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Thanks for the clarification. Pierre
  Not sure to understand how this meet is supposed to work...   Do I understand correctly that the room will be open to regular visitors ? Are those visitors supposed to be able to try the material that will be in the room ? if I bring my O2/717 combo, am I supposed to let anyone that enter the room try it ?   Thanks   Pierre      
Nice! I wish I could do that kind of DIY project...
Thanks! I enjoy to follow your work progress.
+1Can we come back to the roots of this excellent thread and have more A/B comparisons with other amps ?Thanks Milosz for this very instructive thread (for me at least). I really enjoy reading your comparisons.
In MY setup, with MY ears, etc... I prefer the K1000 to the HD800 but I find the K1000 VERY unconfortable and tend to grab the HD800 more often.Still, my global ranking is O2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>K1000>>HD800
Well put. I agree with you on both point.    
That make me laugh!! 
Vas industries is the USA wholesaler :   
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