I'm playing - or not. 
   But it doesn't have a headphone jack... @Subhakar  ... So how can the Sonica DAC possibly be a complete reworking of the HA-1 headphone amplifier?  
 Thanks for these links!   That second link contains a curious sentence: "Oppo yesterday introduced the new Sonica DAC, a complete reworking of the HA-1 headphone amplifier"   Where's the headphone jack?  It's a DAC, it's not a "complete reworking of the HA-1."
I can't tell for sure, but in addition to the forthcoming Sonica DAC, Oppo's UDP-203 Blu-Ray player might have the new ESS9038PRO:  
 Thanks for this info.  A few people noticed your post. See the tail end of this video:  
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