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That is a 323 before stax cut the leads - and super easy to do. The current ones aren't that simple. Try searching "727 cut leads" or something similar.
The leads are cut though so it is not just a simple resolder job. You need to replace the removed connections to the transformer.
Umm, ok. So you were so excited about this amp even before it existed but you wouldn't consider any of its competitors (that actually did exist)?
Why is it better?
Meant from your perspective given your earlier posts of looking for an all-in-one. Just wondering why you ruled out the malvalve.
How does it compare to the Malvalve amp from Germany, the other "all-in-one"?
Does swapping the tubes really throw balance and offset off? I would be surprised that any adjustment would be needed if you were going to xf2 tubes - as long as you aren't using some variant tube you should be fine. No matter how many different tube sets I have tried in my T2, balance and offset never changed.
Yes, PriceJapan is reputable, and realy the only option outside of authorized dealers. Some dealers can do a bit better than list from what I have heard but pretty sure none can get close to PJ pricing.
Eric, is there a reason why you never looked into the Malvalve all-in-one amplifier? Not something I would buy but it seems like something you would appreciate.
Yeah, I don't consider the move to 009 to be an upgrade so much as a side-grade from the 007mk1 (when fully amped). They are different and each does some things better than the other. I bought and sold the 009 twice before buying it a third time (still have the third one). I could live without it, but not if I don't have to. Not sure I could live without having a mk1 on hand.
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