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I would love to see detailed pictures of the 1926 Duofold senior. Looks very nice.  
Nice Milgauss and nice MB149!   What is the one at the bottom of the picture ?   The PFM is a nice pen. To be more precise, mine is a "800" model (also called the Dolphin) : http://www.penhero.com/PenGallery/Sheaffer/SheafferDolphin.htm   I would also like to get a "real" PFM
Yes, the Toledo is a very nice pen. Each one is hand graved by a craftsman. Like you, I don't have a lot of pens : two MB (the smaller brothers of yours, the 146 in black and the smaller one in burgundy), a Sheaffer PFM, an old Waterman and a few "No name".   Do you have some pictures of yours to share ?
You are good : it is a Pelikan (Toledo M700)  
I contacted him two days ago and he told me that the HD800 were sold.  
That's the one I am wearing right now :  
  Very nice collection of watches. You have great taste.
Found. Thanks
Todd the Vinyl Junkie is selling them new for $429.  
+1   I had the SRM-252 with the O2 some times ago and it was a very nice system. I didn't hear much differences going from the 252 to the 717 (and I had both at the same time for a few month).
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