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What's the word on bike trainers and does anyone have one they'd recommend? Specifically one that would work with an internal hub.
USB cables have to conform to a defined specification. There are a number of reasons why this is done but the end result is that one USB cable will function with nearly identical performance to any other. The areas where they will differ, and you should pay attention to when purchasing, are build quality and cable shielding. A well built cable will last longer and fit better than a cheap cable. Likewise, a cable that is well shielded will keep external signals from...
Apparently you missed the part where I was talking about a bike. :P Glad to see you pay attention to others.
I'm not sure exactly where to start. Your logic is flawed on dozens of fundamental levels. Instead I will simply point out that were you to ride up next to me I'd have to resist the urge to kick you into traffic.Now back to my search for a helmet. The Bern helmets look good, anyone have any experience with them for city riding?
That's the thing, though. If you helmet broke then it didn't work, by the admission of the engineers who make them. As said, the stats don't back up either side of the argument. What's more, there's some evidence that not wearing a helmet makes drivers more wary of you as they might see you as more vulnerable. There is no yes or no answer to the question. I'd still like to see some helmet recommendations all the same.
The 93SPEC went really well with my Heir Audio 8.A's. however, the cable has stopped working. I hardly beat my gear so 1.5 months doesn't speak we'll for the cable. Maybe I just got unlucky... They have said they'll fix it but the shipping is going to be pricey. Does anyone know someone in California who could repair a cable?
Are you not using the DAC? My Bifrost and my Leckerton (when using TOSLINK) override OS X's audio controls.
Thanks for the tips about Strava. I gave it a look and it looks really useful. I live in San Francisco so signal isn't really going to be a problem for me and once I get downtown I know my way around well enough that I won't need it. One other thing I'm curious about is where you guys sit on helmets and if you have any recommendations? I'm kind of 50/50 right now after spending the morning reading through a number of articles and papers on the subject. It seems to strike...
I just bought my first bike since no idea how long... Really excited to get my hands on it (it's being built now). Thought Head-Fi was as good a place as any to ask around if people had any good iOS apps and the like they use for riding, tracking the rides, directions, etc.
From what I read in a few reviews it sounds like the upgraded tubes do improve the sound but it's not revolutionary, just a slight refinement.
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