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Sorry, what specifically is the issue with mosfets in electrostatic amplifiers? They are used in the kgsshv carbon, among others.
Working on my second at the moment.
All good. Need to have you over at some point to hear the carbon with your 009 and 007.
Right, right, out of Montreal. I think you mentioned them to me before, but they slipped my mind.
My own experience about 4 years ago with getting a quote to replace arced and blown 007 drivers (not by me) was around $2300 from yamas. I politely thanked them and said "I would think about it".
I wouldn't lose sleep over the direct from Japan versus north American reseller. There was a fellow (tmoney I believe) who had a bad driver out of warranty and the repair cost from stax usa/yamas was higher than the price of a brand new pair from Japan.
 Did you try it with the cables switched right to left just to rule out the adapters (assuming you did)? And if you have access to a known good stax amplifier you could see if the imbalance is still there, or if it is with the amp. That said, it is unlikely to be the amp, except to the extent that there is some imbalance at the volume pot, which is not unheard of, particularly at lower sound levels - plus, not aware of any non-stax electrostatic amp that has the split...
Unfortunately, asking about "Siemens el34" is pretty meaningless given that there are probably a dozen variations of el34 with"siemens" printed on them.
Heat is moderate at best, and it runs the el34 safely under its operating limits. From what I have heard about sed winged c is that your experience is not uncommon. A good quality real el34 should last several years.
Does sound like a fuse. Pretty sure there was some discussion in the bhse thread where Justin indicated that he has gone to slightly higher rated fuses as a number of them were blowing prematurely. Cost of replacing the fuses would be $1-2 and is easy to do.
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