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Not sure where you get your "electrostats barely reach 45%" from, but stators are supposed to be as stiff as possible so that they do not move. Not sure that thin metal mesh is the best approach in achieving the required stiffness.
 I suspect that in most cases people shouldn't be doing any adjustments, and that the only time you might have out of whack measurements is when using out of whack tubes (usually new production or non true el34 tubes), which probably should mean you should look to other tubes. People shouldn't assume they need to make adjustments because they are changing the tubes. Instead, if they are inclined, or are not using tested used/new old stock tubes, then they may want to check...
Regardless of where you use them, NOS tubes don't stay perfectly matched for very long once you start using them. But I wouldn't sweat it as it usually doesn't make much of a difference and the bhse doesn't push the tubes very hard.
Sorry, what specifically is the issue with mosfets in electrostatic amplifiers? They are used in the kgsshv carbon, among others.
Working on my second at the moment.
All good. Need to have you over at some point to hear the carbon with your 009 and 007.
Right, right, out of Montreal. I think you mentioned them to me before, but they slipped my mind.
My own experience about 4 years ago with getting a quote to replace arced and blown 007 drivers (not by me) was around $2300 from yamas. I politely thanked them and said "I would think about it".
I wouldn't lose sleep over the direct from Japan versus north American reseller. There was a fellow (tmoney I believe) who had a bad driver out of warranty and the repair cost from stax usa/yamas was higher than the price of a brand new pair from Japan.
 Did you try it with the cables switched right to left just to rule out the adapters (assuming you did)? And if you have access to a known good stax amplifier you could see if the imbalance is still there, or if it is with the amp. That said, it is unlikely to be the amp, except to the extent that there is some imbalance at the volume pot, which is not unheard of, particularly at lower sound levels - plus, not aware of any non-stax electrostatic amp that has the split...
New Posts  All Forums: