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Contact them directly, they will put you in touch with a reseller. That reseller will give you instructions on how to make a purchase. Is it a little convoluted? Yep. I had to think twice about it because it seemed a little sketchy (something these guys need to address if they're to have any large success).But they'll work with you, be responsive, and ship the cable very quickly.
And the lighting connector on my iPhone is worlds better than the micro-USB connector on the Android devices I work with every day. That doesn't mean I don't wish everyone used the same connector. (Please let micro-USB 3.1 not suck.)But anyway, getting off topic here. How are others feeling about the build quality after using the cable? I think I'm getting used to it, or at least I'm less afraid it will snap just simply by wearing. I kind of wish they'd braided in some...
Agreed. Better to say it's a shame FitEar saw the need to use non-standard connectors.
They do and are extremely comfortable. People saying they don't notice them isn't an exaggeration, they really do seem to disappear.
Such a cable exists! You can find it here:
I figured I could find information to compare that to but... Nope! Anyone know how this compares to something like the stock Westone or a Noble Magnus?
FWIW, I haven't found the tangling to be a problem. It tangles more, but given the nature of how thin it is, it also untangles really easily. I normally just have to lightly pull on one or two strands and it falls apart. In terms of sound, I can't say I hear a sonic difference from the cable itself when compared to the others I've had (93SPEC, Magnus, Westone) but I have noticed a fit difference. As I've mentioned, cables with larger plugs tend to push against my...
It's not as if you put them on the table, come back an hour later and they're a tangled mess. Personally, I don't find it to be any worse than the stock Westone cables or my Heir Audio stock cable. If you're really worried, take the money you saved compared to all the other after-market cables and buy something like this.
What's the general consensus on build quality so far? I'll find out on Tuesday, myself, but curious all the same.
Definitely. Mine came out to just short of $70 with shipping.I don't subscribe too heavily to the idea that headphone cables drastically change sound but the ergonomics of this cable appear ideal. My only concern at this point is durability but at $70 it's not that much more than a stock cable so definitely worth a try.
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