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I normally associate the Conductor with larger cans. I've seen it and the Soloist (which is basically just the amp-section of the Conductor) reviewed with HE-500's and LCD-2's.The best thing I've seen that could possibly drive something of that scale as well as an 8.A is the WA7, which is why I'm considering it.
You can have perfect impressions and the Wizard do a perfect job and you'd still have the possibility of refits. That's just the nature of anything bespoke; so many variables come into play that, sometimes, things just don't work out as you'd like.However, I get the impression refits are the exception and not the rule. If you're reticence for getting customs is that you'll have to do a refit then just make sure you get a good audiologist who knows what they're doing and...
I usually use something like Nujabes to test bass, but any track that has bass you should hear it. What's your chain?
Agreed, very interesting read. I did skim a bit in the early theory bit, but the rest of it made sense to me, given what little technical knowledge I have. It still sounds like 88.2 has some benefits over the normal 44.1, but that a solid 44.1 would work just as well. However, I now have absolutely no desire to try out 192, not that I had much of one before.I do love the way my 8.A sounds, and I do think there's a bit of a shift in how it sounds now that I've had it. It...
That's what she said.Sorry.Um, it varies. The ones in my 8.A aren't as deep as the ones that were in my 4.A's. It varies.
See a little dark grey cylinder in the tube? Bingo.If you can't see it: Just use two fingers to hold it and never press against anything that's not the wall of the tube. Gentle as a falling feather.
The tubes aren't some super sensitive audio-specific material so no, they are safe to scrape. Though, you shouldn't have to do it hard enough to actually cause damage. Just be careful about the filters. One of mine is actually close enough to touch, if only just barely, and I avoid it.On a different note...My 8.A's have done something that my 4.A's never did: They have made me wonder what HD music would sound like with them. I spent the last year slowly updating my library...
Sometimes my 8.A's catch me off-guard when I'm wearing them. I'll just be sitting, designing, coding, whatever and suddenly something about a particular song just hits me. The quality of the bass, how perfect the rest of it sounds, how cohesive it all feels... It's so perfect that I find it hard to continue. I'm having to work doubly hard just to keep my productivity up. Worth it.
It's important to remember your accountant is an employee and can only dispense advice, not orders or commandments.Just stick your fingers in your ears and go, "Nunny-nunny-nah-nah can't hear you!"
Don't hold your breath, I'm not. Not that I remember, no.That seems to be a pretty common thing for UHA-6S mk.II users, from what I hear. I wonder if the DAC section is what's holding me back... I don't have the right cable to test the analogue in but I might just do that. That way I could bypass the DAC and replace it with something better.
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