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 You should try a search as he has posted his thoughts more than once,.
 Did you try counting them? You probably only need one hand if you are being conservative and doing some weighing, and no more than two hands if you are being generous. Just going to your point about forums slanting the figures and then you also say "it does seem a lot of 009s had to go back" - so what is "a lot" and how many did you count?
The IXYS parts were the excellent replacement for the sanyo parts. Although I had both Sanyo and IXYS versions of the KGSSHV (though not running at the same time) I never did a side-by-side with the DIY-T2. Suffice to say the T2 is nicer to my ears - whether the money and effort is justified is an individual decision. Never heard the BHSE so can't provide any insight, though there is at least one person on these boards who has all three and he prefers the DIY-T2.
 Yes, I found 40 min to 1hr for the KGSSHV to hit its stride. Interestingly, the T2 is up to speed in a much shorter time span.  Partly, as there are still a few discontinued parts that are used even in the iXYS version. It was really the scarcity and price of the Sanyo 1968 part that was the issue. Not sure if the newest iterations of the kGSSHV boards have suitable replacements for all the discontinued transistors.
 Regarding the minor indentation, these are assembled by hand so fumbling can occur. And there is never any shrink wrap on the outer printed box, though there shouldn't have been any tape on the box (unless they just started doing this recently), just the inner bag that wraps the wooden box would be taped. Sounds like you received a brand new pair, as you would expect, but with a minor imperfection.
He doesn't have imbalance issues. He just doesn't yet have an amp to power his 009s yet so doesn't know whether he will encounter any issues.
Selling a good condition Stax SR-X Mk3. Headpad has some cracks on the head side (as seen in the photos) and the ear pads are in good condition. These are normal bias. For anyone in the GTA wishing to pick up I do not currently have a normal bias amp, but feel free to bring yours (or an energizer) to test it out. Price is $180 plus shipping and pp fees.
 Sorry, are you saying you have the 009? Plus I really don't think there is anything for Stax to do. You can search Spritzer's comments on the issue on the other site (as he rarely posts here any more). Unlike other headphone makrers, given the niche nature of the product, the high price of the product, the lack of a developed dealer network, the heavy use of PJ as a source and the extra steps entailed, those few who experience issues without immediate satisfaction will...
I am guessing that may be due to the higher volume going through PJ. But the percentages stated above by Macroarment are based out of frustration, not fact. When one scan this thread, you get between 4-6 pairs reported as being defective - some reports were mistaken, some were not reports, some had no repairs, some had repairs/replacement. But whenever there is an issue, the trumpets are sounded - really quite overblown. Send them back if you feel there is an issue, just...
  But your issue isn't with Stax. Airbow is a third party that does a bunch of mods to a stock Stax 307/407 unit, so it is betwen you and Airbow, not Stax. Besides, this thread is related to 009 imbalance issues - it would be better to indicate that you have a modded 307 or 407, otherwise people might think you are referring to a 009.
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