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To clarify, the above is not a prototype. The revision has been completed which to replace the old version. We have started to build the new version. I will bring the latest WA8 prototype (battery powered tube DAC/amp). We have been working on a long list of enhancements and tweaks getting closer to production.
We are all packed up and ready for party!   Here are a list of gears we are taking to the meet.   WES Black with premium parts upgrade WA22 Black WDS-1 Black and Silver WA7d + WA7tp WA7 + WA7tp WA8, battery powered tube amp/DAC (prototype v3)   Stax SR-009 Mr.Speakers ETHER Beyer T1 Sennheiser HD700 Noble IEMs   See you all soon, Jack
Hello Stax-i-nox,   Thank you so much for sharing your impression here with the community. It is truly a pleasure to know the WA5 is still working on its top game.   For the records, Stax-i-nox took ownership of his WA5 since June 2007. He lent us his beloved AKG K1000 headphones so we could refine the K1K output for his headphones. The K1K output is now known to drive Hifiman HE5/6 and Abyss AB-1266 headphones at potential. Thanks again for your...
We'd love to join.
We are excited to this incredible offer. Hope you will find something you like!
Woo Audio would love to attend.   Jack
Woo Audio is interested in attending. 
Acer Iconia W700P, win8 pro.
interests check....anyone likes to hear the Abyss AB-1266 + WA5? I'd be glad to take them with me.   Jack
You are correct.
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