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 I went from 800 to 800S and consider it a worthwhile upgrade.   A better upgrade than some amp changes I've made.  
I suspect this will be spectacular.   I like the option for a phono stage, that's pretty rare in headphone amps. 
 Thanks for the tip on the sale.  I couldn't resist at that price, V280 on the way. 
 Thanks.   Thanks to an earlier post I opened up my HD800S box and saw the cable is 4-pin XLR.   Not sure why I thought it was the mini-XLR.  
The only headphone cords I've ever used have had standard 1/4" jacks.  I know my HD800S's came with a 'mini XLR' cable for 'balanced' use into an amp that has that kind of input (two small plugs, one for each channel).  The V280 has a single 4-pin XLR plug. I know people generally say 'balanced is quite a bit better' but is there any benefit at all to switching from a 1/4" plug to a 4 pin XLR?  I always thought 'balanced = XLR' but I guess I'm not sure about if that...
 So you've heard the Sonadac?  
Who wants a usb only dac anyway?   People sitting at their computer listening to headphones.   That is a subset of the market.      I sure wish he would make this amp with no dac.   
A friend of mine is trying one of these and really likes it a lot.   Only $600.     It just came out recently so not much buzz on it yet.      But it's interesting.... I'm going to maybe try one in a month or so.
Can I use this to charge my QP1R?   I'd use the cable that came with it and plug the USB end into this.]     I'm tired of having to boot up my computer to charge this thing.      PS:  Speaking of charging, I'm liking the new V1.0.6 firmware. 
 I bought the leather case for mine, aside from being easier to handle maybe it will help protect the unit in case of a drop. 
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