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Wrong question. Whether or not it will work is more likely to be a software requirement than a hardware one. For example, are you running Windows full on that or some paired down version? Do you have a full USB 2.0 port or something else? Can you install drivers and other software on your device or is it more restricted? If you have a full version of Windows on it with a proper USB 2.0 port then it's likely to work. However, we are talking a fringe case with very...
This, sadly, seems to be a common issue with the Magnus. I don't have a terribly fat face but my cheekbones do protrude a little more in that area and, as a result, conflict with my cable. I have to push my pins out as well. I'm actually buying a third-party cable with shorter plugs to see whether that helps. I don't remember my 4.A's having that issue but the Magnus that was shipped with them had the shorter plugs you see on the website.
That's definitely in line with what I hear. I like a number of aspects about the Lyr+Bifrost stack and the thing that's really making me look hard at the WA7 is that I can conceivably use it with my 8.A's. Right now I only use them at work (where I have a little AMP/DAC I drive them with) or on the go (where they suffer my iPhone). Sometimes I'd love to be able to use them at home but, right now, I don't really have that option without either transporting extra gear (which...
I know we're getting away from the original intent of the topic a bit, but what do people use to carry around their CIEMs? I like the Otterboxes when I'm travelling but to and form work, they're a bit excessive. I saw a few other smaller hard-shelf nylon cases on Amazon, was wondering if anyone had suggestions?
I'm sure it'll eventually happen. The trick is going to be the day when you can print the entire CIEM based on an extreme-high-res scan, not just of the empty space but of musculature and bone-structure so you could anticipate fit issues. Yeah, looking way into the future on that one, but what starts as science fiction seems to regularly become science fact.
They're Otterbox cases. They're waterproof to about 100 feet. Since I doubt you plan on taking your headphones diving with you I'd be willing to bet it can take anything you throw, or splash, at it.
There go my plans for running the Iron Man with my 8.A's (if you knew me you'd understand just how ludicrous that idea truly is).Thanks for the information, I think I'm going to give the 93SPEC a try. I followed up with the company with a few other general questions and they were quite quick to respond, which speaks well of them, I'd say.
Out of curiosity, has anyone used the WA7 with a pair of HE-500's or Heir Audio 8.A's? I've heard good things but was wondering if anyone could illaborate on how they pair, specifically compared to a Schitt Lyr and Byfrost stack.
My issue was the memory section and how far the pins stick out on the updated Magnus. It sticks out a solid centimeter and a half, or there abouts.
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