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Brannan's based in the US and Noble's customer support is outstanding (more props to Brannan here). So, check and check, I guess.
FWIW I did the same mental comparison when I was considering CIEMs (as well as Ultimate Ears and JH Audio). I weighted in favor of the others as I liked the idea of buying from an American-based company, but I didn't find any offerings where I liked the price, the look and the sound signature the way I know I will for my 4C.In the end I went with Noble because,1. I could get the design I wanted exactly.2. I know their build quality is among the best in the industry, if not...
That and the fact that meteorites tend to just look like any other rock. No, if I was serious enough about the suggestion I would actually ask for something like powderizing moon rock and using that the way you guys use glitter, or something to that effect. Though that probably wouldn't work very well since moon rock is a pretty poor reflector.I'm actually rather excited about what I requested. I chose solid black with filaments, the idea (in my head) being slightly...
Do not joke about that. If I could get a CIEM made out of meteorite I'd pay the fee to change my order now and whatever the additional was for the work.Whole thing chiseled out of a meteorite with a clear casing to fill in and smooth out the uneven surfaces? I'm in.
Hey, if he can pull them off, they are absolutely beautiful. True works of art.
I'll be fine. *twitch*
Marsupial edition.(Or a typo.)
No, you're totally right. Everyone is like you, no one spends money on things. Same reason we're all using Apple's ****ty white earbuds, am I right?No, Beats music run by Beats the company is a threat to no one. It's a hobby for a company like that, a "let's see if we can make this work". But if you think Spotify isn't worried every time Apple does anything even slightly close to streaming then you really have no idea how business works.
Ordered my 4Cm scheduled my audiologist appointment... Wallet isn't speaking to me anymore... Good times.
Apple clearly didn't buy Beats for their sound engineers so why would they want Bose? Besides, Bose already works very closely with Apple and is always a featured partner. They don't need to buy Bose and Bose doesn't need to sell. Apple already owns the same demographic as Bose so again, what would they gain by purchasing them?Apple mostly owns the music industry but they don't have anything in streaming and studios are loath to give them the licenses. That's where Beasts...
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