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Thanks for the info. I'll probably contact JH Audio, see what they say. Anyone else, any other suggestions?
Hmm. I suppose. Though I rarely get that very strong urge to replace my headphones. I've had my HE-500 for a few years now and have pretty much no desire to replace.How do you find the comfort with the cable from your Angies? I'm still on a search but aside from that damned cable I keep coming back to the 13v2 as probably the sound for me...
More if I get the right set of headphones I won't need to. It seems like an extra feature that I won't get much if any use out of.
I don't see the point of in-CIEM adjustable bass. And it has the same cable that I'm concerned about with the new JH 13. It's also more expensive and more than I'd prefer to pay.
How's the sound stage? One of the things I loved about the 13 was that wide sound stage, it's one of my favorite things about my HE-500 (though I don't expect any CIEM to come close to that).
I'm in the market for new CIEMs and was wondering what people thought of my options. Right now the possible lead contender is the JH Audio 16pro. My last CIEM was the 13pro and the Noble 4c before that. I currently own the Heir Audio 8.a and used to own the Heir Audio 4.a. In general, here were my thoughts: - Heir Audio 4.a: Little lacking in the bass but otherwise solid. - Heir Audio 8.a: Too much bass. - Noble 4c: Still lacking a bit in the bass area. - JH Audio 13pro:...
My office is looking at buying a in-office PA system. I got roped in because I'm probably the one who knows most about this sort of stuff (though almost nothing about this area of audio) so I was hoping you guys might know more. Basically, we do talks occasionally in the office and while before we were just using a crappy boombox with an XLR input we now want to step it up a bit. So here are the requirements: - Needs to have 2 mic inputs via XLR, 3 or 4 would be better -...
I tried it, it didn't even see almost any of my music. I have about 1,500 songs I wanted to sync. I saw 200 scattered amongst a few of my playlists.If you have the same problem try iSyncR, it works great.
I'm kind of new to Android and so far the biggest pain-point has been pretty much anything to do with audio playback... I'm an iOS convert so almost all of my music is ALAC, including several albums I have that are 24/96. I tried PowerAmp (seemed to be the most recommended audio app out there) but it played my 24/96 ALAC files at 1/3 the speed. Apparently there's a bug with how 24/96 files present themselves on Android? Has anyone come across this bug and is there a...
I stopped looking after I got my Noble 4C. Given one's an open-back planar-magnetic and the other is a CIEM they're pretty close and I love the sound of both.
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