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 Apparently Violectric thinks its U.S. customers should be unpaid beta testors.    I expect this from cheap Chinese gear, but an expensive German product built this poorly?    VERY DISCOURAGING.  
Are the V220's in stock yet? 
  My nightmare:   I pay upwards of five grand for a pair or SR-009's and amplification.   And still prefer my HD800's with a good tube amp.     
 Nonsense.    My HD80's sound great with my V200 and spectacular with my one kilobuck tube amp, the Sound Quest SQ84-V2. 
  By what?    
I see the U.S. importer webpage has a 'V800 V2' listed for about $140 up from the V800.   What's the skinny on that? 
If you're using SE HD800's is there any benefit to the 281 over the 220? 
 I'll be selling my V200 as soon as the V220 is shipping.  Funny, I had one in the past, regretted selling it and bought a second one used.   
  So you had a chance to hear a pair then?   Where was this?   
I'm thinking the KS-H3  is a big, big step up from their first model. 
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