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Who wants a usb only dac anyway?   People sitting at their computer listening to headphones.   That is a subset of the market.      I sure wish he would make this amp with no dac.   
A friend of mine is trying one of these and really likes it a lot.   Only $600.     It just came out recently so not much buzz on it yet.      But it's interesting.... I'm going to maybe try one in a month or so.      http://www.littlelabs.com/peppertes.pdf
Can I use this to charge my QP1R?   I'd use the cable that came with it and plug the USB end into this.    https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Charger-PowerPort-Foldable-iPhone/dp/B012WMWPJW/ref=pd_cp_107_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=SBGS2VM6G6R4SW9MXSQY]     I'm tired of having to boot up my computer to charge this thing.      PS:  Speaking of charging, I'm liking the new V1.0.6 firmware. 
 I bought the leather case for mine, aside from being easier to handle maybe it will help protect the unit in case of a drop. 
 I'm liking my S better than my Non-S as well.   They are obviously close relations, but the S is smoother, more musical.   It's really an ultimate destination headphone.  I'm very curious to try them on an amp with a balanced input. 
 Is there any DAP on the market that isn't built in China? 
  I got mine yesterday.   They're wonderful.   Listening to all my favorite music is like hearing it for the first time.  
  Ten feet. 
Got an email this morning from Chad Stelly at Acoustic Sounds - they have these in.   He gave one a brief 'out of the box' listen last night and liked it a lot.  
Free paypal and $15 shipping.   These are a very nice upgrade for the HD800, here's a blurb which I stole from Music Direct:        This Cardas-Senheiser HD800 Headphone Upgrade Cable is built specifically for the HD800s. Substantially superior to the stock cable that comes with the HD800s, this cable will finally allow your headphones to resolve all the information your equipment is delivering.   This cable not only adds more detail to the presentation, it increases...
New Posts  All Forums: