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can any of you confirm if you've found on the net where a 1st gen ipod mini is good for doing the CF mod? specifically a 4gb 1st gen model? doh! found my answer after searching one more time. yes the one on geek technique is a first gen, however the 2nd gens have the better battery life increase when switching to flash memory vs. the first gen. models.
well, after getting my broken mini in, and getting the extra battery in (cf card coming from newegg will be in tomorrow), i decided to go ahead and open her up. bah the f'n plug going from the click wheel to the ipod's guts is all broken. *sigh* i guess whats why it was 35bucks shipped. now i gotta buy ANOTHER used mini to try this again. damn it! on a positive note, i got my audio technica ck7's in and HOLY CRAP, those blow my vibes out of the water, how could i hvae...
Quote: Originally Posted by PouncePony This is the card I'm using : A Data As I posted earlier, writing to it is pretty slow, but the read transfer rate is plenty fast. -Pony Yup, that is the only 32gb CF drive out right now, Samsung has 32 and 64gb models in the works, and Transcend is supposed to release a 133x 32gb CF drive sometime around spring-summer.
count me among the undecisive.. before seeing this post, i started this one: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f4/alm...-about-291177/ i'm pretty sure i'm just going to get the ck7's, 'sides, i'll be amping it with my first amp (a penguinamp), and i have heard that the bass is quite sufficient (by several ck7 lovers), though not as much as the senn. cx300's for example. anyway, i'm pretty sure i'm about to buy the ck7's.
woops, just found this post, i'll just reference it, sorry for starting yet another x vs. y post. http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f4/ath...ne-x3i-288869/
Shauntell, you are correct, that is what I'm finding; there just isn't 1 size fits all for these lower cost IEMs. Could you compare the bass of the CK7's to the V-moda Vibes or the Senn CX300? Thanks much for responding.
..the MylarOne x3i's, basically that camp is claiming that it is the best under 100$ IEM, while the CK7 camp claims theirs is the best (all subjective, I know, and it all boils down to what sounds best to you). I was just about to checkout at buy.com on the CK7's, then I decided to read up on other alternatives when I read conflicting reports of the bass quality and frequency response on the CK7 (some say it is perfect, a much cleaner CX300, and other's say, it is...
Quote: Originally Posted by srozzman why would u need a color lcd, if it is music only? i'm a sucker for album art and just things that look better. besides, imagine what someone would say if you had a color screen ipod mini :P (geeky, i know) EDIT: So i just won the bid on a used and halfway working ipod mini. basically it's hd looks to be dead; possibly the battery. Anyway, i got it for something like $28, not too shabby. Pony, did you get an...
wow, this could indeed be the best audio-only DAP mod going. (will probably get shot for saying that); but to have the imod functionality on the ipod mini, along with rockbox, a better/longer battery, and higher hd space as flash memory; that'd be dope. how's going to figure out how to put a color lcd in there and have the ultimate flash player going around? anyway, i'm going to be orderin g the stuff for it tonight, besides, even if a newer/faster 32gig or even...
gah, firewall content filters! i can't get to ebay to check on ipod minis :/ i read where transcend is coming out with a 133x 32gb cf card in the near future, plus supposedly by spring 64gb cf cards are going to be more of a reality. i'm really curious to see how a mini sounds with my vmoda vibes, specially a rockboxed mini.
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