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Why no one talking about The Dragonfly here Great combo with Grado... Im using this just direct from my PC to PS500 and the DF serve me very well. Ha Ha.
yes, my local leather shop did it but the design and color come from my idea. i just measure the size then order to him.
yes, we did but it's in Thai ;p ps500 impression is here
Hi there, just updated...
Here's my phisically comparison. Their bass is unbelievable for the Grado line, Another unique Grado. Their colored & finished is similar to new SR325is and also a little ligther.       Mine is #234...
      Quote: I confirmed for Class + 2sd have better synergy - 1st SD should go well with the darker either source or interconnect even the phones.
Oh - Matching betw source + interconnect is a must for both Step users.
The first step is more analytical, but 2step is more musical for me.   Just my key word...   My source is just ipod classic - I have had imod but lt was sold long time ago.
And the back side. I love Meier Audio .  
Another for internal pix...  
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