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Quote: Originally Posted by Ham Sandwich Way to be elitist about those without a proper mac and give wrong advice. The problem is not the DAC and won't be solved by a better DAC. Any USB DAC would suffer the same dropouts. USB DACs can have dropouts if the computer or the USB bus gets too busy. That can be fixed sometimes by giving the audio a larger buffer in your media player. You can also try a different USB port, a USB port that is on a...
So, I finally made the leap and bought a usb DAC to power my M-Audio AV40's. When music is playing (and it sounds great, btw!) and I proceed to do anything CPU intensive, I get a lot of static/chatter over the speakers. Now, I'll preface that by saying, I'm not using any overly expensive USB cable, just a decent one with the gold plugs for connecting the 0202 to the computer. I'm using a regular 1/8" -> rca cable for connecting the 0202 to the AV40's. I'm playing 90%...
Excellent, thanks for the info.
Install the updated version of Flash.. the one included in SL has some nasty security holes.
bump.. any updates on compatibility?
bringing an old thread back to life.. what did you end up getting?
great review, insight and advice.. is this headphone amp similar to the bigger brother nuforce icon in that it is also a "usb sound card"? pardon my ignorance with that.
pic of my home-made desk + hackintosh setup. using onboard line-out to the m-audio av40's (for now.. looking for an external usb soundcard/dac). picture frame pc above the monitors (monitors are held up by ergotron arms).
Quote: Originally Posted by silverwolf0 I've been using the M-audio av40 for about six months or so and am quite sure right now that I don't really like them. The audio may be clean or reference-level in its details, but I am not liking that the sound isn't punchy at all, the bass is not that great, and sound is very directional and narrow, lacking any surround feel. I want to upgrade to a 2.1 setup, something punchy but still good sounding, but stay about...
Dash, so did you end up with 2 ipods? Not my business, I just worry that the person that buys this wouldn't be chased down because of a shipping mistake by Apple or something. .. That said, how is the condition of the faceplate? Would that $100 cover shipping to get it to Alabama by tomorrow?
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