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Your Abyss worked perfectly. No problem whatsoever.You phoned every U.S. Abyss dealer to get a better price (more than what we gave you) then you filed a PayPal claim just so that you could return the product.
Thanks for your update. I am glad to know the little guy is stacking up well to a full sized desktop amp. Looking forward to hearing more of your impressions.
That was fixed. The snapshot in the social post was a prototype #1. We completed prototype #2 just in time for the meet. 
WA22 Special Edition (WA22-SE) will be our new flagship fully balanced tube amplifier for dynamic headphones. Estimated release date is in the beginning of 2017, price to be determined. The San Fransico head-fi meet premiere is a prototype. We will finalize the specification in about two months.   In the center of the picture, it is the WA22-SE sitting between a WA5-LE and WDS-1 / WTP-1. The amplifier unit (top) is stacking on the power supply (bottom). It is designed to...
The WA8 is designed with simplicity in mind. Tube rolling on the WA8 is easy although it cannot compare to a full sized desktop amp. The 6S31B power tube is a very unique tube. There is no direct substitude. It has a long lifespan so you won't need to worry about changing tubes once a while. You can roll the 6021 which is a common tube. At the end, the WA8 is for a minimal, user friendly setup. We will offer tube kit for replacement. Right now, we just want you to...
The WA8 Eclipse is a compact tube amp/DAC that out-performances its successor WA6 (desktop tube amp) in many ways. Now you have the choice to move the amp anywhere you like. You can leave the battery charger plugged in when in use. The charger has an effective protection circuit to prevent the battery overcharged.   Regarding to the DAC, the master volume control in the OS would be effective. Make sure the master volume is on 100%.   During 3 years of testing with a...
We don't sell to Computer Lounge in New Zealand. The originality of the amp is unknown and you definitely should reach out to us. Please take this topic offline so you will get a full attention.
:Badas - Do you have two WA22 and one WA2 in your possession? PM, email or call in so we will get to know it. 
The WA8 is dead silence. You can use the headphone out as a pre-amp out. Essentially, you doubled the duty as a tube preamp. All you need to do is a 1/4" (or 1/8") to RCA adapter cable.
Regarding noisy power tubes on the WA22, it is quite contrary to what we found. In fact, most noise issues we have encountered would come from 6SN7. Many tubes sold on eBay are not properly tested. They were mostly tested on a generic tube tester which couldn't tell if the tube is noise or not. Of course, you could find good tubes with a low price, but there is a bit of luck involved. We tested all our tubes on the actual amp so you can expect they will work well.  To add...
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