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Hi there,   I need your help. First, I must admit that I don't have the courage to read 1078 pages to found what I am looking for...    I recently found that thread and I realized that I still have an old pair of YHD-1 that I bought in 86 or 87. After more than 20 years, there are not in very good shape but the drivers are still working very well. The sound is not bad but I am sure it could be improved.   Could someone give me some advices as how to mod the...
What's wrong with the 005 ?   Yes, I do love watches, even my Seiko Samourai.   PS : btw, it is 318   
What a great post! Thanks for writing this.    A little bit of common sense would be great from time to time...
La montre du jour...  
  My watch today :  
  That is so true! 
The color of that pen is very nice. Nice calligraphy too!  
I am staying home doing almost nothing so I decided to change to a more "dressy" watch :  
That is a very nice G-Shock!
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