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 The advice I took to heart was when someone said "You can start with cheap tubes and work your way up, or you can start at the top where you'll probably end up anyway and save all that money you would have spent on the cheap tubes". I got the Telefunken platinum grade from Upscale Audio. Love them. Since then I've acquired Philips Miniwatt SQ, '75 Reflektor, and some Amperex white label, and all of them sound great with small differences between them. The Telefunkens are...
 I resisted tubes for years because I didn't see how they could be different from solid state. I finally broke down and got a Lyr 2 and a set of tubes that others seemed to like a lot.  To me, the quality of the sound between the tubes and solid state is very similar, but tubes do impart some slight coloration, and that coloration does vary from tube to tube. Ok, no biggie, but if that was the only difference I would have moved on. However, in addition to the slight sound...
 Try an older version of the USB driver. I tried their newer versions on Windows 7/8.1/10 and couldn't get them to work (hung with the same message you say) so the older one (1.01 I think? Also available on the Schiit download page) was the only one I got to work.
 You'd think the powered hub would address this issue, but I'll ask anyway because it happened to me. How long is your USB cable? I tried a 10-footer and it would work for a few minutes and drop out. Went to a six-footer of the same brand and quality, haven't had a problem since.
 Yeah, that was my first question. 
 I resisted tubes themselves for many years but now I'm a believer in the wider soundstage and the subtle sound differences of different tubes because I can hear it. Maybe I'll get a pair of used tubes that have been cryo'd and then I'll discover that makes a difference in the sound, but until then I'm squeamish about messing with my tubes! I didn't think cables made any difference because the wire that runs from the connector to the driver can't be changed, and then Dan...
 Why would I want a process done to my tubes that changes the physical composition of them? I like the sound and longevity of them as they are. And who knows what it does in the long term? That's how I look at it.
 The box is delivered with GUMB written on the side. :)
 As a "because I can" I ran a coax cable out of my DX90 into the GMB and my eyebrows went up at the quality of the sound. I'm not sure it was better than the USB, but it was certainly good enough for me to take notice. Now I'm wondering about the optical quality.
I too moved from a Bifrost Uber to a GMB, and the only way I can describe the difference is I hear "more". More what? Just more. There's more music in the music, if that makes any sense. It's not more bass, or more treble, or more detail, or maybe it's all of those, but I just hear more meat/depth/quantity/quality in the music.   The music sounds better loud, especially. Before, I had an upper limit to the volume before it got tiresome or overwhelming or whatever. Now...
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