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For my 4.A's it was like $40. For my 8.A's it's something like $65. It's a percentage of the declared value so if you went all-out on a pair of 8.A's with all the fixings you could pay $80 or more (US). I hear the Europeans have it way worse than we do.
They told me the order would process later that day and that they would fax the shipping depot so they knew it was processed. So if there is a problem it's going to be on their end, not mine, and if that does happen I'm still taking my package.They were happy to take a check when my 4.A's were delivered. I would have done that this time except the checks I ordered didn't arrive in time and my bank isn't a "local" one.
Mine are out for delivery later this afternoon! For those of you in the US, you can pay the brokerage by giving a call to UPS’s brokerage accounting at 1-866-493-7140. I think I just had to press 2 then 1. But this allows you to pay by credit card over the phone, which is handy if you’re like most people in the 21st century and don’t actually keep checks around.
I didn’t realize we had a choice else I’d have asked for FedEx. They’re much better in SF, I find. Certainly delivers earlier in the day (which I love).Yeah, not going to get anything done tomorrow…
Mine are set to hit tomorrow. But since they've left China they've been to... China California Kentucky Korea Alaska By tomorrow they will be with me in SF. I hope. Now that I know what I'm in for visually I'm doubly excited to hear them. On that note, what did everyone else use as they inaugural track or album? For track I'm thinking The Battle from the Gladiator soundtrack and album the one from Alt-J. Any suggestions?
I went with the 209. From what I'm given to understand it's the most "neutral" of the opamps.
I have a Leckerton UHA-6S mk.II that I used with my 4.A to great effect.
I have a Lyr for my HE-500's. I wouldn't use an IEM with them, there's just way too much power there. I've asked Schiit before and even they say none of their amps should be used with IEMs.
I usually turn that on it’s head with some variation of: How much do you spend on your computer every few years? Mobile phone? Clothes? Alcohol? How long do you have to enjoy them relative to how much you spent on them? I use my headphones between 3–6 hours each day and I’ll do so for years to come. When you do the maths it’s hardly extravagant.OK, when I said “I know” what I should have said was “I expect”. I say this because I consider myself to be an empiricist and...
I’d second this but with a proviso: If you don’t already have a strong idea of what you’re looking for then let a master craftsman like The Wizard do it for you. They’ll have loads of great ideas and already have a very strong sense about what looks good and what doesn’t.With both the pairs I ordered I knew what I was looking for. The first was a dark, understated minimalism with a hint of something underneath. So I went with a dark, semi-transparent body and the Wizard...
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