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What a great meet. Just enough people and just enough gear to listen to in the time we had. The HE-5 and their matching amp, the EF5, were excellent. I tried the HE-5 out of my iMod/Micro Amp and they were not as magical so the can/amp pair has been nicely matched. The HD-800 were pretty darned good but a bit too sterile for me. We had some argument over the HE-5 being too "hot" and the HD-800 being neutral, and us old guys liked the HE-5 *because* they were on the...
If anyone is reading this, I'll be there but I'm pulling out my kitchen sink so my wife can do some tile work, plus I have a guy doing some landscaping and he needs guidance. I plan to be there around 1:00 and stay the rest of the afternoon. I didn't forget!
Just put a jar inside the door for those who want to donate anonymously.
Wow, glad I caught this thread in time. I'll be there. As for gear, well: 2 x 4th gen iMods 2 x Headroom Micro Amps Headroom Maxed Desktop amp Cowon S9 Cowon i7 Yuin PK1 Yuin PK2 Westone UM3X (or whatever order the letters are in) Denon D2000 Denon D7000 Laptop full of FLAC And a power strip or two.
Mass Effect 2 was excellent with the exception of the controls as mentioned above. I'm currently enjoying Borderlands for the third time through. I'm also waiting for Bioshock 2 in just a few days.
Quote: Originally Posted by tuoppi I went with Octavarium. Images and Words is a close second though. Their last two albums have been disappointments for me. Systematic Chaos I don't like much at all. BCASL is a bit better, but it's still quite underwhelming. My feelings exactly. SC was horrible and BCASL not much better. I'm a big DT fan and they've let me down twice in a row. Images and Words is my favorite, followed by Scenes from a Memory,...
I have the S9 and I use my PK1s with it at times. I have to push the S9 to almost full volume and I don't listen to loud music, so if you want to drive a high-impedance set of phones to high volume, you might need an amp. With my Westones no amp is needed.
If it's at WSU on the 21st I can probably drag myself to it considering that's less than 5 miles away from me.
I'll add another wrinkle to this discussion. Has anyone tried the turntables with a USB connection to digitize their vinyl? New LPs are not overly compressed like CDs are so the sound would be better in the ripped versions as well, wouldn't it? I'm just skeptical of how well it works.
I had one computer I really didn't want to completely reinstall, so I did an upgrade to Vista and then upgraded it to Windows 7. The 7 upgrade took 3 hours but it worked. I ended up having to buy new versions of some software that didn't work under Vista/7 but that was inevitable. FYI, I have a Technet subscription so the Vista upgrade didn't cost me any extra money. Your method of finding a cheap/free copy of Vista might be different.
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