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Sounds like a cheap one would run 15k at least, from a builder. If it is ever released maybe you could save a little and build it yourself. But for some reason I am not holding my breath on this one...
The xf3 and xf4 DD getter tubes are made by Phillips in Holland. The "Valvo" or other brand labelling is independent of the construction or manufacture of the tubes. They are a very good tube.
 Thank you, Arnaud, for illustrating my point quite well. And glad to hear you are enjoying your BHSE.
Mmmmkay. Thank you dear sir for educating me. So in light of that, oh no, not Superfred 21, whatever shall we do?!
Oh no, not Superfred 21! Whatever shall shall we do?! Just keep in mind that there are many different views out there. No need to analyze some old post because of it.
Ummm... No. Don't think your musings count.
Is there a source for this?
Well that certainly makes life easier. They must have stopped using glue at some point. Amarphael's pic looks like he has the glue on his.
The problem i would think with that is they are glued to the boards. Maybe you can pull them up without them disintegrating, not sure, maybe a hotgun to soften the glue. But I would doubt that this fellow has a desoldering iron anyway.
Just enough room to store a couple pairs of shoes in there. Who made the boards and the transport?
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