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Woo Audio would love to attend.   Jack
Woo Audio is interested in attending. 
Acer Iconia W700P, win8 pro.
interests check....anyone likes to hear the Abyss AB-1266 + WA5? I'd be glad to take them with me.   Jack
You are correct.
Here are some answers to the discussion so far. Please let us know if you have any other questions.   * The headphone amp sound quality is the same as WA7 * There are 2 digital inputs - 1 USB and 1 optical * RCA output is no longer available in this version * You can use the 7d as a preamp by using the 1/4" output * We plan to release the pricing for the new tube power supply the same time. Sorry but no trade-in.  * Estimated delivery date is early May. Special pricing...
Hang tight. We hope to have the final version of the tube PSU for Montreal Audio Show end of the month. It won't be long!
The High Fidelity Report has a nice review. We can strip down the features for you. We build the amp entirely by hand so it will be flexible to customize. Please PM or email us for your requirements.
April 30, 2014.   The WA7d Fireflies Duo is now available to order. Get yours now!
We are thrilled to introduce WA7d Fireflies (Duo), the new version of the WA7. The WA7d accepts both Optical and USB inputs while remaining the same sound and build quality as the original WA7 Fireflies. Pricing and order date for WA7d will be announced shortly.     Increase your source options! Connect the WA7d to a DAP, disc player, XBox, Play Station, or anything you like to.     WA7d Fireflies and WTP-1 CD Transport make a fun desktop combo.     A minimal...
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