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It's always nice to see someone having a good time, appreciating their gear!   Enjoy!   :-)
^ Yeah!  That's even better!  Just my opinion, but I like this!
 Yes - a co-worker ordered one of those through Amazon and arranged to return it within minutes of opening the box - because the "second marks" weren't even spaced correctly on the dial.  The marks would come into alignment with the second hand for only about 1/3 of the dial.  Yuck!  But it's a beautiful watch!  Enjoy it!   I'm somewhat like you, in terms of self-discipline (only barely), in that I've managed to stop "collecting" watches - with five that are working fine,...
I hate to chime in on bad news, but my volume know has no "play" in it, either.     The good news is that CEntrance surely has among the best customer service out there.
Just looking at the photos above, we can see only two traces leaving each of the three-conductor TRS jacks at the rear. There has to be a common ground - the case itself, via the springs, but I'm too lazy at the moment to get mine out and test it with a multimeter.
I've never used that switchbox, but if you can find one, I love my FiiO HS2 4-way switchbox, no longer produced. sales:
^  I'm happy for you!  Try the Line Out to a good portable headphone amp and you'll go to a whole new level of satisfaction.
Having had the Teradak 9V/5V PSU for several months now, I recently bought the Teralink X2 and I'm very surprised at how well it performs as a USB-to-Coaxial S/PDIF converter.   I just made this post to the Resonessence Concero thread:   Mike
 The TeraLink X2 arrived two days ago - much sooner than expected.  After about 10 hours of A/B testing into both my OPPO HA-1 Coaxial input and my Beresford Bushmaster MkII Coaxial input - with these DACs feeding the HA-1 amp section's analog inputs and going balanced out to my HD800, I've concluded that the $75 TeraLink X2 sounds every bit as good as the $599 Resonessence Concero as a USB-to-S/PDIF converter. If anything, the TeraLink X2 actually has a smidgen more...
^ Yuck!   ^ Nice!  
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