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The trick for testing gear comes down to understanding the flaws inherent in what you're trying to do. For a start, you can't just flip a switch and go from A to B instantly so you can't do a comparison between the two directly. As such you are left comparing mental impressions which is extremely difficult. Make your job easier by choosing a set of songs you're familiar with, preferably with instruments that you are familiar with, and then listen to that playlist for a few...
Ooo. OK, now I get it. So how big of a problem is it with the WA7? Or is that determined more by the computer and if so short lot listening how can you tell if it will be an issue? I would rather know ill have to buy another device with the WA7 before I purchase if it comes to that.
Which is important because...?
Can you go into specifics? 'Higher quality' doesn't tell me much.
Because most computers don't have enough output to power the DAC? System noise shouldn't be a factor here.
Doesn't help you too much but I have the HE-500 and the Lyr/Bifrost combo and am considering moving to the WA7. I'm given to understand it's a step up, not sure how much yet.
Whenever someone releases anything that contradicts current information it's generally a good idea to question it, but not necessarily reject it out of hand.I'd say this is a good time for some others to post their measurements.
I'm a bit dubious about to what degree a power cable would effect the sound, but I can believe that far more than a USB cable. Do you happen to have the link you mentioned available? Also curious what cable you went for, if it was something special or just a standard copper cable with some solid shielding.
Outside of better shielding... One USB cable will deliver audio identically to any other USB cable. Sorry, but anything beyond that is aesthetics and wishful thinking. Just get a medium price cable from Amazon and be done with it.
Pretty solidly on the fence right now. There's a number of things the WA7 would do that my current setup doesn't that makes me rather interested... OK, gents, honest opinions needed. I have a pair of HE-500's running through a Schiit Lyr and Bifrost with stock tubes and a Norn 2 cable. I've been told the WA7 would be a step up but how much of one are we talking about? Most of my audio is lossless but there's a good 15% or so that's still 256+ AAC or MP3. My current...
New Posts  All Forums: