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My order number is 4856 and I got the last of the 90, so I would think any Ether order number before that would get the freebies.
 Yep, that was mine. And you were listening to the Lyr 2 through the Bifrost, and the Asgard 2 through the iBasso DX90, unless you rerouted some cables.  And the difference was that slight, I agree. The increased bass from the Asgard might have been from the EQ on the DX90 which I may have forgotten to turn off. The main difference I hear between the two amps is the larger soundstage in the Lyr which is amazing if you've never heard what good tubes do. Other than that the...
 I'm using this one which works fine:
What a great bunch of folks! Thanks to Asr for getting this thing off the ground and making it happen.   I think I spent more time talking to folks about gear than listening to it but it was a really nice event. What a variety of everything. I thought it was funny roughly 75% of the tables had at least one piece of Schiit gear, from the Wyrd to the Rag and Yggy.    The headphones were amazing. I listened to a modded $20 pair that didn't suck  and discovered some I had...
Yes, both as a pre-amp and headphone amp. Each way sounds great.
 I bought the Primes so I could sit next to my wife while she watches TV and she can't hear anything I listen to. I get no leaks that can be heard at less than 2 feet away.Standard disclaimer of old ears, loud TV, moderate music levels, etc. :)
 Yes, journalism is dead, didn't you hear? Now everyone thinks they're entitled to an opinion and it's just as important as anyone else's. Get off my lawn!
 I thought he was saying the same things, he just didn't enjoy saying them.   He wanted something colored and "musical" and what he got was the perfect headphone instead, so he was grudgingly impressed but wanted to seem like he was too cool to say that.  Just MHO.
My new Lyr2 came in today, as did the Telefunken tubes from Upscale Audio. I've never had a tube amp but this thread and my respect for Schiit as a company decided me to give it a try, and I might as well get some great tubes since I would end up there eventually and just getting them now would actually save me money not spent on cheaper tubes. I rehearsed that one in case I needed it.    I was installing the tubes and hooking things up when my wife came down to chat....
 Yeah, looks like you inherited my gear before I'm gone. Sucks for me, but good for you! 
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