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 Good point - I've updated my earlier reference.  Thanks!
 Have you received it yet? Thanks, Mike
Those are surreal!
I'll take whatever impressions you can share!  Thanks!
 No, it doesn't.   There's a power LED, an LED to indicate whether or not the HA-2 is charging an attached source device, and four LEDs to indicate its battery status.
 I've tried the Buttkicker with headphones, but found it to be too narrow in bandwidth - a lot better than tapping my chair with a rubber mallet, and quite powerful, but the vibrations just don't integrate well with the music heard in my headphones - and, it's localized to where my body touches the chair. In short, the Buttkicker is not a realistic experience and I can imagine that this product, being full torso length, would be better, but there would still be nothing...
Haha!  That was just a hint! 
 Do they make that in a jump suit?   I want that action from wrists to ankles.  
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