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Does sound like a fuse. Pretty sure there was some discussion in the bhse thread where Justin indicated that he has gone to slightly higher rated fuses as a number of them were blowing prematurely. Cost of replacing the fuses would be $1-2 and is easy to do.
 Correction as the case wasnt exactly my design - I copied Kevin Gilmore's DIY-T2 chassis for a small T2 group buy a while back, had a few extra custom heatsinks made and then had some front and back plates made (with CAD help from another member) so I could case up a Carbon or two. And yes, the case is stout, nearly 15lbs of t6061 aluminum.
  Regarding the chassis size issue, you have been misled on the relationship of the chassis size and the high voltages. The only things that dictates chassis size is heat dissipation and whether everything can fit - like any other amplifier out there. That said, there probably aren't many estat amp designs out there that could fit in the Cavalli Carbon chassis.
 Glad to hear.
You know what, you're right, I shouldn't care if he is CLEARLY going out of his way to help people here part with their money. In the same way you believe him to be a benevolent friend of the audio community, I choose to believe the opposite, in large part because of his position as a reseller and tight affiliation with the product developer. And there is nothing wrong with people peddling their wares, it just doesn't sit well when there is an effort to appear to be a...
Yes, as you say, with IMHO and YMMV in mind, I cannot see how "Jason is being intentionally neutral" - quite the opposite in fact. But that's just me.
Will you have any of the Stax headphones that your store offers for sale available there as well to compare?
Yeah, to anyone with half a brain, his posts should only serve to make people more guarded and suspicious of this product.
 Totally agree, hence my comment "no commercial viability". Just wanting to clarify the perception that parts are unavailable, as there are oodles of them still available, especially if you can buy in Japan.  Yes. Have not heard anything better, including the Carbon. But to clarify, I have not heard the BHSE, any Cavalli, Woo or Eddie Current, so could not compare those. You are in a much better position than me in the comparison department. The Carbon is still an amazing...
Actually, even though pretty much all the transistors in the t2 are obsolete, they are still available and fakes are easily avoided if you use the right sources. Now the prices are fairly high for those transistors, so there may be some sticker shock and no commercial viability. But similarly with tubes, they are still out there, they just cost a pretty penny.
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