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Guys,   I'm having a similar issue with my Modi (USB) connected to a (IMO, nice) powered USB hub, via a Pangea Audio USB cable. I get all sorts of nasty scratching/feedback/stuttering/ then loss of signal anytime i use go back/forth in Chrome with my mouse only. I've tried moving the proximity of the mouse/modi plugs on the powered hub to no avail. This is all, ultimately connected to a Macbook Pro (retina) 2012 model via USB3.   I'm hoping the Modi 2 will rectify...
Wanted to give more props to these IEMs, as they are my first headphones of any 'type' with non-memory cables, and i flippin' love not dealing with tangled or permanently twisted cables. Oh and I'm continually blown away at the sound quality and isolation I'm getting from these UM Pro 30s.
@HiFiRobot, do you primarily use Spotify? I ask only because of your signature. I just signed up for the premium subscription service to a/b test it with my Google Music All Access subscription for audio quality, specifically for these UM Pro 30s. You have a preference strictly from an audio quality perspective? I also realize this topic has likely been discussed a million times over, but maybe not with regards to these IEMs.   Thanks! -def
So, I just got my UM Pro 30's from a fellow Head-Fi'er and am so excited. They sound phenomenal and couldn't be happier. My only comparisons so far are with Klipsch X10's and Shure 840's, and without a doubt, I prefer the UM30's so far.
Good evening Oracle. Is this UM Pro 30 still available?
So I just received my X10s, and .. my mind and ears are just blown!    I'm so thoroughly impressed! Listening to them straight through my MBP retina's audio out jack via Mog 320kbit stream (Punch Brothers album "Punch"). I did order some Comply Tx100's with them and have one in one of the ears and the single flange small it came with in the other and am quite happy with both.   I'm just so happy with this purchase right now :)   Of course I was using just...
Back in the market for some IEMs or some good sound isolating over or on-the-ear headphones.    Music I listen to: 65% - Downtempo, trip-hop, hip-hop (lots of Christian hip-hop, mixed with Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, Tosca, Portishead, RJD2, Diplo, Kruder & Dorfmeister) 35% - Heavier rock, metal (lots of Christian metal/heavier rock such as Demon Hunter, As I Lay Dying, Haste the Day, Project 86, War of Ages)   Sources used: For the purposes of...
What's your battery life been for the Fiio and Samsung devices?   I was thinking about doing something similar, but would love to get a full 8-12 hours of battery life each day (using them mainly in the office working)
I think I finally got everything under control. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Ended up following the post on m-audio's forums that Ham Sandwich linked, and also downloaded a demo of an app called AudioMulch and set the ASIO buffer to as high as it'd go. I had some processes going that used up 100% of 2 cores and audio still played smooth as silk.
Quote: Originally Posted by Currawong ...which applies to an Apple computer, not one that wasn't designed to run Mac OS X. In my experience, cheap USB audio interfaces pick up a lot of noise. More expensive ones don't. There is nothing "elitist" about chastising someone for causing themselves trouble by building a hackintosh, the consequences are simply a fact. There are no troubles or consequences with my hackintosh (it's been rock-solid for...
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