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For those of you considering a replacement cable for your 8.A, I got the 93SPEC and I have to say it pairs rather nicely. My choice was mostly driven by ergonomic issues (the Magnus sticks out too far and messes up my fit) but I think the sound is stil very nice. Granted, only a few hours in and I have no idea if cable burn-in is even a thing, but between a better fit and improved ergonomics I have to say I very much like the 93SPEC. My one possible complaint is that it's...
Even in pictures I see what you mean. The dark glass is truly beautiful. I think I've decided that the WA7 will eventually become mine but I do regret that I won't be able to get the dark glass. I'm sure it'll look wonderful with the clear glass but there was just something so nice about the subtle nature of the smoked glass.
Certain kinds of acrylic can stand up to some pretty extreme heats.
You can either color the glass afterwards or mix in the minerals before hand. I imagine the latter is more expensive and difficult but provides a better product.
Same reason I have almost everything delivered to my office. And the same reason there's a pretty steady flow of packages each day, haha.
It's not as simple as that. In order to tax your system enough to have that problem you'd have to be doing way more than listening to music and doing a backup. And if you're listening so analytically that you'd actually hear data artifacts then I'm willing to be you're not doing much beyond those two things.As for software, it's just drivers. Hardly a performance bottleneck.
As I said, the difference between the 4.A and the 8.A is accurate sound and natural sound. One can at times feel a little clinical where the other will feel warm and inviting. However, there is a dark side to such sound in that bad recordings, where bass isn't well reproduced, things can sound muddy and the bass can start to over-power. The 4.A is a bit more forgiving with bass than the 8.A is, in that regard. If the recording is of good quality (high bitrate and just a...
4.A if you want great accuracy. 8.A if you want a natural, full sound. I'd say the 8.A is a step up from the 4.A in a number of ways when it comes to just raw ability, but if you want accuracy above all else I'd actually go with the 4.A
I don't see how? SSD or HDD, won't have any effect on sound at all and even the slowest contemporary spinning-disk drives are more than fast enough for audio playback.
Wrong question. Whether or not it will work is more likely to be a software requirement than a hardware one. For example, are you running Windows full on that or some paired down version? Do you have a full USB 2.0 port or something else? Can you install drivers and other software on your device or is it more restricted? If you have a full version of Windows on it with a proper USB 2.0 port then it's likely to work. However, we are talking a fringe case with very...
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