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  I agree with you on both point.   I had the SRM-252 and the SRM-717 side by side for a few month to power my O2 Mk1 and it was hard FOR ME to tell if there was any real differences between the two amps... After (too) much reading of this forum, I convinced myself that I should keep the SRM-717 since it was supposed to be so much better... I don't regret my decision since I had the money to keep the SRM-717 but I am sure I would have live happily with the SRM-252.   I...
Pre-order :   http://www.musicalparadise.ca/mp/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=6&products_id=75
Thanks for the clarification. Pierre
  Not sure to understand how this meet is supposed to work...   Do I understand correctly that the room will be open to regular visitors ? Are those visitors supposed to be able to try the material that will be in the room ? if I bring my O2/717 combo, am I supposed to let anyone that enter the room try it ?   Thanks   Pierre      
Nice! I wish I could do that kind of DIY project...
Thanks! I enjoy to follow your work progress.
+1Can we come back to the roots of this excellent thread and have more A/B comparisons with other amps ?Thanks Milosz for this very instructive thread (for me at least). I really enjoy reading your comparisons.
In MY setup, with MY ears, etc... I prefer the K1000 to the HD800 but I find the K1000 VERY unconfortable and tend to grab the HD800 more often.Still, my global ranking is O2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>K1000>>HD800
Well put. I agree with you on both point.    
That make me laugh!! 
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