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Two questions to those of you who have 4C's: 1. Are you using the default cable or have you started using something else? I love the cable in terms of build quality and the fact that it never tangles, but those memory wires... 2. What do you use as your AMP(/DAC)? I'm using a Leckerton UHA-6s MK.ii and it definitely fills out the sounds. No coloration, just more. There's a noticeable difference between, say, my iPhone and my Leckerton.
I actually have one of these already on my 8.A's. However, the pins don't fit in my 4C's. I've been trying to order another, but I can't get in touch with any of the US distributors so..."Project X"???
Yeah, that's what I was hoping to avoid. though I may just have to shop around for another cable. I have a really nice light weight one with no wires but it doesn't fit in the ports.[edit:]I'll just update this post rather than creating an entirely new one...Initial thoughts are this is exactly the sound I was hoping for. My ideal was as close to the HE-500 as I could get and man, this gets pretty close. Bass is there, but only when it's supposed to be. Everything is so...
Just got my 4C's in the mail... yeah, gonna listen to a lot of music today! Question: Would Noble, could Noble, make a Noble cable without the memory wires?
Got pictures of my 4C's and now they're on the way!
Dude, I have an art degree and I'd been following Noble Audio for ages wondering what I'd get if I ever bought another pair. Only reason I was able to pull the trigger so fast when I finally decided to do it. But don't think I didn't agonize over it.
I used to use Comply tips when I had universals. If you can find a set that fits there's none better.
Brannan's based in the US and Noble's customer support is outstanding (more props to Brannan here). So, check and check, I guess.
FWIW I did the same mental comparison when I was considering CIEMs (as well as Ultimate Ears and JH Audio). I weighted in favor of the others as I liked the idea of buying from an American-based company, but I didn't find any offerings where I liked the price, the look and the sound signature the way I know I will for my 4C.In the end I went with Noble because,1. I could get the design I wanted exactly.2. I know their build quality is among the best in the industry, if not...
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