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Yes, the Toledo is a very nice pen. Each one is hand graved by a craftsman. Like you, I don't have a lot of pens : two MB (the smaller brothers of yours, the 146 in black and the smaller one in burgundy), a Sheaffer PFM, an old Waterman and a few "No name".   Do you have some pictures of yours to share ?
You are good : it is a Pelikan (Toledo M700)  
I contacted him two days ago and he told me that the HD800 were sold.  
That's the one I am wearing right now :  
  Very nice collection of watches. You have great taste.
Found. Thanks
Todd the Vinyl Junkie is selling them new for $429.  
+1   I had the SRM-252 with the O2 some times ago and it was a very nice system. I didn't hear much differences going from the 252 to the 717 (and I had both at the same time for a few month).
Yama will repair any Stax product sold via an authorized Stax dealer in North America. It is quite clear if you take the time to read their web site there :       Why Purchase from an Authorized STAX Dealer?       STAX audio products are sold throughout the U.S. by STAX Authorized Dealers. Accutech...
I sold Gavin a pair of TripleFi 10. It was a smooth and easy transaction. Don't hesitate to deal with him, he is a very good guy.   Thanks   Pierre
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