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I don't have a clue about other FW versions, but I do find the bass to be excessive in the 2.0 X5 Line Out (bypassing the amp), and THAT is exactly what I want for taming the brightness of my HD800.     The X5's PCM1792A Line Out (FW 2.0) is wonderful with a neutral amp (OPPO HA-1) feeding the HD800.     And the X5 Coaxial Out is wonderful with the OPPO HA-1's ESS9018 DAC + Amp feeding the LCD-2.   Mike
I am so content with the sound of my X5 Line Out that any hint of sound quality changing with FW upgrades leaves me wanting to stick with 2.0.   Why would FiiO make changes to the sound quality via FW, when nearly everyone is so happy with the sound?   (There's plenty of work to be done in the UI without making changes to the sound.)   Mike
Moving on, I've sold my Concero and I'm selling my Bushmaster MkII, if anyone's interested:
 That picture of a heat sink sitting on my PB2 case was a joke.    When the temps get way higher than other op-amps, I yank them, whether I can hear oscillation or not.   I do use the Raytek MT6 laser thermometer in the picture above, however, as recommended by qusp when my 4x AD797s were getting really hot used as buffers with LME49990 in my PB2 - back when I was heavily into (obsessed with) rolling op-amps in 2012.     Wow, I admire his craftsmanship, but it seems like a...
Going only my experience with this survey, making my selections with great deliberation in an attempt to be as honest as possible, the results were completely bogus, describing a person that is nothing like me.     I'm either schizophrenic or somebody is going to be making decisions based on fallacious interpretations of our selections.   But it was a fun...   Nurse?  Is it time for my medication?
 LOL - That's so true and I'm all for it.  At least I use a thermometer to make sure nothing is overheating...     And when they do overheat, I just close the case and attach a heat sink! Tada!  Mike
 I attribute the "myth" that the PM-1 and PM-2 don't scale well to their efficiency.   If we were talking about really inefficient headphones, the results heard by nearly everyone when using typical headphone amps could be improved by using less typical, more powerful headphone amps. But if the headphone is so efficient that the majority of headphone amps already provide plenty of power, going to even more power misleads everyone into believing that this efficient...
 They are indeed easy to drive. Mike
Sansa Clip+   >  PM-1 (equipped with PM-2 pads, which makes it sonically a PM-2)     The PM-2 sounds much better, of course, with more power, but no headphone I have makes the Clip+ sound better than it does with the PM-2.  It's truly remarkable.
Mine are usually in the denim case when not on my head.
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