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Please, head back down. I vote for "most useless thread of the month". As an aside, had the HD800, sold them long ago. Great headphone and quite a step up from my hd650. But a step that is greater to some than it is to others.
Even the sz2 MK2 (the earlier non 2.5) is very different. It is still a top of the line headphone, but you immediately notice the slightly flabbier bass and the top end is not as smooth. For the sz2, this can be cured with the port mod (and better still with mk1 earpad springs). I have never heard the 2.5.
At your stated budget, your best bang for the buck would be a used KGSSHV or a KGST. I can't comment on other amps in that price range.For the 007, are you getting a mk1, mk2 or mk2.5? All three are different ( and some would say there are even 3 iterations of the mk1).
  Just amazing.   My lesson is to stop arguing with fools... I just hope others can see through the garbage.
 This, and what paradoxper set out. Plus, I would say the feedback mod brings the 727 to the level of the original KGSS - for less money. It does not bring it to the level of the KGSSHV, but then again, the KGSSHV is in a completely different price bracket for most people. Just like the T2 is in a completely different price bracket for people who bought a BHSE with RK50. Astro, nothing you ever said was relevant to the original poster, as he just confirmed. Plus what...
 Stampede.... at least for those with the cash....
 Just to be clear, there is no comparison between a KGSSHV and a DIY-T2. To use your hyperbolic approach, "it was like pulling cotton out of my ears". Look, "dude", I get it. You have a very very nice KGSSHV and you want to believe it is the best of the best, and trouncing other options makes you feel better. I am just glad you don't have a T2 as the thread would be flooded with comments like "just get a T2, the bhse is utter crap in comparison", or "I had a KGSSHV before...
 Certainly because you already have the 009 I wouldn't be saying you need to hear the 007, as the 009 are awesome. But it does sound like something might have been off, so if you ever get the chance to hear another 007mk1 or mk2 I would highly recommend you give them another try.
Sure, instead of paying $3382 (the equivalent of me buying a 727 in your neck if the woods) for a 727, I would get a kgsshv first. That would be a no brainer. But buying a 727 for $1200-1500... that is a very different story.
 You must be kidding. I just wrote in the post you quoted from: "I said this before and am saying it again: I do not recommend people do the transistor mod, it is major surgery."Please start reading things properly. As I said, I think the reason you spout out so much misinformation is because you have difficulty reading.
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