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I honestly don't do a lot of HP listening these days (don't hurt me!) but I've used Senn HD-600, HD-650 and Grado RS-1 with the headphone out on my MCD-500 with very satisfying results. At least comparable to using an RA-1.
 You appear to have already made up your mind. Different strokes, my friend.
  And now we return to the continuing saga of the SL1200 vs. anything Rega...   To the OP - if you get the chance, listen to them both and let your ears decide.  
  +1. You took the words right out of my keyboard!  
Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda MCD500 or 306 SACD? thinking about making this swap. should i . . . I've never heard the 306 but I couldn't recomend the MCD500 any more highly (YMMV). It does have the McIntosh "house sound" though. What are you looking to hear?
What about bass response in near-field listening? It would seem that the long waves wouldn't have the time or distance to form properly.
Try posting this at There are a lot of vintage equipment "specialists" there that might be able to help you out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bones13 Looks like something to aspire too, especially if SACD remains viable, something I am doubting. SACDs are great on this machine but it really shines on Redbook playback. Just awesome!
Quote: Originally Posted by freakydrew will the Zero DAC suffice? I think not. While I'm not familiar with this specific device, in general a DAC converts a digital signal to analog for playback. Your TT outputs an analog signal to begin with.
I'd rate it fair for a built-in on a CDP. Not quite the equal of my Grado RA-1. I've done some fairly extensive listening with Grado RS-1 and Senn HD-650.
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