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Unless I missed it, Thievery Corporation was left out of the list. Mirror Conspiracy is just an amazing album. Kruder & Dorfmeister, or Tosca are also recommended and similar in sound.   I'd also like to add Juno Reactor's Bible of Dreams to the list.
Thanks much for this list. I've been stuck on certain artists/genres for a good while now and haven't branched out much. Good to get recommendations like this from time to time.
@Gurashieruro,   Are you still enjoying your w60? What are your general music listening tastes that you've found really pair up well with these IEMs?   Thanks much, I've got both se846 and w60 options on my plate via forumers, both of which have been super patient with me as I make my decision, and I've just been torn.   I presently have a broken pair of UMPro30's, that I'm looking to replace/upgrade. I'm happy with the fit of the westone IEMs, but have been wanting...
Heh, I just decided, well maybe I'll just get universals instead, and saw that they have a 3+ week wait time too. :( Apparently 64audio/1964ears is super popular now :)
Good day.   My current daily IEMs have died (Westone UM Pro 30), and as is in typical head-fi fashion, I've decided this is a good opportunity to upgrade/try something else.   I've settled upon the Shure se846's as my next IEM, with eventual custom shells made for them.   I'm in the southeast US, and am ready to purchase immediately.   Thanks much!
Good afternoon!   So, I've got the opportunity to either replace my broken Westone UM Pro30's at a 25% discount for a new pair from Westone, OR look elsewhere.   I decided I'd maybe look to Shure, at the 525 or 846's. Both of which have the ability to get custom inserts/shells made for them, which is a bonus.    I'm curious though, what will I gain (or lose) going from the UMP30s to either se525 or even se846s (I'm assuming some of you have these 2 or 3 models and...
Hi all,   I'm in a huge dilemma here.   TL;DR:  Westone UM Pro30 at a Westone-provided discount for $299.99, 1964ears U3 at $499.99? (seriously stretching the budget at $499.99 to get that ADEL tech). I've also already spent a little extra on a new cable for the UM Pro30 that broke (the cable with the microphone and volume control, etc -- got them a month before the 30's died)   I purchased a used pair of Westone UM Pro30's here on the forums, and have LOVED them...
Super bummed about my UM PRO30's. My left driver went out last week. I bought  them off a great seller here on the forums, unfortunately, so warranty work will cost $$, westone's support immediately suggested just buying new. Any thoughts on a replacement, i'd love to keep it under $300. I was super happy with my UM PRO30's, especially after adding the westone cables with the mic/volume control.   Thanks!
So, I thought I accidentally killed my UM PRO30's by washing them when they were left in my shorts due to a hasty plane exit. To my excitement, they live, and still sound great!   I hope they continue to survive for a few years long.   I'm wanting to upgrade the cabling, specifically to cables that have inline mic/controls (I haven't yet searched the forum to find out if this is even possible, just wanted to chime in about their survival in an accidental clothes...
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