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The questyle thing sounds weird. A pre that is designed to change the sound or frequency response of the stax amp/009? The stax involvement part sounds weird too.The box is very high quality. Very light wood by design, for storage of the phones.
 Will pm you.
You don't need to worry about the 3675 if you use the ceramic pads and pps shoulder washers. Otherwise you will need to change the recipe a bit to get the 4686 to work.
Pretty sure the "my clone" was referring to Gilmore's version of the RKV, as he posted the schematics on his site. he was not referring to any of his electrostatic amps. Or did I misunderstand your post?
Your issue doesn't sound anything like the imbalance issue some have discussed. Your 009 sound like they are clearly defective or were somehow damaged.Also the "sealed" plastic bag is just a bag that is sealed with a piece of tape.
Pretty sure the only possibilities are choosing from various colours, low/high bias, rk50/dact, and mains voltage.
Hey Dan, thinking you might want to try new pads on your mk1 as that is the first I heard of the mk1 being compared to any lambda. I get that we all hear differently, so who knows? Personally, I have trouble choosing a favorite between the 009 and the mk1, but as between the mk1 and mk2, the mk1 is the more balanced and well defined (that said, you can't go wrong with the mk2 as it is clearly a totl headphone).
Is there an AMB electrostatic amp design out there? Or were you referring to some other DIY electrostatic amp?
This doesn't sound like the imbalance that some folks complain of that ends up resolving on its own. Unfortunately, it sounds like you need another stat amp to check. I am assuming you swapped the inputs to see if the symptoms switched as well. If your amp uses tubes, have you swapped them as well? If you have a dmm and are familiar with the process of checking bias, balance and offset that might tell you something (though good readings wouldn't rule out the amp).
Sounds like a cheap one would run 15k at least, from a builder. If it is ever released maybe you could save a little and build it yourself. But for some reason I am not holding my breath on this one...
New Posts  All Forums: