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Very lightly used wired B and W P7's. Includes original box, soft carrying case, original extras. In superb shape. Fantastic headphones- I'm just trying something different. 
Sold. Thanks for enquiring.
Doubt it. And if they were defective that doesn't say much positive either. They're also very large for portables. Lets put it this way- I have um3x, um2, and turbine coppers. The m80 is a nice edition to that group. The momentum wasn't. Ymmv.
Unimpressed. Received momentums and m80s today. M80s are better in every way. Momentum has too much bass, recessed highs, just a muddy sound. The m80s have plenty of bass but just sparkle. The momentums are going back, right now.
The "regular" one 250 ohm.
Lightly used. Just prefer to use my IEM's. Mint soft case. 
With a tiny bit of patience, I managed to get the Shure grey silicones on the Copper Pros. Great seal, great sound. I use the large. I don't have to push them in far at all, and I get essentially a "suction" seal. I'm very impressed with the Copper Pros. I think I like them better than my UM3x's. Better highs, with the same depth of bass. Excellent with rock.
I haven't tried any customs, but I'm having a hard time believing some of the claims about the ES3x. I have the UM3x- it's fantastic and I get a perfect seal with a variety of different tips. Superb isolation and comfort. It uses exactly the same drivers as the ES3x, according to Westone. When I asked what if anything was different or better about the ES3x, I was told that "the tube is larger, so the sound will mix differently before it hits your eardrum". Call me a...
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I just got a pair of Swans M200MkII speakers for $189.00 from They're really very nice speakers, let alone nice computer speakers. I'm using them straight out of an Airport Express, up in my bedroom, and they are far, far better than any other computer speaker I've ever heard. I have them on small stands. Sure, they're not up to the standards of my Naim or (ancient) B+W speakers, but these are comparable to much more expensive bookshelf speakers. Very...
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