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I am sure you will enjoy these tubes when you get them.
Is it Watford?
You just might want to use some caution if there really is no such thing as an "industrial" version that is of purportedly higher quality.
The picture is actually of an el34 that was a factory modified el60 - they are very rare. So technically that is not a picture of an el60. And by characteristics, I would suspect this seller would suggest that all the earlier iterations are the same from a technical perspective other than the different base. Seen these eBay sellers doing this routinely.
Would like to hear more about this "industrial" version. Never heard of such a distinction with el34 before.
In the write up above he/she actually claims the el61 along with the el60 have the same characteristics as the el34.
I see now, they sell tubes as well...
That site claims the el61 is the same as el34, but it is not. Use it in your bhse at your peril. The el60, however, is the same, just a different pin out.
The 207 has different drivers than the 307, 407 and 507 (which all share the same driver).
Don't waste your time with this guy. He just says whatever and is 100% correct all the time. I asked KG, and he told me so.
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