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I have just discovered this thread!!! I am completly new to Hi-Fi gear but I am an old watch collector! Here is what I have at the moment :
Quote: Originally Posted by Anthrox I was at a local thrift store today and spotted a pair of Technics sb-a10 3 way speakers for $150 cad. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about them or older Technics speakers in general. I'm assuming they're old since I can't really find anything about them on the web. You may find some information here (some similar model maybe...) : http://www.audio-heritage.jp/TECHNIC...ker/index.html Pierre
I have some money coming back (around 2000$) and I need some help building a new set-up… Here is what I already have : Zen Creative vision:M, Soloz2 Lod to mini cable (soon), Xenos 1HA –EPC, Grado SR-60 (with 414 modded pads) and Sennheiser hd414. In each case, my source will be the ZVM (I will get a Lod to RCA from Soloz2) Here is what I am thinking about to complete what I already have: 1. Vintage receiver : Marantz 22xx (or Sansui, Luxman,…) or Nad 3020...
Quote: Originally Posted by skai is this amp any good? I explained in my other thread "Slightly disappointed" that I am actually slightly disappointed at this point But keep in mind that I just had a few hours of listening with this new amp. Pierre
Thanks to all of you for taking the time to answer my message. I guess I need to be patient and to educate my ears. If in the end I still don't think that the sound is much better then I will send the Xenos back. TC44 had a good point : if I send the Xenos back and upgrade my cans and found that the new one are in need of an amp, I will pretty much be in the same place... Arghhhhhhh! decision, decision!! Life is tough in this world of Hi-Fi gear
As I said in a previous message, I just received my Xenos 1HA-EPC. I just couldn't wait the 10 hours they recommended before connecting it... So, I am listening to it since an hour or so. Since it's my first amp, I didn't know what to expect but I must admit that after what I have read on this forum about headphone amps I was expecting some kind of "Wow" factor... Well, I didn't get it yet! Ok, the music sounds better but not 239$ better! I can vaguely tell the...
How did you manage to wait 10 HOURS (that's what they recommend before using it) before trying it ? I am so tempted to try it It is my first amp and I would like to find what kind of sound I will get with my Grado SR60... With the "LOD to mini" cable coming from Soloz2 my setup will be : Zen Vison:M >> Soloz2 Cable >> Xenos 1HA-EPC >> Grado SR-60 Thanks to this forum, I have found some great advice and information to build my new setup! Hummmm,...
Quote: Originally Posted by soloz2 They are not compatible as they have different pin outs and the Vision:M LOD actually has an additional resister. There are a few DIYers who can make them (myself included) Thanks for your answer And do you do that for others too or just for you ? Actually, the "LOD to mini" from Qables is affordable but their "LOD to RCA" are really too expansive for me... Pierre
Are the Ipod and Zen Vision lod compatible ?? I ask the question because I want to buy some cables for my Zen Vision (Lod to mini and Lod to RCA) but there are not many choices on the market for Zen (I only found Qables). For Ipod, you have a lot of choice and there much cheaper... So, any idea if they are compatible ?? Thanks a lot Pierre
Can't wait to try it with my Grado SR-60 (and please, PLEASE, don't tell me it won't be a good match...). This will be my first amp so I have no idea what I should expect... My source is a Creative Zen Vision:M and I will add a Qables Black Silvercab LOD cable to this very soon. Waiting time just started a few minutes ago
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