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Make sure to get a good audiologist to do your impressions. Expect to spend $50 or so; it's worth it. A good audiologist is the difference between a perfect (and therefore perfect sound) and half a dozen refits.
Noble Audio is pretty much Heir Audio, or was since most of them were there first. I have a pair of 8.A's from when they used to be there and yeah, those guys are awesome. They put up with all your stupid questions and give you great recommendations.That and the Wizard is truly an artist of his craft.
From what I understand the UM Miracle is one of the best IEMs on the market, regardless of price.
Isn't Unique Melody an Australian company?
A better suggestion is find a pair of headphones that don't kill the cups every few months. Seems like a great way to waste money. I have a spare set of HE-500 pleather pads (the velours are too itchy for my tastes) and the ones I'm wearing are virtually identical. I've had them for at least a year and a half so... Yeah. Read that as you will.
That really just sounds like bad luck. I spent a good year and a half where I was probably gaming something like 6+ hours every day, on average, and I have never had to replace headphone pads on either the Denon AH-D2000's I had before or the Hifiman HE-500's I have now. I really think you just had some bad pads.
1. Yep, they are. That's why I have one of these: http://www.modmic.com/ I don't play team-based FPS with people who don't have mics. Great way to lose. Anyway, with one of these (they work amazingly, by the way) you can even take it off when you don't need it.2. Pads wear out after years, not weeks or months. By the time you need to replace them dropping $50 (I'd love to see a headphone that cost $120 for new pads...) for a set isn't going to seem like a big deal.If you...
While my experience with CIEMs is by no means exhaustive, or even terribly extensive, but what I've been given to understand is that once you get among the flagships it really becomes a matter of personal taste. Basically, anything over $1,000 will be amazing and which one is best is going to depend on what you listen to, what gear you have and so forth.
They're Sennheiser so they're not terrible. I'd actually go check out LinusTechTips on Youtube, he's been doing a number of gaming headset reviews of late and he's of a pretty good mind when it comes to audio quality.'That being said, I maintain, as others do, that you'd be just as well served by a good set of stereo headphones. As said before, most, though not all, surround sound headphones rely on software to mix the audio from surround down to stereo. Your computer will...
I have a Schitt Lyr for my HE-500's and it's a wonderful combination, I can only imagine the HE-560 would benefit in a similar way. Honestly, it's a shame you just bought a DAC as I would have said Firefly. I'm in a very similar situation as you as I'd like to start using my CIEM's at home but plugging them into a Lyr would make my ears bleed even on the lowest setting. From what I understand the WA-7 Firefly does a solid job with both things like the HE-500 and CIEM's,...
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