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 Thanks for that link.   I would never have thought to try this:  I'll have to try it with my speaker amp... Mike
 For my tastes, if we're talking about the DAC section, having never heard the Concero HD, I would very much agree with your having written this about the Concero, instead of the Concero HD. There are warmer DACs out there that work better with the HD800 when using a neutral amp. The Concero sounds better with something like the LCD-2 and a neutral amp (or with the HD800 and a warm amp). Mike
 Yeah, that works for me!  Eye candy!  I love the curved reflections on the mug and the overall monotone with blue accents.  Excellent!
Those tube guards are works of art in themselves. Somebody was "one with the universe" when he or she designed that thing. 
I can't resist editing it:
  The iBasso PB2 Pelican (balanced out, equipped with LME49990 and dummy buffers) lends a little assistance to the X5's PCM1792A DAC in taming the HD800 brightness, with very little, if any, smoothing of treble detail (relative to the Stepdance).  For which headphones?  For the Shure SRH 1840?  (I'm not familiar with it, unfortunately.)  First, the amp has to have a big reputation as being transparent or you'll be taking a step backwards from what the X5 Line Out is...
I haven't tried it myself, but the user interface of the AK240 has earned a reputation as being the most bug-free of several DAPs. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive. But since you are not really interested in the DAC or the Amp sections of a DAP, it's the user interface that should be of most concern to you.  A lot of DAPs can do Coaxial Out or Optical Out pretty well, but their user interfaces are bad.
 Oh! This is way off-topic, but... My avatar is the 6G5 "Magic Eye" tuning tube in my 1937 Silvertone 4569 Superheterodyne Radio (with 3 AM and shortwave bands):     As you adjust the tuning knob, the stronger the signal, the more bright green phosphorous you will see fluorescing in the "Magic Eye."  The two bright-green areas move toward 6 o'clock, in unison, as the signal gets stronger.  Not visible in the photo, the mono speaker does not have a stationary permanent...
 I'd never heard of them. I tried searching their lyrics, but couldn't make a connection to my quotes.  
Your posts are wonderfully dense with information!  Thanks!  
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