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Could anybody please help me with the recording setting for a research project in acoustic phonetics?   I was collecting some pilot speech data for pitch and intensity analysis on Praat, but something seemed to have gone wrong with the equipment configuration. I was using Sony ECM55B lavaliere condenser mic mounted on the speaker's shirt about 20cm from mouth, and the mic was connected to a Marantz PMD660 flash recorder, both on loan to me. The output should be 16...
Great pics...great thread! Is this by any chance also the longest head-fi thread? (2345 posts)
  How many more are there, i wonder...
The opposite of cold sound. See this post  
nice play of words. lol  
Glad to know they turned out authentic. I got my pair boxed from an Amazon UK seller last year for a bit more than that.   Just out of curiosity. Did yours come in original box or just plastic bag?  
^ I would worry about the packaging. The cable also looks suspicious. And the price... too low to be genuine
^ Please note that the Apple In Ear reviewed in that post refers to the 2nd generation with microphone and remote control. It has two drivers in each earpiece and hence called ADDIEM (Apple dual driver in ear monitor) on head-fi. That actually is not a bad product at all. It is a clean sounding pair of phones but will not be liked by bass-heads.   You might be advised to stay away from...
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