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The WA8 Eclipse is a compact tube amp/DAC that out-performances its successor WA6 (desktop tube amp) in many ways. Now you have the choice to move the amp anywhere you like. You can leave the battery charger plugged in when in use. The charger has an effective protection circuit to prevent the battery overcharged.   Regarding to the DAC, the master volume control in the OS would be effective. Make sure the master volume is on 100%.   During 3 years of testing with a...
We don't sell to Computer Lounge in New Zealand. The originality of the amp is unknown and you definitely should reach out to us. Please take this topic offline so you will get a full attention.
:Badas - Do you have two WA22 and one WA2 in your possession? PM, email or call in so we will get to know it. 
The WA8 is dead silence. You can use the headphone out as a pre-amp out. Essentially, you doubled the duty as a tube preamp. All you need to do is a 1/4" (or 1/8") to RCA adapter cable.
Regarding noisy power tubes on the WA22, it is quite contrary to what we found. In fact, most noise issues we have encountered would come from 6SN7. Many tubes sold on eBay are not properly tested. They were mostly tested on a generic tube tester which couldn't tell if the tube is noise or not. Of course, you could find good tubes with a low price, but there is a bit of luck involved. We tested all our tubes on the actual amp so you can expect they will work well.  To add...
We never design the WA8 to be used walking around with, but it is up to you how to use it. The design philosophy is a desktop-class performance tube amp/DAC that fits in a palm.   You can move it around and set it up quickly, for sure. Think of it that you can now fit a full-sized tube amp in a backpack or a suitcase.Or maybe you have a space of a nightstand for audio then this would be an ideal setup. Or like me, a family man, I could easily set it up anywhere at home...
 The price is reflecting on the current USD to AUD exchange rate plus shipping and custom-duties and fees. The price equates to the US retail price. We are currently offering 10% pre-order special so please ask your local dealer for the same offer.
This Thursday, March 17, 2016, the new WA8 Eclipse will make its debut at Stereo Exchange New York and AudioVision San Francisco. We will also be at SoCal CanJam over the weekend. Hope to see you there!
It is up on the site now. You can also let Windows search and download the correct driver. Windows library links to the appropriate XMOS xCORE driver.  
Absolutely. We will bring a range of products, including the brand new WA8 Eclipse, to these events. We will exhibit at several other events throughout the year so subscribe to our social media to get the latest news.
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