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  Excuse me ????    Can you read properly ? If so, go read again my message. And if you still don't understand, here is the translation : "because of that kind of risk I didn't feel comfortable to share my equipment with complete strangers in a public meeting and hence I have decided not to come".    
That is exactly why I decided that a public meeting was not for me. Sorry for you!    
Studio Economik in the Old Montreal is the place to go. They have both headphones you are looking for (and much much more) :     PS: they also have the Shure 840    
I am listening to the Dave Brubeck Quartet "At Carnegie Hall" with the K1000 right now and I must say that I REALLY do like what I hear! 
   I like that sentence    
  +1    Even connected directly to my Squeezebox Touch, my HD800 sounds great.     +1    
+1   +1   BTW, I paid $2500 for my Mk1 + 717 less than 2 years ago.    
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