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In case any Toronto/GTA folk were interested, I saw this KGSS for sale on CAM:
Milosz, by any chance would you happen to have any square wave measurements at lower dB SPL, like 50dB or less. I have not done any listening comparisons between my DIY-T2 and other electrostatic amps i have had, but am curious, particularly since I tend to listen at very low volume levels.Dude, regarding the 2 output jacks issue, I had been under the impression from comments made by Kevin Gilmore that there was little to no difference in running two headphones at the same...
 I am unfortunately of no help in that department.
If the tubes are within the same spec as the tubes original to the Stax it is unlikely that you will need to do anything. It gets tricky when you sub in different tubes that might "seem" identical - here you are effectively making electrical changes to the amp, which I would guess is not the best idea. But keep in mind when you make adjustments to the amp, you are not actually "biasing the tubes". All you can do, without changing the circuit, is adjust the balance and...
 So great! Done deal then! No more thread drift. We can all now return to our regularly scheduled posts regarding the BHSE, ETAs and face plate colours...
 Is that right? I had understood that this fellow had only ever built one other KGSSHV besides yours. But who knows what he might be doing with his spare time while his wife is watching "T'ill Debt do us Part" or "Breaking Amish". And yes, that proximity is pretty convenient.
 Now that is the perfect cover! That is pure genius! I always wondered why we haven't seen these two side-by-side. I mean, who is JW exactly, who is AC.... wait... who am I? This makes inception look like an Adam Sandler film.
 Well I found these two pics, and JW and KG look nothing alike:Here is JW: is KG:
Maybe though it would be more helpful if the threads eric65 started contained in the title the statement "Currently on HCFR....", and keep such cross-posting limited to those threads. Just a thought.
The table is extra too.
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