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 That's not fair.  To the LCD-3.     Comparing a headphone that is so uncomfortable that you don't want to use it to one of the most comfortable cans around.  
Anyone know when the kimber cable will be available?
Twelve hundred pounds?    That's a lot for a little chinese tube amp. 
It's in the link.   Very cool.   I'd love to see Hafler gear on the market again.
 I've owned an HDP.    It is not up to pushing the Z7's.   On my $1300 tube and and SACD player the Z7's sound wonderful.
Last night I listened to one of my favorite cds, Bernard Herrmans score to Francois Truffault's 'Fahrenheit 451'.   This is the fairly recent recording on Tribute with William Stromberg and  the Moscow Symphony.   It was amazing.     Guys, forget the graphs and the fussing and listen to these cans.   They're wonderful.   And a bargain at the price.   
It's my understanding the stepped pot used in this amp only has 24 steps.    Do you have the 'now it's too soft, now it's too loud' problem?    How is the gain?   
Can someone answer a basic knucklehead question for me?    These come with two cables, one for a standard jack and one for balanced.     The balanced cable has two mini plugs on it.   I always thought the 'balanced' option looked like an XLR plug?     What am I missing here?
After nearly four hours of listening..... I'm liking these more and more.   VERY good headphones.    They sound great on my tube amp but they are a particularly good match with my V200. 
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