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Quote: Originally Posted by somestranger26 What sort of problems? Freezing when you try to play something? If so, and you're using an AMD chipset, it's a known problem. It would be a bit unfair to say that it does not work with ALL AMD chipset, I can be sure that it does not work with all motherboard that uses the SB700 family series southbridge, so basically all NEW AMD system is a no-no. But with old AMD system it still works fine. It works...
Quote: Originally Posted by athenaesword also, here's a question for you guys. if i'm getting a lavry da11 dac, which has usb out, would the m2tech hiface + spdif likely make an improvement, or would i be getting about the same thing from the usb, which should be of decent quality? also, if i have a groundloop issue like xdanny, would using usb solve anything? or would i still benefit from the galvanised isolation from the hiface I have tested...
It's been only 5 days since I emailed Marco. I've also sent an email to Asus asking if there's anything they can do about it. They passed the related information to their related department and will update me as soon as possible. I'm waiting for response from either side. However if there arent any response in another week I'll get an USB expansion card and I'll report back if it works or not
Quote: Originally Posted by crowlie I've had freeze problems with a laptop HP 6715b(SB600) and GA-MA78GM-US2H(SB700). Working great with my old Shuttle(P4 HT). I'm using Windows XP. That further confirms my speculation. I've already contacted Marco about this and provided him with information about the problem. Marco reply that he already passed the information to his programmer and they'll see what they can do. Fingers crossed...
that I'm not sure, but I'm guessing the internal remains unchanged
Just notice on the Lavry site, the DA11 has a new golden wording design casing, man it looks really nice. Lavry Engineering - Unsurpassed Excellence Oh I wished mine has the golden wording casing
oh god that's not what I wanted to hear The culprit is most likely the motherboard, and now seeing that we have the exact same model, chances are it's likely one of the problem. I should email Marco about this. Is there any other that is using this model of motherboard with hiFace?? EDIT: or rather, anyone who is using the hiface with a computer whose motherboard south bridge is consist of either of these three model SB600, SB700 or SB750.
Oo, glad to hear there are ppl who have the same problem.(although it's not a good thing ) mind telling me what is the spec of your computer?? I'm trying to rule out hardware conflict issue here Mine is an AMD Phenom II 955, Asus M4A78T-E mainboard, using the built-in graphic, 4GB DDRIII and 2x1TB hardisk running RAID 0. I sure hope it's the driver problem, at least there are hope of fixes for it
1.02.139 And I tried it on my brother computer and I think it works fine since his computer didnt freeze(I didnt plug in the DAC to listen to it). It's really disappointing right now
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