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Not gonna happen, then?
I have a Heir Audio 8.A and I've been switching between a Magnus and a different custom cable for a while... Honestly I'm not a fan of either. Not because of sound but because of ergonomics. The custom cable doesn't have the memory wire, which I like, but the plugs on the CIEM stick out really, really far. Because of this they push up against my cheekbones and I have to actually flex them outwards in order to use them, which is terrible. Honestly, what I almost want is a...
1,028 day resurrection. Nice.
That's because you're cheating. Noble Audio (you) makes beautiful headphones. But I wouldn't call you guys the norm.
It's not so difficult with a good audiologist. From what I can tell, the problem most people run into when it comes to fit is they go to someone who doesn't know how to do impressions for customs or their options are generally limited. If you have a good audiologist and the people making the CIEMs are good then fit is a lot less dicey. You get what you pay for.
The benefits of a custom IEM over a 'universal' IEM, as I see them, aren't always just about sound. Customs, on their own, are rather beautiful, and you can take ownership of that beauty by choosing colors and other options, which is a bit harder on a universal. There's also the fact that a universal, by it's very nature, is designed to work with a wide range of people where a custom IEM is designed to work for you. That means a better, more comfortable fit which in turn...
No problem! Out of curiosity, what are you going to use to drive it? Just straight out of an iPhone/computer or are you going to go AMP?If you're still on the market, I've got my 8.A's (and before that my 4.A's) going out from a Leckerton UHA-6s Mk.II:'s a wonderful little amp, very neutral. Absolutely silent noise floor. The benefit of an AMP on something of this level is it really makes everything run at full, as good...
Make sure to get a good audiologist to do your impressions. Expect to spend $50 or so; it's worth it. A good audiologist is the difference between a perfect (and therefore perfect sound) and half a dozen refits.
Noble Audio is pretty much Heir Audio, or was since most of them were there first. I have a pair of 8.A's from when they used to be there and yeah, those guys are awesome. They put up with all your stupid questions and give you great recommendations.That and the Wizard is truly an artist of his craft.
From what I understand the UM Miracle is one of the best IEMs on the market, regardless of price.
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