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 I'm happy for you!  Really!  My neighbor's Lexus is much nicer than my Toyota.  I'm happy for him, too!   
^ It's not my photograph, but yeah, hopefully, people would notice the stacked sockets when they view the enlarged image.  Then again, I know someone who bought the SS3602 and complained that it was too tall for his application. He was surprised when I then suggested that he just remove the extra DIP8 socket. That did the trick.  So...  I guess we can't assume people will figure out that those sockets can be removed, even when they've got the op-amps in their hands. It's...
 Thanks for that photo.  It's the first I've seen, but there doesn't seem to be much to look at.    There doesn't seem to be enough height for DIP8 sockets, so we probably won't be rolling opamps, as with the PB2.  Some soldering would be required.
Here's a nice size comparison:  
Has anybody found any photos showing the interior of the PB3?     I've searched long and hard, but can't find anything.
 This makes it a lot easier to compare the sizes.  Thanks! I found the original, tweaked the perspective and annotated it: 
 In this price range (not cheap and not expensive) I think it's going to take awhile for reviews to accumulate but I, too, would like to hear more feedback from owners, especially in comparison to whatever they were using previously.   Other manufacturer's ESS ES9038Pro implementations are priced far higher than the Oppo Sonica DAC.  We all know that a DAC's sound is affected by much more than the chip for which it was designed, but the fact remains, the first company to...
Unrelated to the Sonica DAC, there are a few people at who say they've lowered the noise floor when streaming from WiFi sources by conditioning the power supplied to their routers.  Just when you thought you'd heard everything, someone finds another way to make improvements.
 For anyone wanting to read the instructions (Mac vs. PC) before downloading this or other files, go here, first:
 That is good news.   Is it too early for you to compare the sound of the Sonica DAC to other DACs you've owned?   And do tell us which amp and headphones you are using. Thanks, Mike
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