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 May I ask where in Japan you ordered them from and what cost?
 Yeah, that's a concern of mine as well - that these will be priced for the ferrari crowd.  
Crazy.   Pricing. 
Bump.    Jeez, Heed can't get a break in this place.    I've no idea why.     After all the fuss people made over the Canamp (it was FOTM for YEARS) I'm surprised this has been flying under the radar for so long. 
How could that be, I heard it sounds like an Audeze?  
Question for folks who may have heard both:    Are current production 407's about the same as the 507's?    Or are the 507's still noticeably better?     All comments welcome. 
 Once January 1 and the big price jump hits reviews will be kind of moot. 
I keep looking at for the MUC-B30UM1 kimber cable, but no luck. 
$1670 for a V220?     That's kiss of death.   Just don't see that product being worth almost two grand.    If I don't buy one before January I never will.     A pity to see companies pricing themselves out of the market.
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