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Erlend Oye's Prego Amore, from the album Unrest   http://tidalhifi.com/track/1396324       (Another Cornan find!)
I know!  It's cool, huh?
I couldn't resist....  
Can you provide links, please?Thanks!
 In addition to not reimbursing shipping costs, which could arguably be going above and beyond, it has hit me that the failure of Audeze to contact customers who are affecting their returns through dealers, does not engender customer loyalty to the brand.  That's another aspect of these driver failures where some people are no doubt justified in feeling cold-shouldered by Audeze.  A simple email exchange would go along way toward showing that Audeze cares about the end...
His subjective preference for the A17 DAC over the HA-2 DAC, when used with his recordings, his headphones and his ears, is perfectly valid - it needs neither justification nor consensus of opinion. :-)
I suspect, just guessing, that we're not reading about Audeze interviewing or surveying the customers who have had driver failures because they already know precisely why the drivers are failing. Their warranty already gives them an "out" should they find evidence of abuse, but I've not read of anyone being challenged on that condition, either.  The driver failures are being "processed" without resistance by Audeze.     This leads me to conjecture that Audeze has already...
Why not?
To charge your Samsung?
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