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Adding my feedback forum link:
the buffalo is stacked on top of it.  they are the exact same size.    
Had this put together for a while now, thought I'd share.   TP USP->I2S -> Buffalo II -> Onetics output transformers (From Bud) -> Ventus -> JH5s.         I'm going to pick up a pair of buffalo IIIs, so I'll probably move the other buffalo II (from home rig) and make this a dual mono balanced setup in the near future.   Will replace the USB->I2s module as soon as TP comes out with their new one.
I'm the 2nd owner.  Used as part of my work rig.  Works just fine.   $300 Shipping will be calculated.       4ft Cable: $50 - this is less than the parts cost.  Made with Cardass cable and HPSC plugs.  Neutrik balanced plugs.     The cable between the two Neutrik plugs is very short so the jacks need to be close together.  I can include matching Neutrik jacks for an additional $10 if you want to make a project out of it.  
price drop bump.
$300 shipped CONUS Works great as a DAC/line out for a speaker rig as well using the RCA out. Great condition. Just sat on my desk at work. I've built a custom dac/amp combo to replace it so it should go to a good home!
This sound card uses the venerable ak4396 dac, and this mod bypasses the analog out section with a passive transformer. About $350 total, but that's using top of the line output transformers. I'm frankly astonished at the sound quality this thing is putting out. Modified as outlined here: Picasa-Webalben - Klaus - Audio Except I use 47UF caps for the bottom row of four as 220 would cause it to hang. Hook it up as such to a good transformer (lundahls in my...
price drop $125 firm, shipped CONUS
Will ship CONUS only due to price drop. Price is firm. ----------------------------------------------------------- This was HiFlight's maxxed out D1. Comes with two leather sleeves, wall charger. The amp has been updated with Blackgate caps, and one of the best opamp combinations that I have found for the D1. (THS4032 L-R, LMH6643 buffers, LM6234 DAC) Has a small hairline scratch on the volume knob, otherwise perfect. No longer need portable solution, hence...
Thanks. Beat up is OK!
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