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Hi,   Send me your offers if you have a SR-207, SR-407 or SR-L300 that you want to sell.   Not interested in SR-007 (I sold mine a few weeks ago).   Now, if you have a SR-009 or a SR-L700 that you really want to sell under their market price... don't hesitate    Thanks,   Pierre
I have had my SRM-717/SR-007mk1 from 2006 to 2017. When I started to venture in the Stax sound I bought a few systems that I had at the same time. So, at a moment I had the SR-007 and SR-404 for the headphones and the SRM-717, SR-006t, SRM-212 and SRM-Xh for the amps.   I tried both the SR-007 and the SR-404 on every amp and, FOR MY EARS, there was almost no differences between the four amps... The differences were more between the SR-007 and the SR-404. But each...
 Thanks. Anything I can do to check that easily ? 
I went home for lunch. Did some swapping between tubes on the same side... No change for the SE output. Balanced output still functionnal. Again, there is some sound on the left channel but I have to crank the volume to hear it... Weird...  Could it be the wiring under the left socket of the right channel ? 
I will try that tonight (I am at work right now), but from what I remembered doing last night, I have tried to go back to the 6080wc for both channel, I have tried to mix the the 6AS7G and the 6080wc on both channel with the same result : SE non working. When I put back the defective 6AS7G tube the hiss come back (on the channel it is connected with) with the balanced output and the SE is dysfunctionnal. When I put all 6080, the hiss is not there on the balanced output,...
Could il be a bad tube socket?
Left is around 60 and right is at 62. Is that a big difference?
But my balanced output is working well, only the SE is dysfunctionnal
Would that not impact both SE and balanced outputs?
I will try thatThanks!
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