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You should also look at the Fostex PM 0.4. I am very happy with them. 
  I just bought the Fostex PM 0.4 (powered studio monitor) for my office setup and I am more than happy with the result. They are connected directly to my laptop and the sound is great! Next step will be an EMU 0202 sound card.
Does the RS180 benefit from a headphone amp ? or does the wireless things make the amp ineffective ? Thanks
Here : Sennheiser HD414 headphones on (item 190384366365 end time 03-Apr-10 22:37:42 EDT) Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks Pierre
For sale Stax SRS-005A In-the-Ear-System in perfect condition. Used a few hours only. Comes with the box and everything that was in the box. Note that this is a 100v version so you will need an adapter or a converter for 110v. SOLD PM if interested. Thanks Pierre
Another excellent transaction with Guillaume (he bought my Stax SRM-Xh amp)! I said it before and will say it again : he is a GOOD guy!! Don't hesitate do deal with him! Merci, Pierre
I would have loved to be there but I am out of town at that date. Next time maybe
heretic0 bought a Radio Shack Sound level Meter from me a few weeks ago. It was a smooth and easy transaction. I would do business with him again. Thanks
Elmar bought my Xenos 1HA-EPC. The transaction was smooth and easy. I wouldn't hesitate to deal again with him. Thanks Pierre
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