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Doesn't look like we're going to get very lucky... I'm continuing my search but, unsurprisingly, CIEMs aren't compared against full-sized headphones in terms of sound so I'm having to kind of guess. Looking for something with great extension and a wide sound stage that's got a natural signature, but it's hard to search for those things, haha. Kind of have to just read between the lines. Ultimate Ear's Reference In-Ear Monitor sounds like it might do the job, but the...
*Bump* So I'm guessing such a headphone doesn't exist?
I have a pair of HE-500's for home use and they are, to my ears, perfect. They are exactly the sound I love... But I can't take them wherever I go! As a sort of exploratory question (aren't those the most dangerous, financially?) I was wondering what CIEM comes closest to the HE-500 in terms of sound? I've had the Heir Audio 4.A and that came pretty close in some ways (dirty thieves relieved me of them) but where the HE-500 may not have bass emphasis I definitely don't...
That does seem to be the case. This side of the WA-7 there doesn't seem to be a single other AMP that I can find that has both. Even when they have two (which is rare enough) they're usually the same size.
A 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch headphone adapter; the HE-500 has a 1/4 inch plug but the 8.A has a 1/8 inch.
I'm not worried about the power, you can actually get them built with different GAIN steps for the high and low that would work. The only downside is I'd have to use my IEMs with an adapter.
I have a pair of Heir Audio 8.A's and a Hifiman HE-500. In a perfect world I would love to be able to use both of these with the same amp. I know, I'm crazy. So far the best option I can find is the Woo Audio WA-7 but I was hoping to avoid tubes this go around if at all possible. Budget is somewhere in the range of the WA-7 or less. Less is better, clearly. I'm probably going to sell my Schiit Lyr and Bifrost as part of this whole shake-up so if there was any way I could...
Damn. They really are pretty... Oh well, one less on the list. Thanks!
I'm considering getting a pair of headphones to leave at the office. I keep forgetting my normal IEMs and the result is a day like today: No music. My budget is less than $350 for these, since they won't be my main headphones. I currently have an HE-500 (sits at home) and my Heir Audio 8.A's. I have a UHA-6S MK.II that I keep at my desk and my library is almost exclusively ALAC files. I listen to a lot of stuff but it's mostly rock, classical (usually film scores) and...
I considered rollers but I don't feel like dropping $400+. I'm hoping to hit a $150 price-point.
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