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My issue was the memory section and how far the pins stick out on the updated Magnus. It sticks out a solid centimeter and a half, or there abouts.
You should take a look at Otterbox's other cases but for all intents and purposes OB and Pelican are of equal quality so you should be fine with whatever you get.
I should clarify, the 2000 comes with the customs. The universals may very well come with the 1000 series. I had both (1000 was lost with my 4.A's) and found the 1000 to be a tight fit, indeed, but my 8.A's rattle around in my 2000. It should be more than big enough and they are as rugged as you could hope for.
Otterbox 2000 series.
I've been looking for a new cable for my 8.A's and I think this is going to be it. There were a list of things I want to improve on them but only by the slightest degree, things like bringing the vocals a bit more forward and fleshing out those highs a tad. Sounds like this cable is the perfect solution to both my ergonomic issues with the Magnus and what small sound issues I have with the 8.A. Do you find you use it as your primary cable with it or do you use something...
I hate to say it but you might want to check your insertion as mine don't have excessive treble, either, unless I haven't inserted the, properly. In short, if you never find yourself wondering where they're hiding the subwoofer in the 8.A's housing then ey probably aren't in right. It's probably worth noting that there may be a level of burn-in with the 8.A. It's hard to tell how much of it was my learning to insert them properly, the sound changing or just becoming more...
Those are amazingly beautiful. Very classical style. Like the most beautiful piece of Louise XIV furniture made into headphones.
And being told to hold position isn't? I just let the normal pressure of my jaw wanting to close hold the block, no clenching or the like.You might want to find a new audiologist.
No matter how much I loved the 4.A and think it's quite possibly the best headphone I've ever listened to in so many ways I always just wanted a bit more low-end extension. The 8.A gives me that in spades. If you've ever found yourself thinking, "I wish I got a bit more oomph out of this song..." then you'll probably like the 8.A more than the 4.A. But, both are solid headphones, it's just whether you want something that sounds more natural or more... full? That's the...
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