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No matter how much I loved the 4.A and think it's quite possibly the best headphone I've ever listened to in so many ways I always just wanted a bit more low-end extension. The 8.A gives me that in spades. If you've ever found yourself thinking, "I wish I got a bit more oomph out of this song..." then you'll probably like the 8.A more than the 4.A. But, both are solid headphones, it's just whether you want something that sounds more natural or more... full? That's the...
Short answer: Yes.Long answer: To varying degrees, yes.
What do you guys recommend as an alternative to the Magnus cable? I'm looking for something with a similar sound but, oddly enough, shorter plugs. Between the wire and the plugs it sticks forward enough that it presses against my head and, especially on the left, has a tendency of keeping me from getting the perfect seal. The cable for my 8.A is actually different fromt the Magnus they have pictures of on the site. Not sure if it's just because I got a different batch or...
Heir uses the standard ones that work with Westone and the like. If it works for them it'll work for Heir, at least that's what I've been lead to believe.Of course, you can always ask the maker directly. I've actually noticed a number of cable vendors specifically mentioning that they make cables that are Heir Audio friendly. PlusSound being an example:
It occasionally happens in the left, but far less frequently. However, reversing them would definitely tell me something. I'll give it a shot, thanks!
Yeah, going to go with an old favorite response of mine, "I reject your premise". None of these distinctions feel right to me as they all have some fatal flaw in the logic. Each one, in their own way, is looking for the best sound they can. Yes, even group four because, quite simply, if they didn't specifically care about audio there are far better groups to try to fake your way into. Sports, for example. I'd say I start with 1, mix in a little of 3 and swirl it around...
Let's say a man has a Schiit Lyr. Let's say that he occasionally gets a buzzing in the right channel. Let's say if he shifts the tube in it's socket the buzzing goes away. Let's say it comes back, regardless, eventually. Would this be a problem with his amp or with the tubes? Or is just a fun little part of having tubes? A man might not know as it might be his first. Sorry... Excited for Game of Thrones.
Sounds like it, but the question is do you have to hold it in place or, once shifted, does it stay? What good is a perfect seal if you have to walk around with your hands on your head?
Depends, every ear is different. I tend to do a bit of pressing, shifting and general wiggling when I insert mine. Play with your insertion method a bit. If you can't get them to seal properly without constant pressure then it might be a fit problem.
Hmm. What would people recommend as a DAC? There was mention of a little USB one before but I can't seem to find it. Open to suggestions.
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