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Just researching this topic and wanting some feedback if possible. Many thanks.
Don't get me wrong..I have other phones and loudspeakers which fulfil my needs superbly. I just wanted to know if there were any mods people do on the 650?
I haven't been on this site for years but the hd650 is still the king phone!....with double the hits here as the hd800 thread? It's crazy! Not much has changed. My 650 has been sitting in the top of a cupboard for five years or more due to natural selection. Imo its hardly worth the effort to sell this kind of stuff...more fun to get it out for a comparison every few years. It was the bass of the 650 which was the big let down for me. I really loved everything else, but...
....dt150 and ultrasone 900 was due. Both are simply superb. Those dt150 are just so silky smooth but with a nuggety and deep tight lower frequency and bass response which makes other phones sound anaemic. No long term problems whatsoever from the brutal burn in. The ultrasone pro900 are the the 'funnest' phones I have, with possibly even deeper bass than any beyer and a crazy holographic soundstage too boot. A heap of felt has cured a forward top end superbly. The...
I thought an update on
Just found this ancient thread and thought i would update it in SOBER HINDSIGHT.           just as true today as a few years back. much better phones now but the same ultimate scenario.  
forget taking the plate on and off! just make up a matrix of felt squares about 5mm in width. start placing them all over the plate....and over half+ of the sound holes joined togehter! yes! cover a good proportion of the sound holes! (dont fiddle with the diaphragm things) adjust and replace pads as necessary. stick on jeans first so felt not too tacky.   it'll be just like filling your theatre with people.   i had the massively forward treble toned down so much...
kick drums are indeed astounding.   unless you have hearing loss/damage, heavily tone down that otherwise excellent treble, and the rest just falls into place in the most stunning fashion.
with respect to kees mod, they dont need this fussing about. they need dampening and covering of a good portion of the sound holes to settle them down a bit. 5 bucks of sticky felt. no soldering required. they sound stunning straight out of an ipod. the easiest hifi product ever to mod due to its steel plate and twisting earcups.
these phones are fekking stunning. after my substantial tweaks and very nasty burn in, they are clearly number one now. Unbelievable bass and soundstage. truly stunning. they have overtaken the legendary and mysteriously good DT150. for reference, they make my HD650 sound like $3.50 items from K-Mart.   i have many sets of phones stashed under the bed, and this one is taken out more than the others. like most good equipment, it did need tweaking though.   if...
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