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Here's hoping somebody with an HD800 reviews this no-feedback amp while it's still available at promo pricing...
Speaking of bass and a song that gets me going, this has been getting some attention in other threads lately:
Quoting HiFiHeaven's page for the Aurix:  I guess that's why no feedback is a good thing... That amp could be the ticket as an HD800 solution, but I'll wait for a consensus opinion...   (Could be a long wait...) Quoting page 5 of the 6Moons review (which is one of Srajan Ebaen's least obtuse writings):  Mike
Thanks for that, kothganesh.
Thanks for that, prepoman,   Ultimately, it sounds as if we have to ask the manufacturer and trust them. Which is fine by me.   I don't want to trouble Cees with "academic" questions...     Can you explain what the advantage(s) of no feedback would be?
Only for the HD800, I would love to have some hardware tone controls.
Hey everyone,   First, let me share this:  Via email, Cees Ruijtenberg has advised me to leave my just-purchased Octave MkII turned on (with no need to play music through it) for a period of two weeks.   He has also suggested that I find a headphone amp that has "low or no feedback."    Question to anyone:  Other than asking the manufacturers, how can I tell if an amp has "low or no feedback?"   Thanks!   Mike
 It's always fun to see someone really enjoying their gear! Serious question, though:  What will be missing, if I purchase only one HA-200, instead of using two as monoblocks?  My admittedly non-existent experience with such configurations leaves me thinking that the only sonic benefits would be those that come with having twice the power and truly balanced operation, instead of a common ground going to each transducer. Despite my limited experience (with only two amps...
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