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 Oh man!  You're so right!  But you have to be a super-geek to know about femtobots!    Feel the praise! 
Perhaps the most unheralded strength of both the CX and the PX is that they have really incredible power conditioners built right into them.     If you have less than perfectly clean AC power, it's no problem with the DACmini CX or PX or even with the DACport and DACport LX. CEntrance put a lot of attention into literally re-manufacturing the power coming into these units. The first hint of this is that the CX and PX can be powered by your choice of any voltage ranging...
 I'd really like to get feedback from anyone else who owns both the HA-2 and the HD800. Please have a listen and consider your own impressions before reading my thoughts.   [[SPOILER]]  Mike
[[SPOILER]]   :-) Mike
Indeed!   :-)     Dinner is served!  
 I love this album, too!  I have the CD - purchased before Tidal.  Her live version of Take Me To The River is stunning (among other great tracks on that album.)  Hey Cuiter23 - I'm bummed I can't find that album on Tidal, but thanks for the pic!  How well mastered is it? Mike
 Thanks for the reply!  Yes, surprisingly, I prefer the HD800 with the HA-2 set to low gain.  Mike
 Hi Micael! You are batting 1000!  Surely we were separated at birth!   I didn't want to reply until I'd had a chance to leisurely listen to your recommendations and having finally done so, this morning, I'm just bowled over by how much I like them.   Alt-J has been one of my absolute favorites for awhile, now, but I'd never heard of Elsiane or Rhye.  Once again, you've turned me onto music that not only rings my bell, but these are great recordings, too.   I find Esiane...
 I'm very attracted to the Balpro, not to mention the Sony A7r and Schneider Digitars, but I don't want the extension it would force, even when fully compressed. I'm more interested in tilt and shift for landscape and architecture than for closer subjects, and in truth, really only want tilt for the sake of faster shutter speeds and less diffraction had with wider apertures.   I really envy the control you must enjoy shooting primarily tabletop subjects. It's an area I've...
   Hey guys, Have either of you tried your HA-2 with the HD800?  If so, which do you prefer, Low Gain or High Gain?   I'm interested in your opinions, before I pollute your thinking with mine.   Anyone else? Thanks! Mike
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