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 I replaced an iPod Touch with an iBasso DX90 and that change gave me more and better sound without touching anything else. Of course the Magni 2 Uber I added later helped as well, but your amp is only as good as the source of your music. Just my 64 cents (2 cents in adjusted 1976 dollars :)
Evidently not
 That depends on the tubes and the source, I guess. I only report what I hear and the Ether bass was stronger than my other cans on the Lyr. Deep, impactful, detailed bass but just a bit too much of it for my taste.  I had the same reaction to the Denon 2000/5000 I had and EQ-ed them down a bit but the Ether's bass is far superior to what the Denons ever had. I suspect I'll get used to it. 
 The 560s have bass but you have to listen for it. The Ethers have bass whether you listen for it or not. The perfect setup for one is not perfect for the other, I will agree. And as I said, I'm no basshead so the bass on the 560s was fine most of the time. I should have put a smiley after saying "the bass disappears" because that was a relative statement comparing the two.  The Ether bass is on par with the mids and treble. The 560 bass takes a back seat to the mids and...
These are the first headphones I've listened to that rival speakers. I generally prefer speakers because the sound fills the room and isn't concentrated right around your head. The Ethers don't quite spread the sound around the room, but for headphones they do just let the music sound like it sounds in a pretty large space. I don't hear any coloration or a frequency spread where they concentrate their energy, such as the HE-560s where most of their energy is in the upper...
Heh, I'm a programmer so I try everything when something doesn't seem right. I had the connectors facing forward but "red=right" is so ingrained I tried the cans on backwards just in case. But thanks for setting me straight.
Ok, I feel dumb, but I thought I would post this because I'm a masochist and I like to be made fun of.    There is a piece of red tape around one of the cable connectors and for audio I've always thought red meant right channel so that's where I connected it. It worried me that the cans didn't sound that good, so in the course of trying to figure out why, I switched the connectors. Now the red tape is on the left cup and everything sounds so much better.   I ran the...
I had the same opinion. I'll let rb2013 filter ebay for me and then see what he's got.
 I have those exact tubes, from Upscale, using them in a Lyr 2. They are the most detailed I've listened to, and the quality of the sound top to bottom is superb. The bass is nicely extended and accurate, but there is no extra warmth or oomph imparted by the tubes. What's in the music is what you hear.
 It does get hot, but it's a simple fix: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00080G0BK?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00
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