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 I'll sell you my V200.     I plan on buying a V220, but I always like to wait until something has been in production for at least six months.   
Seriously?   It has ONE analog input and that is via mini-plug?       REALLY?   WTF are they thinking?       Serious headphone guys want to hook up their turntables, or SACD players, OR BOTH.    But not here.      What knuckleheads. 
Does the HPA V220 have its own thread?     Surprised there's no reviews on that yet. 
 You left out ridiculously heavy and uncomfortable.   
 I'm waiting for the 'pear of agony' matching DAC.  
Some advice here please.    The V281 has balanced inputs, yes?   So, it's $500 for amp over the V220 (non-balanced) and another $300 for the balanced cables.      Balanced really make that much of a difference on HD800's?    All comments, speculation, etc, welcome. 
 Well, maybe some people like their headphones to look like medieval torture devices. 
 Frank,  Looking forward to your comments on both the V281 and the V220.  Congrats on the new website, very nice!
I think they did the right thing.   
 Apparently Violectric thinks its U.S. customers should be unpaid beta testors.    I expect this from cheap Chinese gear, but an expensive German product built this poorly?    VERY DISCOURAGING.  
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