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Have you emailed Chord to ask them about the grounding plug? 
This is a very clean pair of the classic ADS 400 speaker.    Grills are perfect, drivers are perfect, they sound like new.   The cabinets have some small scratches, not very deep - from two feet away they are VERY hard to see.    I'd say this is one of the cleanest pairs of vintage ADS speakers I've seen.     These are absolutely comparable to modern speaker like the Peachtree D5 (I've done a direct compare) and even more expensive speakers like Spendor or Harbeth (I own...
 It's a nice looking piece of gear and I'm going to listen to it on the loan program.    But yeah... I'd be happier if it were $999 at most.  I guess that's the price for having something made in England instead of China.   But still...... 
 I can't think of any other dac/amp combo in that price range I'd prefer to the Marantz. 
 We'll agree to disagree.   It's been my experience that dac's in a similar price range are pretty similar.  W4S Dac1, Peachtree One, Rega dac - all sounded pretty similar.   I had a minor preference for the Peachtree but I could have lived with any of them.   The Chord is more expensive than those, but in this case I think the additional expense is justified. 
 Dramatically better resolution on the Chord.   Way more detail.   Bigger soundstage, tighter and lower bass.     It's not subtle.   The Chord is twice the money but as Ferris Bueller would say, 'if you have the means I highly recommend picking one up'.  I cannot think of any piece of gear I've bought in years that has given me as much enjoyment as this dac. 
Call Chad Stelly at acoustic sounds.     I've been doing business with him for years, he's a great guy.    And I know he has them in stock, we were just talking about these on Friday (yes, I bought one from him). 
If you sign up for the Graham Slee forum there's a loaner program in the U.S. so you can try some of their gear, including this amp. 
I just bought a 2Qute and it is far and away the best dac I've heard.   I just put my Marantz on the 'for sale amplification' forum. 
      Perfect condition (as new) Marantz HD-DAC1 headphone amp/dac for sale.     This will ship in original box just like new.   The remote hasn't been used once, batteries are still wrapped up.   Email if questions.   I'll post some pictures later today.     Paypal is free, shipping is $25.  
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