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i have a pair of gunmetal vibes that i got maybe 6-8mos ago, and they've been pretty good to me. i've been careful with mine as well bceause i've heard about the plug fraying from the cable as well as the drivers going out. i'm not quite sure if these are 1st gen or not, but i went ahead and shrinkwrapped the plug/cable to prevent from over-pulling of the cable from the plug. anyway, i hope everything works out for you with finding a replacement. i was looking at the ety...
my tiger desktop, not much has changed now that i have leopard other than a few additional geektool scripts (click image for details of desktop).
My favorite right now is Demon Hunter ( The vocalist, Ryan Clark, has such a great singing and screaming voice.
yes yes please someone post a response to this. i've been off and on searching for a couple days for this very thing. thought i hit jackpot, until i saw that no one had responded yet
what alternatives are there for us mac using folks? i'm looking at replacing my 3g 20gig, but have to be sure that whatever i do is halfway osx compatible in terms of itunes alternatives.
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