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The Audeze LCD-2 (revision 1) is a planar magnetic headphone:Sony PCM-M10 > iBasso PB2 > Audeze LCD-2 rev.1
 Thanks for this post - I almost placed an order impulsively.   But I'm reading a lot of reviews on a lot of tube dacs, before taking the plunge...  Uggh! Mike
Thanks again, Pudu!
^ Mysteries abound!   
Hey guys,   I started reading this thread this morning, but made the mistake of fast-forwarding to the end, only to discover there's a whole lot of modding going on.    (To good effect, apparently!)   Can someone please take a stab at itemizing the most popular mods and stating what each of them does in terms of audible improvements over the stock Havana?   I was just about to order one but now, I really want to know what I'll be missing if I don't mod it.   For...
I like your thinking - and thanks for the quick test!   I've been thinking about the MHDT Havana as a desktop DAC > HA-1 amp > HD800, but I was hoping to kill too birds with one stone. The PCM1792A DAC in the FiiO X5 probably sounds similar to the V800's PCM1792 (disregarding implementation differences).     Your tastes for treble run opposite mine, so I really appreciate your having defined that for me, but all the more reason I'm bewildered that you don't find your...
Not really, as long as the recordings have lots of treble content.  I'm trying to bring down the treble of my HD800 without losing detail / resolution.     My current "best" desktop solution for the HD800 is this chain:   FiiO X5 Line Out (from its PCM1792A DAC) > OPPO HA-1 amp balanced out > HD800     My current "best" portable solution for the HD800 is this chain:   FiiO X5 Line Out (from its PCM1792A DAC) > iBasso PB2 w LME49990 x4 + dummy buffers, balanced...
Yes, thank you! That's very generous.If you coul tell me how it fails relative to your best HD800 setup, I'd really have the info I need.Mike
Thanks for the bump, Soundsgoodtome.  I agree with your comments!     The Bushmaster MkII is a relatively unknown 'giant killer' that nevertheless has a strong cult following.   I actually received payment from a buyer about an hour and fifteen minutes ago, so I'm closing this Classified, now.  
Heads up!   Amazon is currently offering their lowest price ever on this watch:   Citizen Grand Touring Automatic Leather Black Dial Men's Watch NB0075-11F      More great pictures are available here:
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