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I stopped looking after I got my Noble 4C. Given one's an open-back planar-magnetic and the other is a CIEM they're pretty close and I love the sound of both.
They wouldn't let me. :P
So a bit of follow up. Firstly, the guys at Hifiman are awesome.When I wrote up this post I figured even if I sent them back it was going to be a few hundred out of pocket at at that price I might as well look at my options. If I ended up buying something else I wasn't going to toss them, I was going to sell them at a discount. The left side is still good and I have two cables (the original stock cable and an after-market one) as well as both the display and travel...
They're two years old and the warranty is only one year, but it's worth a shot.
So I'm pretty sure my HE-500's have crapped out on me. The left side is dead and at first I thought it was the cable, but swapping that proved it wasn't... Then I thought it was the AMP/DAC, but using a different headphone proved it wasn't... Anyway, I find myself in the market for a replacement. Right now I'm considering just getting another pair of HE-500's but I wanted to know if there were any other headphones I should really pay attention to. The 560 seems...
So I recently bought the Noble Audio 4C and, to my ears, it's a pretty close match. Both have really natural sound and only give you thumping bass when it's actually supposed to be there. The one area the 4C doesn't keep up with the HE-500 is in sound stage, but that's to be expected given the kinds of headphones we're talking about.If you'er still in the market for a CIEM that sounds like the HE-500, that'd be a good place to start.
To my ears the 4C is a grown-up 4.A. It's figured out what it's trying to be and it's been doing it long enough to have really be good at it. I actually prefer it's bass to my 8.A because the 8.A seemed to push a bit more bass into a song that was necessarily there. The 4C doesn't, it just gives it to you in spades when it's supposed to and then doesn't when it's not.I love accurate headphones...Seriously, this thing is my HE-500 in-ear. Only area my HE-500 beats my 4C...
Loving them. My one concern going in on the 4C was bass, whether or not it would be present enough. At this point I'd say the bass is fantastic. It's never too much and on tracks what it should be present it sounds like a sub in my head.
Think I know how I'm spending my lunch break.
One of the reasons I want to do it too, haha. How difficult was it to do? I'm strongly tempted since in every other regard I love the cable.
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