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Were you asking them to send them in for service or were you asking for a refund?
Yeah, there are a lot of drop in replacements that still have different voltage attributes. The thing with the bhse is that it wasn't designed for tube rolling - people should just be aware of the risks.
Sure but "real deal" kt77 are still not identical to el34.
Measuring perfectly on a tube tester doesn't mean they didn't ruin your bhse. From what I have read kt77 are not identical to the el34 spec-wise, and second that you act at your own peril when you drop in Chinese or Russian made kt77s. Stick with what is spec'd and you should be fine. Go ahead and try the older el34s, but don't stray from the spec. Even some 6ca7 have a different internal structure to a true el34.
Would be a premonition if it was posted in the 1950s, but since the new Luminere is using '60s tech and ideas (a head-amp with a stax-compatible transformer box built in) it is more like Déjà vu.
 ... and then remove all the internals of the EC445 and place a RKV mkII into the empty chassis... then say "Audiovalve, you are my master and I love thee", three times in the mirror.. swallow the red pill... and voila... you are part of an elite group of audiophiles fighting the "man"....
It's based on numbers, not a date. So if the quota is filled you won't be in the next batch. No idea what the number is or where its at, but Justin has indicated here or elsewhere that its certainly more than 60% sold. If you really want one you shouldn't delay.
Thinking of selling an original first version of the Stax SR-007 - serial 70359 - one of the first 300 hundred made. It is the best of the MK1 007 and significantly better than the current 007 MK2.5. It is in excellent condition and comes with the carbon fibre style flight case (foam is in great shape), manual and outer box (but was mixed up and has a different serial number on it). Functionally, these are in perfect condition. If you are not sure of the significance of...
Cut the seller some slack. He is throwing in the Orpheus remote control at no extra cost and is offering free shipping...Cut the seller some slack. He is throwing in the Orpheus remote control at no extra cost and is offering free shipping...
Ditto. But am sure some other wackiness will keep things going well into 2015 and beyond!
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