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Well that price change sure did the trick, thanks for the sudden and considerable interest, this has now sold. Also thanks for the bump bala, I wanted to move it on to someone who would benefit from it, shame it has to go half way around the world for that to happen!
Still for sale, have lowered price considerably. Will consider lower offers from NZ buyers.
Sorry guys I have actually had them back for a while now but combination of laziness and giving myself a while with them before providing my true impressions has kept me from updating the thread.   In short, I'm really happy so far. Will try to get an update and some photos up soon.
So apparently today isn't quite the right day to think "better jump on Head-Fi and check when that meet is happening"
Reserved for update.
I've decided to have a go at sorting out my Sennheiser HD-800 headband and earpads once and for all (hopefully). Looking about on Head-Fi I was surprised that few others had posted with similar issues to the one I have experienced for the last couple of years: the deterioration of the material used to cover the headband and pads. I baby my headphones. I really don't have the budget to afford any of the gear I buy and haven't for some time so every purchase is very...
Sorry only just saw your post here, have sent PM.
 He is no longer working with Benchmark unfortunately. If it is the same person I'm thinking of he used to respond to every question asked of Benchmark products here in the forums, incredibly helpful and clearly very talented/knowledgable in his field. It's a shame to have lost his advice on the forum and his expertise in the industry, I understand he is working in another area entirely. I hope at some point that he develops future audio gear. Anyway I'm glad you are...
Yeah to be honest I'm sure single ended will give me enough of an impression of what to expect, if the sound is even half of what I've read it to be with the HD800 I'll be impressed. I'm very envious of that delicious stack of yours BTW!    Thanks for organising an NZ meet man. Have been to a few in Sydney (awesome guys) so now that I'm back here I'm looking forward to getting to know the NZ-Fi crew :)
Would really love to hear my HD800s through NZtechfreak's CMA800R monos but don't have a balanced cable. If anyone has an HD800 balanced cable that I can beg/borrow/steal/rent/hire/buy before the meet please hit me up :) 
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