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The classic is getting a little long in the tooth, I wonder if there will be an updated model sometime soon? 
1490 euros = $2000.    That's before they add in any import costs.    Looks too pricey for what it is.   A  pity.  
 I'm sick of 'all in one' units.   Keep your DAC out of my headphone amp, I already have a DAC (who doesn't?).  If this was just a headphone amp I'd have been interested.    This?   No.  
So what's the skinny on availability?   It says 'register to be informed' .... anyone been informed yet? 
 Yes, but are they more comfortable than headphones that actually ARE comfortable?  
 Being better than hifiman and audeze construction wise is like being the best hockey team in Peru.  Faint praise. 
  Soundstage and comfort.......  
This is exciting but what I'm really interested in is a ship date for that amp/dac.   
 Don't forget the HD800's.    
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