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  +1    Even connected directly to my Squeezebox Touch, my HD800 sounds great.     +1    
+1   +1   BTW, I paid $2500 for my Mk1 + 717 less than 2 years ago.    
The more I read you, the more I like what you say... Thanks! 
Not much...   See this thread : http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/521988/amp-a-b-comparisons/270#post_7327672
    Thanks for making things clearer (for me). I realize I misunderstood what was your point in your previous post. Sorry about that.    
  John,   I know that they are made in Japan…    My point was that we have a country facing a BIG disaster with some potential nuclear threat, thousands of people missing or dead and we have some people here “who worries” about the fact that the earthquake could “set back the release date of the new Stax ”…   But once again, maybe did I misunderstood their point (English is not my first language)    
 I hope that I don't understand that correctly...      
And that is the right attitude!!
  I have changed my mind and I wont be there. This is not the kind of meet I was looking for.   Have a good time.
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